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by Monica Ma •

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Sexy New Years’ Resolutions For Couples

Now that December is well on its way, the end of the year is just around the corner. With 2020 nearing day by day, it’s time to consider what things you wish to improve during the upcoming year. We all know the boring new years’ resolutions we all come up with every year again: eat healthier, exercise more, be a better person. Sure, these are important, however, they are nothing new. Instead, why not come up with a list of sexy and exciting new years’ resolutions that both you and your partner can try together as a couple. Below, Luvkis has listed down 3 sexy new years’ resolutions for couples. Put these 3 exciting resolutions on your list, and you can be guaranteed that 2020 will be a year filled with new and exciting sexual experiences for both you and your partner. These sexy new years’ resolutions are easy to try and do not need a lot of courage. Keep on reading and find out what are the most exciting things to try in 2020.   Have Sex Outdoors When it comes to unique and thrilling sexual fantasies, outdoor sex is high on the list of every man and woman. It’s no secret that when it comes to sexual fantasies, having sex outdoors scores number one for men and women alike. Nevertheless, most of us never dared to give it a try. Whereas some people may be shy, others may simply not be interested in it or they may be afraid of the consequences in case they would get caught. After all, we have to understand that outdoor sex is not legal in most countries. But, when you think about it, isn’t this thrill of doing something ‘’bad’’ and the thrill of maybe getting caught the whole point of it all? When it comes to sexual experiences, having sex outdoors certainly is one of the most exciting things one can try in a relationship. Many men may believe that their partner may not be interested in outdoor sex, however, the statistics prove the differ. The truth is that both men and women are curious about having sex outdoors. Most women already had sex in a public place before. The most popular place to have sex outdoors for women is, by far, in a car. At a close second comes the public park, followed by the office and public transportation. When it comes to outdoor sex, women are just as naughty as men. Try Mutual Masturbation If outdoor sex may still seem a bit too thrilling, mutual masturbation may be a new years’ resolution that is more suitable for you. Chances are high that you have never heard about it before, however, mutual masturbation is a thing. As its name suggests, mutual masturbation is straight forward. Simply put, it means that you masturbate together with or in front of your partner. Although this might seem awkward to some people at first, mutual masturbation brings along a whole lot of benefits for you and your partner. Not only is it very exciting, but it will also increase the bond between you and your partner and the strength of your relationship. You may not know it, but masturbating in front of your partner increases your self-confidence, self-esteem, trust in your partner, and your overall sexual health. Added to that, it’s simply extremely exciting to masturbating in front of or together with the person you like. We admit that, if you have never done it before, mutual masturbation may sound a bit strange or even scary. After all, masturbating is something most of us do in private without having anybody around. Nevertheless, mutual masturbation certainly is something you should give a try. If not for its benefits, simply for the exciting rush you’ll experience to see your partner enjoy him or herself in front of your eyes. If you’re looking for an exciting and fun way to spice up your relationship in 2020 while, at the same time, improving your sexual health, mutual masturbation is a perfect way to go. Simply give it a try, and we can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. Source: unsplash Introduce BDSM Into Your Bedroom Having regular sex with your partner is great, however, we can all agree that, sometimes, we simply need something more. We admit, there are many ways to add more excitement to your relationship. For instance, you can try having sex outdoors or mutual masturbation – as mentioned above. However, no matter what you and your partner will try, there are not many things as exciting as adding BDSM into your bedroom. When it comes to BDSM, many people may be hesitant at first. After all, we’ve all heard wild stories about this type of sex. The truth is, however, that not all types of BDSM need to be rough. There are, in fact, many gentle and simple ways to add BDSM into your bedroom. Think, for instance, about sensory deprivation, sensation play, or bondage. With the right SM toys, there are plenty of easy yet thrilling ways to spice up your sex life with BDSM. Get your hands on some exciting bondage cuffs or a soft leather whip and see what will happen next. With the right mind-set, BDSM will be a fun and pleasant experience for you both that is guaranteed to put the flame back into your relationship. If you’re looking for an exciting and thrilling way to kick off the new year, BDSM and roleplay is a perfect way to go. Simply take it easy and discuss what both of you are looking for. Before you know it, you’ll get addicted to the thrill of BDSM and never want to try something else again. Just remember, safety always comes first. You must discuss beforehand what you’re both looking for and it’s essential that you respect each other’s boundaries. By doing so, BDSM will be an exciting experience for both you and her that is guaranteed to keep you warm during the upcoming winter months.


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