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8 Cool Facts About Winter Sex You Didn’t Know

by Sonia Deng |

Once the snow starts falling, nothing is more romantic than sitting inside next to the fireplace with the person you love. However, just because the temperatures drop outside does not mean that you cannot get naughty anymore outdoors. Sure, we admit that outdoor sex is more popular during the summer months. That being said, at Luvkis, we believe that nothing is more exciting than outdoor winter sex. Sure, there are some things you have to keep in mind when having sex outdoors during the winter months. These issues may make outdoor winter sex a bit more difficult compared to when doing it in summer, however, they also make the whole experience more special. Below, we have listed down 8 cool facts about winter sex (both indoor and outdoor) that make winter sex the best sex you can have!


It's okay to wear socks

Most guys who have a girlfriend already know that girls are known to hold an icy chill in their feet and nothing feels better for them than to warm up their feet on the body of their bed mate. Sure, this may feel comfortable for the girl, but most guys rather keep the icy cold feet of their partner way from their body, especially during the cold winter months. However, think twice as a guy before rejecting to warm up your girl’s feet while in bed. Because, did you know, that it’s easier for women to have an orgasm when their feet are warm?

One simple and comfortable way for both her and her partner to keep her feet warm is by wearing socks. Sure, we admit that during any other season it would be very strange to wear socks while getting frisky, however, winter makes it completely acceptable. So, make sure to have some soft, comfortable, and warm winter socks waiting for your lover before diving into the bed together.

 couple wear socks

Sex is good for the immune system

Having sex, in general, brings along numerous health benefits. Whether you’re having sex in summer or winter, it helps to improve your overall mood, health, and immune system. The last benefit comes in particularly handy during the winter season, as this is the time most of us suffer from the flu or other general illness. So, to stay healthy and active during the winter months, make sure to have plenty of sex. By doing so, you can be assured that your immune system will stay on track and you won’t catch the flu. Think about it, is there any better reason to have sex?


Winter sex = more cuddles

No matter how much you love your partner, during the summer months, the temperatures sometimes are simply too high to enjoy a good cuddling session. However, during the winter months, this is all about to change. When it’s cold and chilly outside, nothing feels better than to cuddle up next to your partner under a warm and soft blanket. Share some body heat to stay warm and get in the right mood for sex. The colder it is outside, the bigger the chances are that you’ll be in for some lovely cuddles. And we all know when in bed, cuddles will quickly turn into something more!


A perfect chance to try shower sex

When the temperatures drop too low, it sometimes even feels cold indoors. When it’s cold inside, there’s nothing better than having a hot and comfortable shower. But, instead of taking this shower alone, why not share it with your partner? Shower sex is exciting, tempting, and sure to bring your sex life to the next level. So heat your shower and get ready to enjoy some frisky shower sex.


Winter sex lasts longer

When it comes to winter sex, there is no passionate ripping of clothes and rolling over the bedsheets. During the winter months, we simply wear too many layers that take a while to take off. This does, however, not have to be a turn-down. The more clothing your partner wears, the longer and sexier the undressing process can become. Slowly dressing down your partner layer by layer while teasing her body will become a perfect winter foreplay technique to get in the mood for the hot night ahead.


Blankets and heating mats are your friends

We previously mentioned that wearing socks during winter sex is fine, however, some people simply never get warm enough. If you or your partner is one of these persons, then heated bedding and a warm soft blanket will become your best friend during the winter months. With a thick blanket or heated mattress in your room, you no longer have to worry about the cold temperatures. Not only will these gadgets make you feel more comfortable, but they also make sex feel better!


The perfect time to try heat play

If you have never tried temperature play before, this is a perfect time! While summer sex can be spiced up with ice, during the winter months, there are so many choices to tease your partner with. Get your hands on some warming massage oils, for example. Or, in case you’re into the more kinky stuff, this is the perfect time to introduce SM into your bedroom with some exciting SM toys that are guaranteed to heat things up. For those of you who wish to keep things simple and cheap, hot candle wax also offers a perfect solution.


Lube and sex toys are a must

When you’re having winter sex, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, the cold temperatures are more than simply uncomfortable. When the temperature drops too much, it may affect your body and ability to have sex.

For men, cold temperatures can restrict blood flow. As a result, it may become more difficult to get and maintain an erection. As such, we’d advise the use of a vibrating cock ring to keep the penis hard while having chilly winter sex. For women, the cold and dry winter air may cause dryness. Therefore, we’d always recommend you to have some lube at hand to make things more comfortable under the blanket. Additionally, we would recommend the use of some exciting sex toys to heat things up and to get in the right mood for the best winter sex for your lives. 

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