Happy Women's Day! Whisper to Gentlemen

Happy Women's Day! Whisper to Gentlemen

Women’s day is just around the corner. This is the perfect day of the year to spoil your lover and show her how much you love her. Sure, you can treat her to a romantic dinner and give her some flowers, but why not choose something different this year. Something more exciting? At Luvkis, we have a wide variety of the most exciting adult toys for sale that are guaranteed to spice up your Women’s day.

We understand that every woman is different, especially when it comes to her sexual needs. This is why we have selected 3 completely different yet oh-so-exciting sex toys for women. These exciting adult toys are guaranteed to blow your woman’s mind, no matter her sexual needs or preferences. Keep on reading to find out what is our top 3 of the most exciting Women’s toys for her. And, just in case you believe none of the toys listed below suit your lover’s needs, there are plenty of other sex toys to choose from on the Luvkis online store.


Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

When it comes to sex toys, we’ve all heard about the vibrator before. Vibrators are a true classic when it comes to sex toys, both for men and women. These exciting toys always know how to hit the right spot, allowing you to enjoy a thrilling sexual experience and explosive orgasm over and over again.

Off all the vibrators on the market, we highly recommend you to give our rotating rabbit vibrator a try. This unique vibrator differentiates itself from other vibrators on the market in the way that it does not only vibrate but also rotate. Unlike regular vibrating dildos, our rotating vibrator features a unique rotating movement that adds a whole new dimension to your masturbating experience. This unique massage feature is made possible because this vibrator does not support one, but two separate motors. That’s right, double the motors for double the pleasure! Whereas one motor treats you to the traditional and powerful vibrations we all know, the other delivers a unique rotating movement that allows this exciting toy to hit all the right spots.

As a true rabbit vibrator, this unique toy features separate bunny ears to stimulate the clitoris. You can choose to either use the vibrating mode on its own for some exciting clitoral stimulation or to use the rotating function of the shaft at the same time. Thanks to its two separate motors, you’ll be able to control both the vibrations and rotations separately. This lets you fully customize your masturbation session according to your personal needs and preferences. If you’re always been looking for a new experience under the blanket, the Luvkis rotating bunny vibrator is a perfect toy for you!

The rotating bunny vibrator measures 8.5’’ in length and features a realistic touch and appearance. All materials used to craft this exciting toy are 100% body-safe and FDA-approved. As such, you can safely use this toy in and around the most sensitive parts of your body. Thanks to its waterproof design, it can furthermore be safely used in the shower or bath. If you’re looking for an all-around unique masturbating experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind, the Luvkis rotating bunny vibrator is the right way to go.


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Triple-Layer Stretchable Dildo

Of all the sex toys on the market, the dildo is, by far, the best known. This classic adult toy has been around for as long as we can imagine. Luckily, however, the toy did go through some changes during the past decades; making it more and more realistic. The latest and most advanced dildos available today are also known as triple-layer dildos.

As their name suggests, these dildos are built up out of 3 separate layers. The first layer that is located inside of the dildo is constructed out of an iron spring that adds stiffness and durability to the toy. This layer helps the toy to stand up like an erected penis and makes it flexible and able to wobble. Thanks to this feature, the toy will treat you to a hyper-realistic sexual experience when you’re riding it. To make the dildo more comfortable to use, the second layer of thick and durable silicone is applied. This middle layer adds thickness and shape to the dildo. Last but not least, there is the third and most external layer. This layer is nothing more than a thin layer of silicone wrapped around the dildo. The purpose of this outer layer is to give the dildo an ultra-realistic skin-like finish. The third layer can be moved around and is flexible, giving if the look and touch of real skin. All the three layers together give the toy its unique and hyper-realistic finish that looks and feels like an actual penis.

Triple-layer dildos are body-safe, FDA-approved, and water-resistant. As such, they can be safely used anywhere and at any time. If you’re looking for an adult toy that truly treats you to a unique sexual experience, then the triple-layer dildo is the only way to go. This adult toy is guaranteed to blow your girl’s mind, making if the perfect gift for Women’s day.


SM Bondage Cuffs

Do you have a naughty girlfriend who loves to try new things in the bedroom, then you might want to consider giving her some exciting SM bondage cuffs.  This thrilling sex toy for couples is perfect for those of you who’re looking for a way to take your relationship to the next level. The three detachable leather padding rings can be used to secure your lover’s arms, legs, and neck. When in place, this exciting toy keeps your partner in place – unable to move. Alternatively, the SM bondage cuffs can also be used separately to knot your partner’s wrist or ankles to the bed. This allows you to tease around and try out all those sexual fantasies that you’ve dreamt off before. This sex toy offers a great way to show your dominance, giving you complete control in the bedroom.

The bondage cuffs feature comfortable padding and are crafted out of premium and body-safe materials. Besides using them for SM, you can also use the cuffs as  sex swing to try out some exciting sex positions. If you’re looking for an exciting way to add a bit off thrill into your bedroom, the Luvkis bondage cuffs are a perfect sexy Women’s gift for her.

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