The World’s Weirdest (and Funniest) Sex Records

The World’s Weirdest (and Funniest) Sex Records - Luvkis

Sex on itself is already a pretty weird (yet wonderful) thing. Think about it, all those hormones, emotions and, believe it or not, health benefits. Besides, with all the exciting sex positions and adult toys to spice things up, the whole act of sexual intercourse truly can become a pretty wild ride.

When talking about sex, it goes without saying that there are plenty of weird things people like to do/try when they are horny. This is why we have listed down the 10 weirdest and funniest sex records. Keep on reading for a laugh and please, do not try these at home!


10) The Smallest Penis In The World

The opinion of both men and women on whether size matters or not differ. Generally speaking, we like to say that size does not matter, however, many men with a small penis prefer not to talk about it. We just hope that the owner of the world’s smallest penis, measuring merely 0.9cm (0.39 inches) in length, knows how to work his package.


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If by any chance, he or any other men with a small penis are not satisfied with their performance, they can always try out one of our lovely penis pumps!


9) The Largest Penis In The World

When talking about penis size, there are always two ends of the spectrum. Whereas some guys have a small penis, others are blessed with a large one. With 34.9cm (13.5 inches) in length, the penis of American actor Jonah Falcon is widely believed to be the largest in the world.


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No matter how large your silicone dildo is, chances are that it won’t beat this natural beauty.


8) Furthest Ejaculation

The strength of the male orgasm differs per person. Whereas some are capable of shooting out a whole dose, others barely get out a few drips. Nevertheless, no matter how strong your orgasm is, you’re likely not getting anywhere close to Mr. Horst Schultz who holds the world record of furthest ejaculation - a whopping 6 meters (18ft, 9in.)!


7) Fastest Ejaculation

Besides the world’s furthest ejaculation, there also is a record for the world’s fastest ejaculation. This record stands on the same name, Mr. Horst Schulz. His ejaculation reached a whopping top speed of 68.7 km/h (42.7 mph)!


6) Most Orgasms In An Hour

Having an orgasm doesn’t only feel great, it’s also good for your health! Health care specialists advise everybody to have multiple orgasms per week, claiming it improves your physical, mental, and sexual health. Some people, however, like to take if further than just ‘’a couple per week’’. For women, the world record of most orgasms in one hour stands at 134. The record for men? Just 16!


5) World’s Longest Orgasm

Quality over quantity, right? Instead of having 134 small orgasms in an hour, what about having one massive orgasm that lasts for almost a minute? That’s right! In 1966, the world’s longest orgasm was recorded when a woman experienced a whopping 45-second orgasm that involved 25 individual contractions!


4) World Record Vaginal Weightlifting

If you’re into Kegel exercise and have your own little set of Kegel balls, chances are high that you’re already finding it difficult to hold in 100 grams when you’re just getting started. Many of us may not know it, but the pelvic floor muscle can be trained just like any other muscle in your body and, with a little bit of exercise, you’ll be able to handle more weight.


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The world record of world’s strongest Kegels stands on the name of Tatiata Kozhevnikova who managed to lift a 14kg (31 pounds) steel Kegel in 2009.


3) World’s Largest Natural Breasts

Both men and women like large breasts. Although most of us consider a natural D, E, of F cup large, there are some outstanding talents in this world who leave those ‘’small’’ breasts far behind. Meet Annie Hawkins-Turner, her cleavage is reputedly a heaving 102ZZZ, making them the largest natural breasts in the world!


2) World’s Largest Surgically-Enhanced Breasts

Some of us simply are not that lucky and we do not have such large natural breasts to show off. However, with today’s medical advances, there is nothing that can’t be fixed. When talking about breasts, the largest surgically-enhanced boobs in the world are measured at US-size 42M. All I’m worried about is the aching back this poor girl must experience every day!


1) Most Sexual Partners In One Day

Whereas most of us have a couple of bed partners in our younger years and then spend our life with a single partner, others choose to go in a different direction. And although size and strength are important for sex, these mean nothing without stamina.



Let us introduce you to porn star Lisa Sparks who, during the 2004 World Gangbang Championships (yes, this is a thing), slept with a staggering 919 men in just 24 hours! With an average of just 94 seconds per man for 24 hours straight, she holds the world record of most sexual partners in one day.

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