Top 3 Unique Sex Toys For Men You’ve Never Seen Before

Top 3 Unique Sex Toys For Men You’ve Never Seen Before - Luvkis

When people think about adult toys, we usually think about dildos and vibrators for women. Nevertheless, sex toys for men are plentiful and available in abundance. Although male sex toys may not be that common and popular, there are some sex gadgets for men on the market that can really rock your world. Among the best sex toys for men are often considered to be gadgets such as anal plugs, prostate massagers, penis pumps, life-sized sex dolls, and, of course, the pocket pussy. Although these common male sex toys are perfectly capable of taking your breath, in this article we like to have a look at those toys that are less commonly known and used.


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Below, Luvkis will introduce you to 3 exciting sex toys for men that we’re sure most of you have never heard off before. These unique toys are perfect for solo masturbation or for some exciting couple fun. If you’re in the mood to try something different tonight, check out these unique sex toys for men and experience a mind-blowing orgasm as you’ve never felt before!


Male Oral Masturbator Cup

Ask any men on the street what they think about oral sex and every single one of them will tell you that they love to get a blowjob! However, whereas masturbating yourself by hand is relatively easy for single men, it’s virtually impossible to enjoy the experience of getting a blowjob when you don’t have a partner. Or is it?


Male Oral Masturbator
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With this unique sex toy for men, you’ll be able to experience breathtaking oral sex every night of the week! The male oral masturbator cup truly makes it feel as if you’re getting a blowjob thanks to its hyper-realistic texture and design, making it a dream sex toy for all the single men out there. The toy itself is light in weight and compact in size, making it easy to use with one hand or to store away when not in use. It is furthermore ultra-quiet and it features an IPX7 waterproof design for some exciting underwater fun. Simply add some water-based lube, insert your penis, and enjoy the most realistic blowjob experience you’ve ever felt in your life.


Oral Masturbator Cup
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The Luvkis male oral masturbator cup comes with a powerful motor that runs at a whopping 11000rpm. It treats you to 14 different mind-blowing vibration speeds and patterns for a different orgasm every day of the week. Thanks to its massive 1200mAh battery, you’ll be able to enjoy this oral sex toy for several nights in a row without having to worry about running low on juice. If you’re a true oral sex lover, the male oral masturbator cup from Luvkis is a perfect male sex toy for you!


Male Vibrator

Who said that vibrators are only for women? Many of us may not have heard about it before, but there actually are vibrators on the market that have been specially designed for men! Naturally, these male vibrators do not look anything like the ones used by women, however, the idea is the same. Through the stimulation of vibrations, you’ll undergo a unique and powerful masturbating experience like no other!


Male Vibrator
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The male vibrator from Luvkis is a perfect example of this exciting sex toy for men. This compact sex toy has been crafted out of FDA-approved medical-grade silicone, making it suitable to be used safely around your penis. It has furthermore been rated IPX7 waterproof, allowing you to use it in the bed, shower, and bath alike. Simply lube it up, slide it around your dick, and you’ll be ready to go. Thanks to its flexible design, it will perfectly fit any man no matter the size of his penis. The compact size makes it easy to hold your male vibrator in your hand while it has been applied around your cock. Once in place, all it takes is to masturbate like you always do and the added vibrations are guaranteed to make you cum like never before.


Vibrator for Men
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With a total of 10 vibration speeds and modes to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong! Simply slide it on, choose the vibration mode of your liking, and enjoy a personalized and unique orgasm every night of the week. The male vibrator comes with a powerful built-in battery that delivers 2 hours of continuous usage time. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to use it throughout the week without having to worry about battery life. Whether you use this exciting sex toy for men for solo masturbation or couple fun, our male vibrator is guaranteed to rock your world.


Male Masturbator Eggs

Perhaps one of the most unique and unknown sex toys for men are these male masturbator eggs. Each masturbator egg has been crafted out of soft and body-safe TPE material. The internal structure of both eggs is different, thus treating you to a unique masturbating experience. They are compact and waterproof, allowing you to use them wherever you want. Thanks to the soft and flexible design, they comfortably fit around the penis of every man. Male masturbator eggs really are a hidden treasure when it comes to sex toys for men. They are simple to use yet treat you to a unique masturbating experience like you’ve never felt before.


Masturbator Eggs
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Simply apply some lube and apply the masturbator egg over the top of your penis. With their unique structure, these adult toys treat you to a hyper-realistic sexual experience. Once applied over the top of your penis, you can choose to move it up and down or twist it left and right in order to stimulate each and every nerve. The soft and flexible design allows you to squeeze it and apply pressure of your own liking. By doing so, you can personalize each and every masturbating session. This allows you to enjoy a different type of orgasm every day of the week.


Male Masturbation Toys
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Each masturbator egg comes with its very own compact yet durable shell that features a discreet design. This allows you to easily store them away in a safe manner when not in use. The masturbator eggs are extremely easy to clean before and after use with hot water and mild soap. Thanks to their compact design, you can easily slide them inside of your pocket or bag and carry them along anywhere you go. From now on, you’ll always be able to undergo the masturbating experience of your dreams no matter where you’re at. Simply slide it on, close your eyes, and fantasize about the woman of your dreams. With the Luvkis masturbator eggs, having an orgasm has never been easier.

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