Tips & Tricks For The Best Outdoor Winter Sex

Tips & Tricks For The Best Outdoor Winter Sex

Having sex outdoors is considered to be one of the most popular sexual fantasies among men and women alike. The thrill of being exposed in public and the risk of possibly getting busted in the act is a major turn-on for many of us. That being said, outdoor sex is mostly a summer activity. During the summer months, countless couples head outdoors to have sex in their car, a public park, or on the beach. Although outdoor sex is mainly a summer activity, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy some naughty outdoor moments during the winter months. If you ask us, the opposite is true!

Outdoor sex is a great winter activity that lets you heat up in cold-weather temperatures and get frisky with your partner. After all, nothing is better than staying warm in an exciting and tempting way together with the person you love. Naturally, you do need to keep some things in mind when trying to have sex outdoors during the winter months. As we all know, the temperatures can drop pretty low and the dry air also can bring along some difficulties when it comes to making love outdoors in the cool winter breeze. This is why Luvkis has listed down below some important tips and tricks to keep in mind for having successful outdoor winter sex.


Stay warm

The first and by far the most important tip we can give when it comes to outdoor winter sex is to stay warm. Depending on where you live, temperatures can drop to extreme lows outdoor during the winter months. As such, staying warm should be your first and main priority.

Staying warm during your outdoor winter sex adventure is not just about common health and survival. The truth is that it’s much more than that. When a person feels too cold, it can restrict blood flow through his or her body. When it comes to sex, this brings along difficulties, especially for men. When men feel too cold and their blood flow is restricted, they will find it significantly harder to get and maintain an erection. Because of this, the cold weather may form a true obstacle for having outdoor winter sex.

To get and stay warm for your outdoor winter sex adventure, we would, therefore, advise you to either cross-country ski, snowshoe, or hike to a lusty location where you and your partner will be getting it on. By doing so, your body will warm up before the actual sexual act and the man will thus have less trouble in getting an erection. Simply see this little exercise as a warming up for the exciting outdoor winter sex adventure that lies ahead. By taking a little hike to the right location to have outdoor sex, you won’t only heat your body, but you’ll also get off the beaten path. As such, you’re less likely to get caught.


Other possible obstacles

Now we know that the cold air can affect a person’s blood flow and may affect your man’s ability to get and maintain an erection. However, there are many more possible obstacles we have to keep in mind when it comes to outdoor winter sex.

Naturally, it’s not only men who may encounter difficulties with having sex outdoors during the winter months. The cold and dry air outdoors can easily give you a dry feeling, which is why many people experience dry and soar skin during wintertime. As we can all imagine, this harsh air does not only affect our skin but it may also influence a woman’s ability to get wet between her legs.

When a woman is unable to get wet, it becomes extremely difficult to have (comfortable) sex. As such, you must keep this in mind and bring the right supplies. When you’re planning to have outdoor sex in the winter, we would always advise you to bring some lube, just in case. Lube offers a cheap yet extremely effective way to have comfortable sex even if the woman is unable to get wet on her own due to the cold and dry environment, for example.

Naturally, just as with having regular sex indoors, we would also recommend some good and exciting foreplay to counter this problem. The foreplay will help both the man and woman to get in the right mood for outdoor sex. Besides, it will also get you warm and keeps the blood running. If you’re afraid that you may need some help to reach the right level of excitement, we would recommend you to use some exciting sex toys. A mini vibrator, for example, is easy to carry along outdoors and extremely effective in spicing things up for both him and her. And, in case you’re worried about the cold weather and your man’s ability to keep up his erection, a vibrating penis ring will offer a perfect solution. Naturally, there are many more sex toys available that can help you spice things up. Check out the Luvkis website for an overview of the latest sex toys for sale.


Bring the right supplies

Whether you’re heading out for an exciting outdoor sex adventure or a simple hike, you should always make sure to bring the right supplies. When it comes to outdoor sex, it’s important to dress for the occasion whether it’s summer or winter.

During the warmer months, we would advise you to wear something light that is easy to take off. Think for example about a breezy sundress or a short skirt. For him, we would advise wearing loose gym shorts that are flexible and easy to remove.

When it’s winter, however, picking the right clothes for outdoor sex may be a bit more complex. After all, we’ll have to wear layers to stay warm which, without a doubt, limit access to the body. Therefore, we would recommend you to wear winter clothes that won’t have to be removed to get busy. Think for instance about ski pants with side zips that allow you to have sex without taking off your pants. Besides, we’d also recommend you bring a waterproof picnic blanket that prevents you from getting soaked in the wet snow. Bring along these items, and you’ll be all set to enjoy an exciting outdoor winter sex adventure.

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