Top 5 Sexual Fantasies for Women

Top 5 Sexual Fantasies for Women - Luvkis

If you are a guy and have always been curious about what are the top sexual fantasies for women, then look no further. Throughout this article, we will reveal those fantasies that turn a woman on. Whether they are buried somewhere deep inside of their imagination, fragments of a hazy memory from the past, or simply an inexplicable and involuntary desire - there are plenty of sexual fantasies that can rock a woman’s world. No matter what they are, these fantasies offer a creative outlet for the mind to wander like no other while playing yourself with some exciting sex toys or during sex. And believe it or not, no matter who you are, every girl has her sexual fantasy!


Top 5 Sexual Fantasies for Women


We’re sure that you agree when we say that it’s a good thing everybody has her sexual fantasy. After all, the imagination offers limitless scope for exploring your sexuality and discovering what turns you on. Besides, these fantasies allow us to push our boundaries inside the privacy of our mind. When it comes to sexual fantasies, nothing is too crazy! Below, we have listed down the most common sexual fantasies of women. Keep on reading and find out what it is that women like to think about when they are daydreaming, masturbating, or having sex.



The Great Outdoors

Believe it or not, one of the most common sexual fantasies of women is to have sex outdoors! We all know that our imagination can take us to any kind of far-flung places and this is no exception when it comes to sexual fantasies. Having outdoor sex is the top sexual fantasy for women around the globe!


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Sure, the exact outdoor location that women do fantasize about may differ from person to person, however, the basic idea of having sex outside of the bedroom is what turns them on. Having sex outdoors is considered to be something naughty and exciting as there always is a tiny chance of being caught by people who unknowingly pass by. Whether it’s in the forest, somewhere near a lake, or some romantic sex on the beach, outdoor sex is guaranteed to turn your lady on. So if you’re a guy who wishes to bring your sexual relationship with your partner to the next level but not sure how to do it; why not try having sex outdoors? It’s exciting, thrilling, and sure to please both you and her.



Good Things Come in Threes

We all know that most men have secretly fantasized about a threesome, however, little of us know that also many women are curious about sharing the bed with two partners at once. That’s right, after outdoor sex, having a threesome is the go-to sexual fantasy for both men and women alike.


Threesome sex
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No matter the sexual orientation of your girl, many women fantasize about sharing their bed and partner with another woman. It may seem weird, but it’s true! Even if she is fully heterosexual, she may still be turned on by the idea of another woman pleasing her partner or she may simply be curious to try something new. Many hetero women enjoy the attention of another female who has full intimate female knowledge and knows exactly what feels good. After all, nobody knows how to touch a woman better than a woman!

That being said, naturally, threesomes are not always about two women with a man. There are plenty of wild ladies out there who fantasize about sharing the bed with two guys at the same time. Being in the center of attention of two attractive guys is hot stuff and a top sexual fantasy for many.



A Man in Uniform

It may sound cliche but then again, who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Men in uniform look good, smart, and neat. It furthermore adds a sense of authority and security which many women find attractive. Added to that, uniforms are often related to heroic jobs such as police officers, firefighters, or soldiers. This means that the man wearing it is brave and fearless and likely has some exciting stories to tell. Besides, these men are often considered to be responsible and caring as their job includes important duties such as saving innocent people.


men in uniform
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Besides the heroic men in uniform, celebrities and politicians are often considered to be attractive by women for the same reasons. These people do, however, also bring along their perceived glamour and social status that many women may find attractive - making them a sexual fantasy to many.



A Complete Stranger

It may come as a surprise to many, but the vast majority of women have their imaginary stranger in their mind whose face and body are nothing more than a creation of their imagination. Women often think about this made-up stranger when they are daydreaming about their sexual fantasies or while they are playing themselves with their new vibrator. This unknown stranger comes back in all her sexual fantasies and she shares the most exciting sexual secrets with him (or her). To some, however, having just an imaginary sex partner to fantasize about is not enough.


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The vast majority of women have fantasized about having sex with a good looking stranger. You may meet him at the bar, in the park, or maybe he’s that hot electrician who came over to, ahem, fix your fuses. Although it is considered a taboo to many people for women to have sex with strangers, there is nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves. Just like men, women have their sexual urges and, as long as you do it safely, there’s nothing wrong with having some fun. Sharing an exciting night with a stranger you met at the bar or during a summer holiday is high on the list of most common sexual fantasies for women.



Not Being in Control

Now and then, we all like to throw away all our responsibilities and let the other be in complete control. When it comes to sex, this is not different. Plenty of women around the world have fantasized about how it would feel to be fully dominated by a man in the bedroom. Perhaps this explains why Fifty Shades of Gray was such a popular movie among women both young and old.


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Being submissive in the bedroom with a person you trust can be a true turn-on. However, remember that this works in both ways and that the woman does not always need to be the submissive one. Take some exciting sex toys such as a dildo, vibrator, or pocket pussy and tease your partner while he or she is bound to the bed. Having some submissive role play truly can spice things up in the bedroom. Therefore it is no surprise that many women fantasize about being in control or being controlled by the person they love.

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