Improve Your Sexual Performance – 6 Tips For Men

Improve Your Sexual Performance – 6 Tips For Men - Luvkis

It is not a secret that there are many men out there, young and old, who are looking for ways to maintain and improve their sexual performance. Improving sexual activity so that you’re able to be active in bed the whole night seems to be a goal for many men. Some men simply wish to experiment with new ways to keep themselves and their partner happy, whereas others are searching for a solution to improve existing problems.

There are numerous ways to improve your sexual performance. We all know that there are plenty of male enhancement pills and remedies available on the market. These do, however, not always work and they may come with some nasty side effects that affect your health. Therefore, Luvkis advises men to stay away from these enhancement pills and try out other, natural, ways to improve your sexual performance instead. Luckily for us, there are a number of easy ways to enhance your sexual performance in a natural way without needing to visit a pharmacy.

To understand how sexual performance works, you first have to know that your penis works on blood pressure. As of such, a healthy blood circulation system is essential to avoid erectile dysfunction. But there is more than that! Besides physical health, mental health is just as important to maintain and improve your sexual activity and performance levels. Sexual health is all about having a healthy mind, body, and heart.

If you’re curious on how to improve your sexual performance, then keep on reading. Below, we have listed down some simple tips that will help you to stay active in the bedroom for years to come.


1) Exercise and practice a sport

As mentioned above, physical health and blood circulation are essential to a man’s sexual performance. As of such, one of the best ways to improve your health, both sexual and general, is through cardiovascular exercise. Take a run, go out for a swim, or participate in a team sport such as football – all these sports help you to keep your heart strong and in shape.


exercise sexual performance


Excessive exercise and sweating for thirty minutes a day will significantly boost your sexual performance and libido. And besides that, it naturally brings along the other benefits of simply being healthier and staying young longer. A good stamina and healthy heart help you to stay active in bed and in regular life now and in the far future.


2) Adjust your diet

Did you know that certain foods help you in keeping a strong erection and healthy sperm? Although these foods may not have a direct effect on your penis itself, they do stimulate the blood flow and circulation. Along with exercise, eating the right food is essential for a healthy lifestyle and active sex life.


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Those of you who fear that a healthy diet is not tasty have, in fact, nothing to worry about when it comes to food that is healthy for your penis. Numerous foods help you to improve your sexual stamina, penis strength, and sperm count. These include bananas, eggs, garlic, beef, walnuts, and dark chocolate. If you wish to know more about what foods are the best for maintaining a strong erection and healthy sperm, you can check out this informative article covering 15 foods for stronger and healthier sperm.


3) Get rid of bad old habits

If you wish to live a healthy life and improve sexual stamina, start with getting rid of bad old habits. All of us have some old habits that are bad for our health. The most common, and perhaps the worst, unhealthy habits are by far smoking, drinking, and taking muscle stimulants. We all know that smoking, drinking, and most stimulants are bad for our health, but did you know that it can also affect your sexual performance?


stop smoking

Consuming too much alcohol can have drastic effects on your blood circulation and blood pressure. Studies have shown that a little bit of red wine every now and then may improve your sexual activity, however, excessive drinking certainly is bad for your health and sexual stamina. Stimulants are also known for affecting one’s blood circulation by narrowing down blood vessels. As of such, powerful stimulants such as steroids have been linked to impotence. Just like stimulants and alcohol, cigarettes also affect your blood circulation and general health. Therefore, it is advised to stay away from cigarettes and stimulants and to drink in moderation.




Besides the obvious bad habits, there also are some other habits that may appear innocent but do have, in fact, major effects on your sexual performance. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is not only your physical health but also mental health that helps you stay sexually active. As of such, it is important to keep a fresh and active mind. One of the most important ways to keep a healthy mind is by getting enough sleep and to reduce stress. Sleep deprivation and stress are common in today’s world but it has, without many of us knowing it, tremendous effects on our mental health. Not getting enough sleep increases stress levels, lowers concentration, and affects our metal, physical, and sexual health. Having stress can furthermore trigger other bad habits such as smoking or drinking.


4) Enjoy the outdoors

Improving your sex drive and sexual performance does not have to be difficult. In fact, sometimes it’s as easy as simply taking a step outside. One of the best natural remedies for a healthy lifestyle is exposure to (moderate) sunlight. And lucky for us, the sun is there every day and completely free to enjoy!


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Sunlight has numerous effects on your health and body. First of all, sunlight and outdoor activities are known to reduce stress levels and make people feel better. This alone already improves your general health and it also has positive effects on your sexual performance. But there is more! In fact, exposure to sunlight has a direct effect on your sexual performance in the way that it stops your body to produce melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is mostly known for helping us sleep but it also lowers our sexual urges. This means that the less melatonin you have in your body, the higher your sexual desire will be. Therefore, enjoying a day outside in the sun will literally wake up your sex drive and increase your sexual activity. Getting enough sun is especially important during the winter months when your body is known to produce more melatonin.


5) Use it or lose it

The best way to keep your penis strong and healthy is by using it. And although sex, naturally, is the best way to practice your sexual activity, masturbation can also help. There are people who claim that masturbation is bad for your sex drive and sexual performance. The truth is, however, that you can keep your penis active by means of moderate masturbation which increases its longevity. In fact, masturbation brings along a whole list of health benefits.


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That being said, masturbation can also have negative effects on your sexual performance. If you masturbate too often and wish to simply rush through it, masturbation can, in fact, decrease the time you are able to last with your partner. As of such, you’ll orgasm way too quickly when having sex and won’t be able to keep up your erection for very long. Other claims about the bad side of masturbation are related to watching porn. Studies have shown that excessively watching porn can make you lose your interest in regular sex as this may seem boring compared to what you see online or in the movies. As of such, it becomes more difficult to be attracted by your partner. Nevertheless, masturbating is a great way to keep your penis active and sex drive high. Just remember not to rush through it and to make it last.


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If you find it difficult to masturbate for whatever reason, there are plenty of sex toys for men that can help you out. Did you know that small bullet vibrators, for example, are a great toy that can stimulate both men and women? Other adult toys such as a penis enlargement pump help you in getting a strong and large erection. A vibrating cock ring is another great example of a sex toy for men that helps to stimulate your penis and makes it easier to reach an orgasm. Altogether, there are plenty of male sex toys available today that help you both during masturbation and sex.


6) Pay attention to your partner

Paying attention to your partner is a great way to improve your sexual performance. As we all know, sex is not a one-way street. As of such, it is important to pay attention to your partner’s needs and desires. Not only will this make your partner feel better, it can also help you to get turned on. This, in turn, helps you to improve your sexual stamina and activity as it allows you to enjoy your partner for a longer period of time throughout the night. Simply by slowing down sometimes and listening to your partner’s desires, you can improve your sexual performance and make sex more enjoyable for the both of you.


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Just as with masturbation, when pleasing your partner, sex toys offer a great and easy way to spice things up. Sex toys for women are great to stimulate your girlfriend or wife and helps them to get excited more easily. They furthermore offer an exciting way to try something new. When it’s about sexual health, keeping your relationship fresh and active is just as important as staying healthy mentally and physically.

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