Do Menstrual Cups Make Sex Better?

by Monica Ma on

Read all about the benefits of menstrual cups and see how they can give better sex during your period.

Kissing Tips for Better Sex

by Monica Ma on

Check out these 5 amazing kissing tricks and spice up your sex life like never before!

Talking, Cuddling, Kissing, and Sex - Four More Reasons to Be Intimate

by Monica Ma on

Being intimate with your partner brings along a whole list of health benefits to enjoy. Whether it's chatting, cuddling, kissing, or sex - here are 4 more reasons...

5 Simple Ways to Raise Your Sexual Self-esteem

by Monica Ma on

Raise your sexual self-esteem with these 5 simple tips and feel confident like the sexy goddess you really are!

The Ideal Time To Have Sex

by Monica Ma on

Sex feels amazing but how long should it last? Is there such a thing as the ''ideal time to have sex''? Keep on reading and find out all you...

Exciting Tips for the Best Shower Sex

by Monica Ma on

Shower sex is something many of us have fantasized about as it's one of the most exciting places to have sex. Keep on reading to find out how to...

Can Friends with Benefits Really Work?

by Monica Ma on

Check out these useful tips and tricks on how to make your friends with benefits relationship last the longest.

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes in Bed

by Monica Ma on

Sex is easy yet still we all make mistakes in bed. Keep on reading to find out all about the most common mistakes we make in bed and...

Is Casual Sex Bad for You?

by Monica Ma on

Nowadays, most young people engage in casual sex for various reasons; but is this actually good for us? Keep on reading to find out more about the benefits...

Can Oral Sex Cause Cancer?

by Monica Ma on

Safe sex does not only concern a penetrative vaginal or anal act. In fact, it's just as important to stay protected when you're having oral sex. Keep on reading...

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