Five Reasons To Have More Sex This Winter

Five Reasons To Have More Sex This Winter

Reasons to have more sex – as if you needed any! At Luvkis, we are well aware that having sex is one of the best feelings in the world and that you do not need an excuse to have it. Besides, sex is furthermore good for your health as it reduces stress, increases the immune system, and makes us feel better in general. That being said, there always are some more exciting reasons to have sex, especially during the winter season. After all, excluding the holiday season, winter is the time of the year most prone to making people lose their sex drive. Whether it’s the cold weather, the darkness outside, or busy times at work – people tend to have less sex during the winter months. We from Luvkis, think this is a shame. This is why we will share these five exciting reasons why we should all have more sex during the winter months.


1) Holiday-Themed Sex

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Valentines’ Day, or Saint Patrick’s Day, the winter season is filled with fun and exciting holidays. Although these holidays are a nice time to be around your family, they also offer some naughty possibilities when it comes to sex with your partner. All these holidays offer a wonderful opportunity to get drunk, dressed up, and have lots of naughty fun in the bedroom. Besides, it furthermore offers a great opportunity to add some new excitement into your relationship by giving your partner a new sex toy as a present. With a new dildo, vibrator, or SM toy in the bedroom, you’re guaranteed to spice things up these winter months. Remember, the holiday season is the season of love – so don’t forget to spread this with your lover! Whatever you do, don’t let these holidays pass you by without having a good bang.


2) An Exciting Way To Stay Warm

We all know that temperatures can drop pretty drastically during the winter months. During this time, we all struggle to keep warm. Sure, we can always buy ourselves a new coat, scarf, and hat – but what’s the fun in that? Instead of dressing up and sitting with a thick unsexy sweater at home, why not be creative and use your bodies to stay warm. That’s right, having sex with your partner offers you one of the most exciting, fun, and sexy ways to stay warm during the cold winter nights.

Simply cuddle up to your partner under the blanket and let your hands roam free. Rub your bodies together and have some hot winter sex or try mutual masturbation. No matter what you try under the blanket, together you’re guaranteed to stay excited and warm. Who needs a thick woolen pajama and uncomfortable heavy blanket if you have your sexy source of heat laying there right next to you! Simply get busy with your partner, and you’ll never have to feel cold again.


3) Sex Keeps You Fit And Happy

Sex does not only feel great, but it also brings along a ton of health benefits. It has been scientifically proven that having regular sex reduces your stress, improves your mood, and even increase your immune system. People who have sex on a regular base are happier, healthier, and fitter in both body and soul. As such, sex is so much more than simply a way to have fun, show love, and stay warm. By having sex at least 3 times per week, you’re actively working towards a healthier and happier life. Especially during the cold and dark winter months, this extra happiness may come in handy. Have sex to improve your mood and say goodbye to your winter depression. With regular winter sex, you can be guaranteed of a happy holiday season. Last but not least, it’s also worth noting that having sex burns a whopping 144 calories per hour. As we can all agree, having some naughty exercise and burning some newly gained weight at the same time is never an unwelcoming thing after the food-filled holiday season.


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4) A Good Reason To Stay Indoors

Some people simply love the wintertime but, with its snow, darkness, and cold weather, most of us rather stay indoors. And although there are numerous ways to have exciting outdoors sex, most of us rather keep it simple and safe in the bedroom or shower. As such, having winter sex provides you with a perfect reason, or excuse, to stay indoors during a cold and windy winter day.

Light up some candles, turn up the heat, and get ready for a romantic winter evening at home. Try out your new sex toys or experiment with something new such as candle wax and heat play. There are tons of sexy reasons to stay indoors this winter season. All you need is your partner, and you’ll be in for a fun-filled and hot winter’s night. Or, for those of you who’re spending an evening alone this winter, simply enjoy yourself with your favorite toy to enjoy an exciting and thrilling masturbation session.


5) Everybody Else Is Doing It

If the 4 reasons above were not yet enough to change your mind into having more sex during these winter months, just remember: everybody else is also doing it. If everybody is having some fun this winter, why should you be left behind? Whether you enjoy your winter nights with your partner, yourself, or have an exciting one-night stand; there are plenty of ways to stay excited and warm during the coming winter months. Another fun fact is that September 16th is the most commonly shared birthday. This means that December is, by far, the most popular month to have sex. Remember, you’re not the only one who’s looking for a hot and sexy way to spend your winter’s night. And, if you’re not doing it, somebody else will be doing it for you. So, instead of feeling lonely and cold this winter, have some fun with your partner or get your hands on a new sex toy to keep yourself warm and entertained.

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