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What Do Women Think About When They Masturbate?

by Sonia Deng |

Everybody knows that women masturbate. We even know the main reasons why and we know their routines. Masturbating feels great, whether you do it alone or with a partner. In fact, it’s even good for your health! But there is one thing, however, that many of us do not know about women yet we are very curious about and that is; what do women think about when they masturbate?

Do women prefer to watch porn when masturbating? Are they thinking about their loved ones or are they rather fantasizing about somebody they do not know? Or do women think about something completely different when they get busy with themselves under the blanket? One thing is for sure, the mind is a powerful thing and we all use it for our pleasure when masturbating.


Woman Bed Masturbate
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Recent studies have shown that the majority of women (54%) tend to use their mind when they masturbate. They love to immerse themselves in a sexual fantasy in order to make their masturbating feel even better. And believe it or not, this is actually more than men! Among men, only 44% say they use sexual fantasies to get off when they are masturbating.

So, most of us like to close our eyes and use our imagination to get off while touching ourselves. But what about porn? It may not come as a surprise that porn has always been more of a man’s game. Studies have shown that approximately 66% of men watch porn when they masturbate. Among women, this percentage lays much lower at just 35%. We are not sure why this is the case, however, the main reason may lay in the fact that the vast majority of porn is made with a male viewer in mind. As of such, it’s rare to find a porn video that meets the sexual likings of us ladies out there.


Couple Bed Masturbating
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So, what do women think about when they masturbate? Well, besides sexual fantasies, one of the most popular masturbation tools is thinking about past sexual experiences. Approximately 26% of men and 24% of women like to think back about a sexy experience they’ve had in the past. After past sexual encounters, the most popular thing to think about is erotic stories (women 15% and men 10%) followed by pictures which are only used by 9% of women while masturbating. At the bottom, there are music and audio sounds, which are used by only 4% of women and 3% of men to get off.

The study furthermore tells us that women are much more likely to use sex toys for masturbating than men. Whereas a staggering 88% of women have tried the use of a sex toy such as a vibrator or dildo, only 11% of men have done the same. As of such, it can be stated that sex toys clearly still are a tool for girls.


Vibrator Luvkis
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Finally, when looking at the reasons when people masturbate, they are pretty much the same among men and women. For women, 29% masturbate purely for pleasure compared to 26% of men. The second most popular reason is to relieve sexual tension (women 18% and men 23%). Last but not least, 14% of both men and women use masturbation as a tool to reduce stress.

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