3 Thrilling Male Anal Sex Toys For a Breathtaking Prostate Massage

3 Thrilling Male Anal Sex Toys For a Breathtaking Prostate Massage - Luvkis

Anal sex toys for men are often considered to be a taboo, especially among straight guys. The truth is, however, that anal toys offer one of the most thrilling and mind-blowing sexual experiences to men no matter whether you’re straight or gay. These tempting adult toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are designed to treat you to an unforgettable prostate massage.

Many of us may not have heard about it before, but the prostate is one of the most sensitive spots in the male body. Massaging and stimulating it does not only feel great, but it also is good for your health. Having a prostate-orgasm is considered to be the best feeling a man can experience since it is far more powerful and longer-lasting than a regular orgasm. This is why we at Luvkis believe that every man, whether he’s straight and gay, should give these amazing anal toys a try. Below, we have listed down the 3 most thrilling anal sex toys for men that are guaranteed to rock your world.


Silicone Butt Plug Set

If you’re new to anal sex and male anal sex toys it’s a good idea to start slow and simple with a silicone butt plug set. This silicone butt plug set can be used comfortably by both men and women alike. It includes 3 different sized silicone anal plugs, making this set perfect for beginners and advanced anal lovers alike. Each plug has been crafted out of FDA-approved and medical-grade silicone, making it safe to use around the most intimate parts of your body. They furthermore come with an exciting design that offers both safety and sexual stimulation. With its unique shapes, these butt plugs are perfect for treating yourself to a breathtaking prostate massage.


silicone butt plug set


Each silicone butt plug included in the set features a powerful suction cup base that allows you to firmly attach your toy to the floor, wall, or any other smooth surface. The toys are 100% waterproof, making them suitable to be used in both the bedroom and bathroom alike. Thanks to their smooth silicone design, they can be easily cleaned after use with some hot water and mild soap. Whether you use it for solo fun or exciting couple play, this silicone butt plug set is guaranteed to spice things up in your bedroom. If you’re curious about anal play and wish to give it a try, this set is a perfect choice for you.


Vibrating Prostate Massager

For those of you who want to take their anal play experience to the next level, a vibrating prostate massager will be the perfect male anal sex toy. Vibrating prostate massagers are similar to regular butt plugs in the way that they are inserted into the anus and used to massage the prostate. The real difference, however, is the fact that these exciting toys vibrate just like a regular vibrator. This vibrating motion adds a whole new dimension to your anal massage. The vibrating prostate massager from Luvkis measures 9-Inch in length and features 10 thrilling vibration patterns that deliver a blissful wave of pleasure. It is furthermore rated as IPX7 waterproof, allowing you to use it in the bed, shower, bath, or even the pool. If you’re looking for an unforgettable prostate massage, this vibrating butt plug is a perfect choice for you.


Vibrating Butt Plug


The vibrating prostate massager is a 100% body-safe anal sex toy for men since it has been crafted solely out of FDA-approved materials. The silicone is non-toxic and easy to clean after use with some water and mild soap. The powerful battery brings along hours of usage time for you to enjoy countless prostate massages to come. Whenever you’re running low on juice, simply recharge it via the USB port and you’ll be ready to go again. With its ultra-quiet design, you won’t have to worry about the people in the next room. Simply apply some lube, insert it into your anus, and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable prostate massage as you’ve never experienced before.


Cock Ring Prostate Massager

When it comes to the best anal sex toys for men, this cock ring prostate massager certainly is number one! With its unique design, this thrilling sex toy for men treats you to the benefits of both a regular prostate massager as well as a cock ring. The prostate massager features the perfect shape to reach your prostate and thus treats you to a blissful and powerful anal massage. It has been crafted out of FDA-approved silicone and is 100% waterproof. With its powerful battery and 10 different vibrating modes, this exciting male anal toy treats you to a different experience every night of the week.


Cock Ring Prostate Massager


The cock ring attached to this prostate massager makes it a unique male sex toy. This tight silicone ring can be easily slipped around your erected penis. When in place, it prevents the blood to flow out of your erected penis, thus allowing you to keep up your erection for a much longer time. Besides treating you to a longer erection, it also makes your erected penis stronger, thicker, and more sensitive. This allows both you and your partner to enjoy better sex at night. With this exciting male anal toy at your side, you’ll be able to have sex with your partner while, at the same time, enjoying a blissful prostate massage. We can guarantee you that this will treat you to a unique and breathtaking sexual experience like you’ve never felt before.

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