Everything Men Have to Know About Sex

Everything Men Have to Know About Sex - Luvkis

When it comes to sex and lovemaking, men are surprisingly complicated creatures. Whether it’s about foreplay or the act of sex itself, sometimes it’s difficult to understand your man. After all, every guy is different and likes something else. Whereas some love regular sex or oral sex, others prefer anal. And while some like to masturbate alone, other guys rather use a sex toy for men to enjoy themselves. And besides how men like to masturbate or have sex, their motives for sex are also different and often seem to be misunderstood. This is why we at Luvkis decided to have a closer look at the facts and figures related to sex and men to shed some light on the mystery of menkind.


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Sex & feelings

First, let’s have a look at what feelings men experience before, during, and after sex. Why do men have sex and what happens with their body and mind during sex? Below, we have listed down the 4 most important points:

  • Men consider sex to be one of the most effective ways to show that they are in love.
  • When it comes to sexual preference, the vast majority prefer oral sex.
  • Generally speaking, men do not pay attention to the woman’s body during sex. As of such, they won’t notice any imperfections or other things women do not like about their bodies.
  • During and after sex, the male body releases sleep-indicating hormones which makes him doze off. This is the reason why most men feel sleepy after sex and often fall asleep quickly. This is no reason to be offended, it simply means that you, as a partner, did a good job!


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Facts about sperm

Now that we know what guys feel and think about when having sex, let’s look at another main ‘’ingredient’’ needed for guys to have sex: sperm.

  • Although you may have thought that it was just a myth, sperm is good for your skin. When it comes in contact with your skin, it has a tightening effect on the epidermis which, by some, is considered to be an effective anti-aging treatment.
  • One teaspoon of semen contains around 5 calories, so there is no need to be afraid that oral sex will make you gain weight.
  • Generally speaking, sperm survives for 48 hours inside the vagina after ejaculation, however, it can live for up to 8 days under perfect conditions. This is almost the same time an egg in the female body stays open to the idea of fertilization.
  • Eating certain foods can affect the taste of a man’s semen, however, the results will be minimal and barely noticeable.


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The male orgasm

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the male orgasm! What does an orgasm do to a man? What kind of orgasms are there? And how long does it last? Below, we’ll give you an answer to all these questions and more!

  • Although most people think that men can only have an orgasm through stimulating the penis, the male G-spot is the prostate which can only be accessed through the anus. Massaging the G-spot is one of the most effective ways for men to experience more powerful orgasms. This is why prostate massagers are considered to be among the most popular sex toys for men.
  • Men who have at least 4 orgasms per week (through sex or masturbation) have a 33% smaller chance of getting prostate cancer.
  • When it comes to sexual intercourse, approximately 75% of men always have an orgasm.
  • Whereas the average female orgasms lasts for a whopping 23 seconds, the male orgasm only lasts for about 6 seconds on average.
  • During a man’s orgasm the body creates Oxytocin, which can increase the male’s pain threshold by as much as 50%. This is just one of many health benefits of sex for men.

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