Three Thrilling Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Three Thrilling Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Who said that Valentine’s day is only for girls? Although most husbands and boyfriends give their wife a present on this day of love, we believe that guys also deserve to be treated specially. And instead of giving him something basic like a new pair of boxer shorts or perhaps some shaving crème, why not try something different and more exciting this year? At Luvkis, you’ll find a wide assortment of the latest and most exciting sex toys for men. You may not have thought about it before, but with a male adult toy in your bedroom, you’re guaranteed to put the flame back into your relationship and sex life!

Sure, we completely understand that not every guy may be open to the use of sex toys. And even if your boyfriend or husband is, sexual preferences differ per person. This is why we have selected 3 different types of sex toys for men that are guaranteed to meet the liking of any guy out there. They may be hesitant to try it at first but believe us when we say, once they have tried it, they’ll never want to go without! Check out below to see what are the 3 most thrilling Valentine’s day gifts for him. And, just in case you believe none of the toys listed below suit your lover’s needs, there are plenty of other sex toys to choose from on the Luvkis online store.




Dual-Head Masturbator Cup

When it comes to sex toys for men, the masturbator cup, also known as a pocket pussy, is by far the best known and most popular one on the market. These exciting male sex toys come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs. Whereas some simulate the experience of vaginal sex, others simulate that of oral or anal sex. When it comes to the best pocket pussies, we would highly like to recommend our dual-headed masturbator cup.

This exciting sex toy for men features not one but two pleasure holes. On one side, the pocket pussy features a traditional vagina design whereas, on the other side, it features the shape of a mouth. Thanks to this, the toy is perfect for guys who’re into both vaginal and oral sex. With this dual-headed masturbation cup at your side, you’ll be able to take your masturbation experience to an entirely new level. Besides the fact that this toy is great for solo fun, it also is an outstanding couple toy that allows you to tease your boyfriend. This exciting adult toy is guaranteed to add some excitement to your couple’s sex life.

The toy features a soft and body-safe design that can be safely used around the most sensitive parts of your body. It is furthermore waterproof. As such, you won’t have to worry about using it in the shower or bath. Whether you’re in the bedroom or bathroom, this exciting adult toy will treat you to an unforgettable masturbating experience every time, everywhere. The toy itself furthermore features a hyper-realistic design. As such, it will give you the experience as if you’re having fun with an actual girl. If you’re looking for a unique and sexy way to treat your boyfriend during the upcoming Valentine’s day, this exciting sex toy for men is a perfect way to go. Not only will it make him feel good, but it also gives you an exciting and fun way to tease him in bed, adding a new thrill to your foreplay routines.

Remotely Controlled Vibrating Cock Ring

This remotely controlled vibrating cock ring is an exciting adult toy that brings pleasure to both him and her. If you’re looking for the ultimate couple toy to spice up your Valentine’s day, then search no further. This exciting toy treats both you and your partner to a breathtaking sexual experience.

Luvkis Vibrating Cock Ring

Simply slide it around your cock, and you’ll be ready to go. The unique design with bunny ears does not only stimulate the penis, but also the girl’s clitoris when having sex. This makes it a perfect couple toy. The toy features 10 unique vibration modes. This allows you to enjoy a personal sexual experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind. What’s great about this toy is that it comes with a separate remote control. Not only does this remote control make it easy to change between vibration modes, but it also adds a kinky side to the toy. Wear your cock ring outside and allow your partner to control the remote. This provides you with a sexy and thrilling way to have some hidden fun in public.

Besides the actual sexual pleasure through vibrations, the cock ring furthermore brings along an added benefit for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. When in place, the tight ring prevents blood from flowing out of the erected penis, thus allowing men to keep up a strong erection for a longer time. As a result, both he and she will enjoy better sex throughout the night. All materials used for the cock ring are body-safe and FDA-approved. The cock-ring itself is furthermore waterproof and can thus be used in the bedroom and bathroom alike. Whether it’s used for solo-masturbation or exciting couple play, this adult toy is guaranteed to rock your guy’s world!


Vibrating Prostate Massager With Cock Ring

A cock ring on its own is already a great adult toy to spoil your boy with. However, if you want to take it one step further, a vibrating prostate massager with cock ring will be the perfect gift for your lover.

As the name suggests, this adult toy is built up out of a vibrating prostate massager with a silicone cock ring attached. The vibrations of the prostate massager stimulate both the anus and penis of your man. This makes it a perfect toy for enjoying some dual anal and penile pleasure. Whether it’s used for solo masturbation or during sex, this adult toy is guaranteed to impress.

Just like the regular cock ring, this toy also helps men to achieve and maintain a larger and longer erection. The powerful vibrations can be felt even through the penis, pleasuring his partner as well. The toy is 100% body-safe and waterproof. Thanks to this, it can be safely used no matter where you are. If you’re looking for an exciting couple toy to have some fun during the upcoming Valentine’s night, our vibrating prostate massager with a cock ring is a perfect way to go!

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