8 Extremely Annoying Things That Men Do While Having Sex

8 Extremely Annoying Things That Men Do While Having Sex - Luvkis

There are many things that men do in bed drive girls to despair. Good news, we can resolve these misconceptions quickly. Here come the top 8 most annoying things during sex! 


1.  No condom

Always use a condom. No matter how hot it is to have sex without it. 



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2. Press the head down

We are passionate about the blowjob, nobody has to take our heads and push us in any direction. We know where things are going to and we do not need any direction.


3. One style forever

Try different positions, see how she reacts, and ask her what she likes. Some girls like vaginal stimulation at the same time, some don't, some like stimulation at the top, other lower down, play around as well, it doesn't have to be solely focused on her clitoris.


4. Impatience

Sorry, we are not coming fast enough. Does your hand hurt? Does your tongue get tired? Are you annoyed? Noticeably impatient does not make it any better neither faster.


5.  Overconfident

Every time guys saying things like “do you like my big cock?” Along with many other references to how big he is.  I am sure girls was rolling their eyes.


6. Silence

A girl said her ex-boyfriend was very quiet during sex and it is a little weird like she was in the mortuary.  Girls love how you moan during sex.  Also, you can tell her that she is beautiful, sexy, etc. 


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7. No Foreplay

The worst foreplay in bed is completely ignored it. Some guys lack the understanding of the "warm-up".
Foreplay does not mean three minutes of half-hearted fiddling. Girls want a little more. Kissing her, laying with her boobs. Remember, girls have several erogenous zones. Not just the clitoris.


8. Ask to act like a porn star

You can't ask your girl to behave like a porn performer. The vast majority of porn focuses on pleasure for men, not for women. Porn is a very poor standard to compare real sex. 

Make sure you listen to your girl tells you what she likes and what she does not like.

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