Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pump 8''

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Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pump

  • Increase the length and thickness of your penis in a safe and efficient way
  • Enjoy increased sexual stamina, sensitivity, and reduce the risk of premature ejaculation
  • 8-Inch penis pump fits any type of cock
  • Quick and easy manual operation through T-shaped pump

This state of the art penis enlargement pump from Luvkis offers an easy and efficient way for you to enlarge your penis. The penis pump has been crafted out of superior medical-grade non-toxic materials. Thanks to this, you can safely use it around your genitals. No longer will you have to worry about nasty side effects when using dubious cock enlargement products. The Luvkis penis enlargement pump is 100% safe and highly effective. Simply side it on your cock, pump up the vacuum pressure, and see your penis size increase immediately. This Penis vacuum pump will significantly increase the length and thickness of your penis with minimum effort.

With its manual pump design, this penis enlargement pump can be easily operated by hand. Once in place, you can use your hand to pump up the vacuum and increase the pressure to a level that suits the needs to reach the wanted results. Not only does this vacuum pump increase your size, it also helps take care of premature ejaculations and impotence. When used on a frequent basis, the vacuum penis enlargement pump even helps you to increase your sexual stamina. As a result, you’ll be able to keep up your erection longer and enjoy never ending sex with your partner. Our penis enlargement pump will leave both you and your partner amazed by the increased size and stamina of your cock.

The Luvkis penis enlargement pump features accurate scale lines on the body of its transparent cylinder. This allows you to keep an eye on your improvements and see for yourself how much your penis has grown over the past weeks. Thanks to its easy to use design and easy hand pump, this is the perfect beginner vacuum penis pump. By manually adjusting the vacuum, you can decide yourself what level of pressure best suits your needs. The cylinder features a length of 8 Inch, making it suitable to be used with almost any size penis. For enhanced suction and more comfort, you can apply some water-based lube to the edges of the ring. If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective way to enlarge your cock - this penis enlargement pump is perfect for you.

This vacuum penis enlargement pump is brought to you by Luvkis; your online sex toy shop. All our adult toys are of the highest quality and are shipped discreetly in an unmarked package.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS, TPR, PVC
  • Weight: 7.12oz
  • Diameter: 9.05-Inch, 2.36-Inch respectively

Please note: 

  • Clean the pump before usage
  • Applying water-based lube can enhance the suction of your penis pump
  • Increase pressure slowly and gradually to avoid bruising your penis
  • Product effect varies from person to person

Package Content:

  • 1x Penis Enlargement Pump

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