3 Unique Adult Toys for Oral Sex Lovers

3 Unique Adult Toys for Oral Sex Lovers - Luvkis

There are plenty of adult toys on the market for men, all of which have their own shape, size, and unique way of bringing pleasure. When talking about popularity, the most popular sex toys for men certainly include the pocket pussy, cock ring, and prostate massager. These toys are exciting and sure to rock your world, however, for some guys they just don’t hit the right spot. This is especially the case for those among us who love oral sex.

We have to be fair when saying that male sex toys that simulate oral sex are rare. However, this does not mean that they are impossible to find. In fact, there are several sex toys for men such as sex dolls, oral pocket pussies, and actual blowjob simulators that treat you to an exciting oral sex inspired masturbating experience. Below, Luvkis has listed down the top 3 most unique adult toys for oral sex lovers. If you’re one of those guys who loves to get a blowjob, these exciting toys are certainly worth giving a try!


Dual-headed pocket pussy

Let’s start simple. For those men who’re looking for a compact and easy to use oral sex toy, the dual-headed pocket pussy is a perfect choice. Unlike regular pocket pussies, the dual-headed pocket pussy from Luvkis features two unique entrances. At one side, you’ll find the traditional vaginal entrance whereas, on the other side, the toy features the shape and design of a mouth. Thanks to this, you’ll always be able to choose whether you’re in the mood for vaginal sex or oral sex while playing yourself at night. Both openings have a unique internal structure that each provides you with a hyper-realistic sexual experience. Whether it vaginal or oral sex, from now on, you’ll be able to experience it every night of the week!


Dual-headed pocket pussy


The pocket pussy itself is made from medical-grade silicone that looks and feels just like actual skin. As a result, you’ll be treated to a hyper-realistic sexual experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind. The toy is 100% waterproof, allowing you to use it in the bedroom and bathroom alike. Thanks to its soft silicone body, you’ll be able to manually apply pressure to your toy depending on your sexual preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a slow blowjob or some rough vaginal sex, with this adult toy, nothing is impossible!


Oral Sex Doll

For those of you who want to take their oral masturbating experience one step further, the Luvkis oral sex doll is a perfect toy. This is a unique male sex toy that features the shape of a woman’s head with an open mouth. As of such, it is the perfect toy for those of you who are looking for some exciting oral sex. The doll itself features an ultra-realistic appearance and touch, making it look and feel just like an actual woman. The unique structure with wide-open throat makes this oral sex doll perfect for both regular blowjobs as well as deep throat action. With its realistic interior structure, the toy treats you to a unique masturbating experience that fully simulates the feeling of having oral sex.


Oral Sex Doll


The oral sex doll is crafted out of 100% waterproof and medical-grade materials for safe usage in the bedroom and bathroom alike. A unique feature of this sex doll is the fact that it allows you to insert a powerful mini vibrator to add an extra sexual thrill. Select one of the 10 different vibration modes and speeds and enjoy a personalized masturbating experience every night of the week. Simply lube yourself up, insert your penis into her open mouth, and you’ll be all set for the best blowjob experience you could imagine to receive from a toy. No matter the size of your cock, this lovely lady will take it all. If you’re looking for an exciting toy that simulates both regular and deep throat oral sex, this exciting love doll from Luvkis is a perfect choice for you!


Blowjob Masturbator Cup

Last but not least, let us introduce you to the most realistic oral sex masturbator on the market. Sure, both the dual-headed pocket pussy and oral sex doll mentioned above are great, however, they simply do not take it all the way in terms of the most realistic blowjob experience. After all, it’s not easy for a toy to simulate that exact unique feeling one experiences when having oral sex. Luckily for us, however, the world of sex toys is changing very fast and they are becoming more and more realistic every day.


blowjob simulator


Now, let’s meet the Luvkis blowjob simulator. This highly unique and hyper-realistic male sex toy treats you to a mind-blowing life-like blowjob experience straight from the palm of your hand. Just like the other toys mentioned above, this blowjob simulator is 100% waterproof. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to enjoy a thrilling oral sex experience in the bed, shower, or anywhere else you please. The toy features 14 unique vibration modes, each of which treats you to a truly breathtaking masturbating experience. There is no other toy on the market that simulates the feeling of having a blowjob better than this exciting toy. If you’re one of those guys who simply can’t get enough of oral sex, the Luvkis blowjob masturbator cup is the only toy for you. With this thrilling sex gadget at your side, masturbating will never be the same again!

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