Exciting Ways To Stay Warm During The Winter Months

Exciting Ways To Stay Warm During The Winter Months - Luvkis

Now that we’re entering the month of December, winter officially is just around the corner. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures drop. Although some of us may embrace the beauty that the winter months bring along, others are struggling to stay warm and comfortable. Of course, there always are the basic ways to stay warm such as turning up the heat or cuddling with your partner under the blanket, but what’s the fun in that? I think that we can all agree that wintertime is the perfect time of the year to get close and naughty with the person you love. Not only will this keep the two of you warm, but it also is extremely exciting.

Throughout this article, Luvkis will share with you 3 exciting ways to stay warm during the upcoming winter months. We’re starting slow and innocent and slowly build up to more exciting and thrilling ways to keep yourself and your partner hot. Keep on reading and find out the best ways to keep the flame of your relationship alive this winter.

Take a Shower Together

One of the easiest yet most exciting ways to stay warm during the winter months is hot shower sex. Having sex in the shower is simple and you can do it whenever you feel like it. Simply escape together to the bathroom, turn on the hot water, and you’ll be ready to go. Although simple, shower sex is one of the most exciting things you and your partner can do. It's no wonder that many men and women fantasize about it. In fact, of all places to have a quickie, the shower certainly ranks number one! The hot steamy environment, warm water floating over your bodies, and the relaxing smell of shampoo in the air – nothing is more exciting than getting it on in the shower together with your partner.

Shower sex offers the best way to start the day in the morning or to end it before being to bed. Besides the fact that it’s exciting, it also offers a way to save both water, money, and time. By taking a shower together in the morning before work, you won’t have to wait for each other to use the bathroom, use less water, and you’ll have an exciting moment to think back about for the rest of the day. Keep in mind, however, that having actual sex in the shower may be difficult without lubrication. Luckily, you can always use your hands, mouth, or an exciting sex toy to tease each other when taking a hot shower together.

Sensation Play

As we all know, sex is all about sensations and feelings and by triggering the right sensations, it’s not very difficult to blow a person’s mind. When it comes to sensation play, there are two main ways in which you can expose your partner to a sexual thrill. These two ways are to practice sensation play through either the use of impacts or temperature.

Sensation play through impact is something we’ve all heard about before. After all, who is not familiar with spanking or using a whip in the bedroom. Although exciting, this method may not offer the best way to stay warm during the upcoming winter months. Instead, we prefer to focus on temperature play during this time of the year when the outdoor temperatures drop.

Temperature offers one of the easiest yet most exciting ways for sensation play. Naturally, there are two ways to do it – either through exposing the body of your partner to very low or very high temperatures. It goes without saying that, during the winter months, we choose for the latter. The best way to practice sensation play using exposure to high temperatures is through the use of candle wax. Simply get your hand on a massage candle and slowly let the hot wax drip onto your partner’s body. At first, this may feel a bit strange but you’ll soon come to realize that the use of a massage candle in the bedroom is extremely thrilling. Not only will it warm you up physically, but it will also turn you on and set the right mood for a hot and exciting sex-filled evening ahead. Just remember, safety always comes first. Therefore, always be careful with the use of hot wax and never apply it onto a person’s face or other sensitive areas.

For you and your partner to stay hot during the upcoming winter months.

Introduce DBSM Into Your Bedroom

For those of you who are looking for the ultimate way to stay warm this winter by adding some excitement into your sex life, BDSM may be the perfect solution. Having regular sex or even shower sex is great, however, sometimes we all long for something more. Sure, there are many ways to add more excitement to your sex life. For example, you can introduce a sex toy into your relationship or you can try to have sex outdoors. The latter, however, may not be the best option during the winter months. Nevertheless, when it comes to sex, there are not many things more exciting than BDSM!

There are many different ways in which you can add BDSM into your relationship to heat things up. If you want to start from the basics, there is sensory deprivation and sensation play. However, if you want to experience the real thrills and BDSM, bondage will be the right way to go.

Bondage always involves some exciting BDSM toys that are used to tie your partner up. Think for example about bondage cuffs or full-body cuffs. These thrilling toys are made to keep your partner in place without him or her being able to move. Bondage offers an extremely exciting and thrilling way to stay hot and active during the winter months. To heat things up further, you can use a strap-on harness with vibrator to tease your partner. Remember, however, that bondage should always be practiced with care. Therefore we suggest to have a safe word and never force your partner to do something he or she does not feel comfortable with. If you do it the right way, BDSM will be the ultimate way for you and your partner to stay hot during the upcoming winter months.

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