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Male Orgasm Control: What Is Edging And How Does It Work?

by Monica Ma |

In today’s mainstream culture, the word edging and orgasm control is used more and more commonly. Nevertheless, male orgasm control is still a relatively new and unknown topic for people to discuss, leaving many of us to wonder what edging is. And, more importantly, people are wondering how they can do it by themselves and how this type of orgasm control can be used to improve your sex life.


edging orgasm control
Source: New York Post


Why should you try edging?

Since most people are still relatively unfamiliar with edging and orgasm control, the first thing people think is; why should I try edging? Well, there reasons for edging are plenty. First and most importantly, edging can be used to prolong the duration of self-pleasure or lovemaking. This allows you to enjoy yourself or your partner for longer, improving the sexual experience for both of you. Whether you’re having sex with your girlfriend, wife, or playing around with a pocket pussy or another exciting sex toy for men, being able to last longer allows you to enjoy a much better time.


Edging orgasm control men
Source: Irish Examiner


Besides prolonging your masturbating and lovemaking time, edging also increases the strength and intensity of your orgasm. Men who have experimented with orgasm control before claim that when they do eventually orgasm, it’s a much stronger and a more intense sensation than before.

Edging furthermore treats you to a kinky benefit if you and your partner are into BDSM. In the world of sexual domination, ‘’orgasm denial’’ is an extremely common form of sexual teasing in which the dominant will bring their submissive to the edge of orgasms and then ‘’go back to 0’’. Although this might sound easy, in reality, it is much harder than it seems!


How to edge?

Now that you know what advantages edging and orgasm control bring along, it’s time for you to start trying it by yourself. First, let’s talk about edging in terms of orgasm control. It’s very easy to practice this on your own since nobody knows your body better than you do.


orgasm control
Source: Reddit


The problem is, however, that most of us know our bodies too well and we have trained ourselves to orgasm relatively quickly and efficiently through masturbation. As a result, it can take a lot of effort to force yourself out of this practice of doing what feels exactly right to orgasm as soon as possible and, instead, trying to control the sensation.

When you first start to practice edging, try to switch up your habits. If you’re used to using a sex toy, try switching to a lower speed which will make it easier to control your orgasm. Besides lowering the speed, you can also try to use a different vibration mode or switch from your right hand to left hand to hold the toy. Or, if you want to play safe, put away the toy and simply use your hands instead. We understand that this may be frustrating at first, but that’s kind of the point when trying to control your orgasm.

Besides changing your masturbating techniques, breathing exercises can furthermore help you to relax and control your mind. This allows you to focus on your body and control your orgasms better. If you’re practicing with a partner, don’t forget about the verbal aspect. By simply telling him/her that you’re about to cum, your partner knows to slow down and give you a break. It might sound silly but mutual masturbation is, in fact, a fantastic way to learn about each other’s bodies and orgasms in a quick and exciting way. And believe us when we’re saying that this will come in particularly handy when you’re trying to practice orgasm denial with each other.


male orgasm control edging
Source: Pixabay


The act of edging itself is very simple and straightforward. You play yourself (or your partner) until you’re about to have an orgasm. At this moment, instead of finishing yourself off, you slow down and take control over your own body by calming down. This allows the orgasm sensation to lower again. At the point when the sensation has disappeared, you continue masturbating and follow the same steps as before. Whenever you’re about to have an orgasm, control yourself, and don’t let yourself cum. By doing so several times in a row, you’ll be able to take better control over your body and orgasms; allowing you to last longer and have stronger orgasms altogether.

Once you become more familiar with your body and you’re able to fully control your orgasm, the sex life of yourself and your partner will improve significantly. Not only will you be able to last longer in bed, thus pleasing your partner better and longer, but edging also opens up the door for some exciting BDSM play. Last but not least, your orgasm is also likely to feel much stronger and more sensational, making it fully worth the wait!

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