Luvkis Love Dolls - The Perfect Silicone Girlfriend

Luvkis Love Dolls - The Perfect Silicone Girlfriend - Luvkis

In today’s day and age, sex toys are becoming more and more realistic. Among all the adult toys on the market, the sex doll is perhaps the most life-like and exciting one available. What started decades ago as a simple blow-up doll has evolved into highly realistic silicone sex dolls that look and feel just like an actual person. With their full-body design, life-like size, and movable joints, there is nothing impossible with these realistic sex dolls. Throughout this article, we will have a closer look at all the unique features that sex dolls have to offer which makes them by far the most realistic and exciting adult toy available today.


Full-Body Size

Regular sex toys such as a dildo or vibrator are great but far from realistic. Sure, there are some life-like dildos available that look like a real penis or pocket pussies that look like an actual vagina, but it’s just a small hand-held toy.


full-body size


What separates a love doll from other adult toys is that it treats you to a full-body design that lets you enjoy realistic sex as if you’re with an actual human. From top to toe, love dolls feature a highly realistic design which makes them resemble a human body in every detail. Dress it up, change the hair, and even apply make-up. A love doll looks and feels just like an actual girlfriend.



When it comes to boyfriends and girlfriends, everybody has his taste. Some like black hair whereas others like blond and some like pale skin while others like tanned. Everybody has his unique taste for boys and girls, something that most regular sex toys can not fully take advantage of. When it comes to sex dolls, however, this unique appearance is its main selling point.


asian love doll


Sex dolls come in all shapes and sizes and with a wide variety of different looks. Whether you’re into Caucasian, African, Asian or any other type of appearance, there likely is a sex toy that will meet your needs. They furthermore come in different lengths and weights and are available with different chest sizes. Some love dolls even allow you to manually adjust their wig and apply make-up to further customize their appearance to your taste. This truly allows you to build the silicone girlfriend of your dreams that is guaranteed to blow your mind in bed!


Metal Skeleton with Movable Joints

Having a sex toy that looks like a human is great, however, the most important part is that it can also act and move like an actual human. Old blow-up dolls and sex toys are fun, but they only allow you to lay them down flat on their back while you’re riding on top. Although this offers great fun, sometimes we’re just looking for something more.


realistic love doll


The latest silicone sex dolls come equipped with a metal skeleton that functions just like true human bones. Not only do they add weight and support to the doll, which leads to higher realism, but they also allow your doll to sit and stand in different positions. Thanks to the movable joints, modern-day sex dolls can stand, bend over, and sit in any position just like a real person. This makes it possible to try all sorts of exciting sex positions that are guaranteed to blow your mind. Lay on top or bend her over and take her from behind - nothing is impossible with these hyper-realistic silicone love dolls.


Different Types of Sex

Sometimes, we all get tired of trying the same kind of sex over and over again. The main problem with regular sex toys is that they are fun, however, after a while they simply get boring. Luckily, this will never be the case with a silicone love doll!


anal sex doll


Besides its movable joints that allow you to have sex in different positions, the love doll also features a hyper-realistic body that allows for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Each entrance has its internal structure that lets you enjoy a unique masturbating experience. Whether you’re into oral sex, anal, or standard vaginal penetration - these love dolls will meet everybody’s needs.


Body-Safe and Waterproof

Like all modern sex toys, love dolls are crafted out of 100% body-safe and FDA-approved materials. Thanks to this, you can safely use them in and around the most intimate parts of your body without having to fear any negative side effects. They are furthermore 100% waterproof, allowing you to use them in the bedroom, shower, or pool. No matter where you are, your beautiful silicone girlfriend will follow you anywhere you go. Have a quick browse through our selection of the finest sex dolls, and we’re sure that you’ll meet the love of your life!

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