Nipple Pump Massager

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Nipple Pump Massager

  • Stimulate your nipples with 10 unique massaging patterns
  • Crafted out of 100% body-safe and FDA-Approved silicone
  • Vacuum cup increases the size and sensitivity of your nipples
  • Convenient USB rechargeable and energy efficient design

With this unique nipple pump massager from Luvkis, you’ll be able to stimulate your nipples and increase their size at the same time. With its comfortable vacuum suction cup design, the nipple pump applies gentle suction on your breasts. This allows your nipples to grow, making them more sensitive and sexier to the eye. With this sex toy at your side, you’ll be able to get a sexy chest with hard and tempting nipples that are guaranteed to impress both men and women alike. The nipple sucker itself is attached to a mini massager which is easy to operate with the press of a button. As of such, this mini nipple massager can be used by adult women of any age, no matter the size of your breasts. Simply apply the suction cup over your nipple, turn on the massager, and you’ll be ready to go.

Our nipple pump massager has been crafted out of 100% body-safe materials. All materials used are FDA-approved, ensuring a completely safe user experience even when used around the most sensitive parts of your body. The nipple pump cup itself can be removed from the mini massager. This leaves you with a compact yet powerful bullet vibrator that can be used to stimulate any part of your body. Whether you use it to play around with your chest, clitoris, or vagina - the Luvkis mini massager is guaranteed to blow your mind. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, it can be easily carried around in your purse or pocket. As of such, you can take it along anywhere you go while hiding it in plain sight. It is furthermore extremely quiet, allowing you to use it in complete privacy whenever you wish.

Thanks to its waterproof design, the Luvkis mini nipple pump massager can be used safely in the bed, shower, or pool. It features a total of 10 unique vibrating patterns. As of such, you’ll be able to fully adjust your nipple massage and pumping session according to your own personal desires. Although small in size, this mini massager is one of the most powerful sex toys on the market. If you’re looking for a compact toy that is guaranteed to rock your world, this little beauty of Luvkis is a perfect choice for you. Use it to enlarge your nipples or to stimulate your vagina, our mini massager is sure to do its job. With its USB rechargeable design, it can be easily recharged at any time in the blink of an eye.

This nipple pump massager is brought to you by Luvkis; your online sex toy shop. All our adult toys are of the highest quality and are shipped discreetly in an unmarked package.

Product Specifications:

Nipple Sucker:
  • Material cup: Body-safe silicone
  • Internal diameter cup: 4cm
  • External diameter cup: 5cm
  • Weight cup: 43g

Mini Vibrator :

  • Body-Safe silicone + non-toxic ABS
  • Charging: USB
  • Charging time: Up to 2 hours
  • Usage time: Up to 50 minutes (full speed)
  • Vibrating patterns: 10
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Noise: <50dB
  • Dimension: 7.6x2cm(D*L)
  • Weight: 25.3g

Package Content:

  • 1x Nipple pump
  • 1x Mini massager

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