5 Sex Positions that Only Athletes Can Try

5 Sex Positions that Only Athletes Can Try - Luvkis
The report says organizers of the 2018 Winter Olympics have supplied athletes with 110,000 condoms. It is no overstatement to say athletes have sex like bunnies during the Olympics. Since athletes have strength, flexibility, and reasonable stamina. They management their bodies well. People can't help imagining the sex positions they might try while having sex. Take a glance with Luvkis at these sex positions to feel the various charm of the Summer Games and Winter Games. Under safety measures, you can imitate these sex positions with your partner.

1. Luge and Furious

The first winter game I’d prefer to introduce is luge. This cool Olympic event is popular in high-latitudes countries. A boy and his partner face up lying in a 38 cm sled, which enhances romance and adventure. The boy's penis is moving beneath her ass, gently tempted outside. Once the whistle sounds, it will become the baton that controls the direction.



2. Sex Position like the Ballet Dancer - Figure Skating

Have a man stand behind a lady while she lifts one of her legs wrapped around his shoulder. He enters her from behind. Hold her waist, her hands, and keep regular twitching. If you would like to try this position, you would better find a wall or door and let your partner leans on that.
Without the temperature limit, athletes will strive a lot of sex positions in summer. The following three summer games would provide you with a lot of inspiration.
Figure Skating

3. Gay Party on the Dragon Boat 

Dragon boat racing, an ancient sport invented by the Chinese. It saying that one of the players beats a drum to prevent the fish from eating the remains of the great poet Quyuan. It's like a party. All athletes clamp the thighs of their front teammates and push themselves to enter teammates. I do know it's hard to copy. After all, it's too tough to call up 20 sexual partners.
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4. Sex Positions Against Earth's Gravity - Rings L-Sits

Women would no doubt welcome this most exciting position. Hang him on the ring, grab his tie and cover his eyes. Kick off the stool. It’s time for ladies to manage the game and get pleasure from his body and muscles. A boy extends his girl's arms shrugging down with the shoulders and keeping the hands in tight to the body. Then he brings his legs up parallel to the ground. The girl jumps up and hangs her legs stop on his waist, then upside down like tango dancer.
By the way, do not forget your tight sexy underclothes if you would like to challenge this sex position.

5. Fanatic love - Beach Volleyball

You will make full use of volleyball on the beach or in bed. A girl kneels on the sand like each pool defense. Then her partner holds her back and touch her from behind, place the volleyball mat rise her buttocks and hits her pleasure spot! Finally, they scored the winning goal.
beach volleyball

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