3-Layer Dildos: The Most Realistic Adult Toy


Sex toys are ever-changing. Ranging from the traditional dildo to hyper-realistic sex dolls, more and more toys are introduced into the market every year. With so many adult toys on the market, it becomes difficult for companies to differentiate themselves. This is why most sex toy companies are now focussing not only on putting new products onto the market but also on the realism of the sexual experience provided. The introduction of hyper-realistic sex toys is what has shaped the last decade of the sex toy industry.

When it comes to realistic sex toys, we all know the pocket pussy for men and full-body sex dolls. But what about realistic sex toys for women? For women, the most realistic sex toys can, without a doubt, be found among the dildos. Modern-day dildos feature an extremely realistic design that does not only look like a real penis but also feels like one. With the latest industry advances, companies have been able to produce dildos that truly feel like the real deal. The latest and most realistic of which is the triple-layer dildo.

Throughout this article, Luvkis will introduce you to this latest and most exciting realistic sex toy for women. We’ll let you enter the world of realistic sex toys and show how these exciting toys are truly capable of blowing your mind. Keep on reading to find out how triple-layer dildos are designed to rock your world.


Triple-Layer Dildos

Whether you’re a guy or girl and whether you’re familiar with sex toys or not, we’ve all heard about the dildo before. The dildo is often seen as the traditional sex toy which is, still today, the best-known product in the sex toy industry. Throughout the years, this exciting sex toy for both women and men has undergone some exciting changes. What started as a regular rubber toy has evolved into one of the most exciting and realistic sex toys available today.

The latest generation of dildos is also called the triple-layer dildo. As their name suggests, these toys are built up out of three separate layers. The inner-layer is constructed out of an iron spring that adds stiffness and durability to the toy. This layer does not only make the toy stand up like a truly erected penis, but it also makes the dildo flexible and able to wobble. Thanks to this, the toy will give a realistic sexual experience when you’re riding it with full passion. Naturally, this spring-like interior does not feel very comfortable. Hence, the second layer is a layer of thick and durable silicone. This layer adds thickness and shape to the dildo while, at the same time, making it softer and more comfortable for use. Last but not least, there is the third layer. This external layer is a thin layer of silicone wrapped around the dildo which gives the toy a hyper-realistic skin-like finish. This third layer can be moved around and is flexible, giving it the appearance and feel of actual skin. When you’re using the toy, this skin-like layer will move separately from the stiff layers inside. As a result, you’ll be treated to a hyper-realistic sexual experience.

Luvkis Sliding-Skin Dildo with three layers


At Luvkis, we have added two hyper-realistic triple-layer dildos to our assortment for all guys and girls who can’t wait to experience this latest toy. We have one smaller triple-layer dildo with a length of 6.9’’ and a larger version that measures 7.7’’ in length. Both triple-layer dildos feature an ultra-realistic and human-like design that is guaranteed to rock your world.

Thanks to the unique design, these exciting dildos both look and feel like an actual penis. Simply lube it up, close your eyes, and imagine that you’re experiencing an exciting night with the lover of your dreams. With their triple-layer design, there simply is no other toy on the market that treats you to a more realistic masturbating experience. These toys are perfect for both solo masturbation and couple play alike.

Both size triple-layer dildos come equipped with an ultra-strong suction-cup base. This base allows you to firmly attach the toy to any smooth surface such as a wall or floor. When in place, you’ll be able to ride the toy without using your hands, allowing you to enjoy some true hands-free masturbating fun. This adds further realism to the sexual experience provided by these exciting adult toys. The dildos are furthermore crafted out of 100% water-resistant materials. As such, they can be safely used in the bedroom and bathroom alike. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to enjoy some exciting play under the blankets or in the shower or bath. No matter where you are, these triple-layer dildo’s are always there to blow your mind.  

The waterproof design furthermore makes the toys very easy to clean. Simply add some hot water and toy cleaner, and you’ll be ready to go. Due to the realistic design, however, you need to make sure to carefully clean every lump, bump, ridge, and vein to prevent bacteria from building up. As such, make sure to carefully clean and dry the toy after each use or to use a condom around the toy.

Triple-layer dildos are suitable for both men and women alike. Their durable and ultra-realistic design makes them perfect for both vaginal penetration and anal play. Their realistic length, thick design, and flexibility allow for a perfect reach of the g-spot or prostate. Thanks to this, you can be assured that this realistic sex toy is capable of hitting all your most sensitive spots. All materials used are furthermore FDA-approved and 100% body-safe. As such, you can safely use them in and around your most intimate areas without having to worry about any side effects. Simply lube it up and get ready to experience a sexual thrill like never before.

Check out the Luvkis online store for a wide selection of the latest and most realistic sex toys online. Ranging from triple-layer dildos to vibrators, pocket pussies, and more – here you’ll find it all!

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