Kissing Tips for Better Sex

Kissing Tips for Better Sex - Luvkis

It is said that everybody remembers his first kiss. Sadly enough, in reality, this is not always the case. Nevertheless, whether you remember your first kiss or not, we can all agree that kissing the one you love feels pretty awesome. Kissing is not only something we do for fun as a quick way to be intimate, but it also offers a way to spice up our sex. The truth is, however, that due to the intense pleasure experienced during sex, most of us often forget about kissing - making it a somewhat under-appreciated act.

At Luvkis, we believe that’s a bit of a shame! This is why we’d like to introduce you to these 5 exciting kissing tips and techniques that are sure to spice up your sex life. Try them out by yourself and experience how this simple yet unique act can change your love life!


Kissing Tips for Better Sex
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French Kiss

Let’s start off with the kiss of all kisses. The most famous and, perhaps, the sexiest kiss of them all. The French kiss. Besides this kiss being sexy, it is most likely also one of the most intimate kissing styles. A passionate French kiss can really heat things up in the bedroom before and during sex. In fact, it also offers a great way to continue being intimate afterward while you’re catching your breath.

Many of us may not know it, but the tongue is a hive or nerve endings. As of such, when the two tongues of lovers come together, sparks will fly. Because the French kiss is so sexy and intimate, we at Luvkis believe that learning how to French kiss properly is one of the most important lessons in life!


Love Bite

Despite its name, the love bit is more like a nibble than an actual bite. Softly pressing your teeth into your partner’s skin during sex is not weird and it won’t make you a vampire! In fact, it delivers an energizing jolt which, thanks to the delightfully thin line between your pleasure and pain receptors, will be a huge turn-on to some. Besides the fact that it offers a real thrill, it also has a tiny bit of a naughty touch to it which may just hold the key to spicing up your relationship and sex life.


The Regular Peck

The peck is perhaps the least appreciated kissing style due to its simplicity. However, did you know that this simple kiss can offer an amazing way to spice up your sex life? That’s right! The peck is great for working each other into a frenzy during some passionate sex. This simply kiss is especially effective around the face and sensitive neck area. Although it might look simple, softly caressing your partner with some intimate pecks before and during sex is in fact hugely erotic. It even offers a great teasing method to assert your control. So remember, kissing doesn’t have to be complicated. With a simple peck at the right place, you and your partner will experience the night of your life.


Mixed Kisses

As we all know by now, there are tons of different kissing styles. Each kissing style is different and might suit a certain type of situation better than another. However, if you know how and when to apply the right type of kisses, you’ll be able to get your juices going like absolutely nothing else.

Because there are so many different kissing styles, why not experiment with mixing them up? Rather than sticking with just one tested kissing method, try some new kissing techniques, speeds, and rhythms and see how you can mix them together for more fun. Switching between kissing styles during sex is guaranteed to drive your partner wild with surprise and anticipation, making it a great way to increase your intimacy.


Remember: X Marks the Spot

Using the right kissing techniques is important, however, just as important is to pick the right place! Placing your kisses at the right spot of your partner’s body is an essential key to a fulfilling love life. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that every human is different. As of such, not everybody likes to be kissed at the same place in the same way. Sure, we all have our common sensitive places such as the neck, ears, back, hands and feet. But you have to understand that, wherever you see skin, there are nerves. So, try using your mouth on some different places in order to find your partner’s unique sweet spots.  

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