The Best Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her

The Best Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her - Luvkis

The Best Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her

The days are getting shorter, temperatures drop, and the holiday season is just around the corner. For those of you with loved ones, it’s about time to start looking for a meaningful Christmas gift. If you are looking for something different and more exciting this year, Luvkis has the perfect sexy Christmas gift suggestions for you. Throughout this article, we will introduce four of our most exciting sex toys for women that will be a perfect kinky Christmas gift to your naughty female partner. If you’re looking for a way to spice things up in your relationship and keep the flame alive during the upcoming winter months, these sexy Christmas gifts from Luvkis are a perfect way to go!

Magic Wand Massager

If you’re looking for a general Christmas gift that can be used for both regular health and sexual pleasure, a magic wand massager is perfect for you. Wand massagers come with a large flexible vibrating head. With its strong vibration modes, it is capable of massaging any part of your body. And when we say any part, we mean; ANY PART. Although often used for regular massages on the neck, back, or legs, wand massagers also are perfect for masturbation. Their large and flexible massaging head treats you to powerful vibrations that are much stronger than those of regular vibrators. Along with the fact that the wand massager covers a much larger surface than the regular vibrator, these exciting toys are perfect for female stimulation.

Naturally, their large size does not allow it to be inserted into the vagina. Nevertheless, they are perfect for clitoral stimulation. Most wand massagers come with a stunning 12 to 20 different vibration modes and speeds. As such, they allow you to fully personalize your masturbating experience. They are furthermore waterproof, making them perfect for some bathroom fun when you’re taking a shower alone or with your partner. By giving a wand massager to your partner for Christmas, you simply can’t go wrong. Whether she’ll use it for regular massages or masturbation, this exciting toy is guaranteed to blow her mind.

Remote Wearable Vibrator

If you’re looking for a thrilling way to add some more excitement into your relationship, a remote-controlled wearable vibrator is a perfect Christmas gift for you and your partner. This exciting toy is guaranteed to heat things up both in the bedroom and outdoors. The compact wearable vibrator features a unique shape and size, which makes it suitable to be worn in your lady’s underwear. Once in place, nobody will be able to see the exciting toy that you’re hiding in your panties from the outside. With its remote control, you or your partner will be able to control the toy from afar. This offers an exciting way to tease yourself or your partner without her being able to resist. Whether you use it in the bedroom or outdoors in a public setting, this exciting toy is guaranteed to turn you on.

The wireless remote controlled vibrator is furthermore fully waterproof. This allows you to wear it inside of your bikini or bathing suit when enjoying the pool or a trip to the beach. Additionally, you’ll be able to use it in the shower or bath as a regular handheld vibrator when you’re home alone and in the mood. Besides being waterproof, the toy is furthermore extremely quiet. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about anybody in your surroundings finding out what’s going on inside of your panties. With its 10 different vibration modes, it offers you the possibility to personalize your masturbating experience according to your sexual needs. If you’re looking for an extremely exciting Christmas gift for your partner, this wireless remote controlled mini vibrator from Luvkis is a perfect way to go.

SM Bondage Cuffs

Last but not least, we have a Christmas gift suggestion for those of you who are looking for a way to take your sexual relationship to the next level. If you and your partner have been wondering how to add more excitement and thrill into your relationship, BDSM is the perfect way to go. Sure, if you are not familiar with BDSM, the thought of introducing this kind of sex into your relationship may sound scary at first. But you have to understand that, just as with any other type of sex, there are different ways to enjoy BDSM.

Nobody is forcing you to directly go all the way with whips, clamps, and other hardcore SM tools. The truth is that there are many easy yet exciting ways to introduce BDSM into your bedroom for beginners in a thrilling way. Think for example about sensation play or sensory deprivation. Or, through the use of some simple yet exciting BDSM sex toys or beginners. There are plenty of exciting beginner BDSM toys around there, each of which would make a perfect Christmas present to a couple in love. In our opinion, when it comes to BDSM sex toys for beginners, SM bondage cuffs are a perfect way to go.

With a pair of these exciting cuffs under the Christmas tree this year, you’re guaranteed to add some excitement to your sexual nightlife. The cuffs are easy to use and extremely comfortable to wear throughout the night. They allow you to either bind your partner to the bed or to try an abundance of exciting sex positions you never imagined were possible before. Being in total control of your partner offers an exciting and thrilling way to build trust and add sexual excitement into your relationship. Just remember, when it comes to BDSM, safety always comes first. Although your partner is completely under your control with these cuffs, that does not mean you should do whatever you want. Agree on a safe word before starting and discuss what you can and cannot do. Only when you both feel comfortable and relaxed, you will be able to make the absolute most out of BDSM and fully enjoy it together.

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