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Double Nipple Enlarger Pump

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Double Nipple Enlarger Pump

  • Dual-headed nipple enlargement pump makes both your nipples larger at once
  • Look sexy and feel more confident with larger and more sensitive nipples
  • Easily control the pressure of your pump with a convenient T-handle design
  • Crafted out of body-safe and FDA-approved materials for safe usage

Comfortably increase the size and sensitivity of both your nipples at once with this double-headed nipple enlarger pump from Luvkis. With is convenient T-shaped handle, it is extremely easy to operate with just one hand. Simply slide the cups over your nipples, pull the handle to increase suction, and see your nipples grow right in front of your eyes. Our nipple enlarger pump offers a comfortable and painless experience. It has been crafted out of 100% FDA-approved and medical-grade materials for safe user experience. As of such, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any nasty side effects while using the cups around your nipples.

The nipple enlarger pump supports seamless air transmission without any unwanted leakage. It features two rotary valves that enable you to freely control the suction towards each cup individually. For beginning users, the gadget comes with a quick-release valve that avoids over-pumping. Simply press down the valve, and air will be released to lower the vacuum suction. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, your nipple pump can be easily carried around anywhere you go. Use it at home or in the hotel, from now on, your breasts will always look at its best.

For efficient usage, place the cups of the pump over your nipples and manually increase the vacuum pressure. Keep on pumping until the pressure has increased to the point you feel comfortable. Make sure that your nipples look swollen but don’t hurt. Once the required amount of pressure has been reached, keep the pump in place for 15-20 minutes in a row. After this, have a 10-minute break and repeat the same session for 2 or 3 more times. By keeping a steady schedule, the size and sensitivity of your nipples will increase significantly, making you look like the sexy dream girl of any man in the world.

This nipple enlarger pump is brought to you by Luvkis; your online sex toy shop. All our adult toys are of the highest quality and are shipped discreetly in an unmarked package.


Package Content:

  • 1x Nipple Pump
  • 1x User manual

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