Exciting Sex Toys To Try In 2020

Exciting Sex Toys To Try In 2020

At the beginning of each new year, many people have their own set of new years’ resolutions. At Luvkis, we like to mix our resolutions for the next year with some naughty fun, hence we have our very own set of sexy new years’ resolutions for 2020. Besides trying out some exciting new things such as shower sex, we also believe that a new year is a perfect time to experiment with some new adult toys. As we all know, there are tons of sex toys on the market, however, the industry is ever changing, which sometimes makes it difficult to keep up. This is why we have listed down three of the latest and most exciting sex toys to try in 2020. Keep on reading, and find out what are the 3 must-try sex toys for this new year.


Triple-Layer Dildos

When it comes to the latest sex toys, everybody is looking for the most realistic and mind-blowing masturbating experience. In today’s sex toy market, there are countless realistic adult toys for men and women. Of all the sex toys available, the dildo is, by far, the toy that stands out the most when it comes to realism.


Dildos are a very basic adult toy, yet some of them are extremely realistic. The latest type of dildos on the market, also known as triple-layer dildos, truly are at the top of the most realistic sex toys available today. What makes these adult toys so realistic is the unique way in which they are designed. As their name suggests, triple-layer dildos are crafted out of 3 separate layers. The first and most internal part of the dildo is built-up out of a stiff spring that adds stiffness and flexibility to the toy. This part resembles the stiffness of a true erected penis. Around the spring, a thick layer of medical-grade silicone is applied. This layer adds thickness and length to the dildo and also adds a touch of softness to make it more comfortable to use. Last but certainly not least, there is the third layer – the secret to this realistic sex toy. This third layer is a thin skin-like layer of silicone that is applied around the silicone dildo. This skin-line silicone layer can move around freely, giving it the feeling of a real penis. When you use this toy, the external layer will loosely move over the internal layers, making it feel as if you’re having sex with an actual person.


Besides its highly realistic feel, the triple-layer dildos also look like an actual penis. The dildos feature a hyper-realistic finish with curves, bumps, and veins. This look does not only make the dildo appear like an actual penis, but it also adds an extra touch to the real sexual experience this adult toy delivers. All materials used are medical-grade and 100% safe to use in and around the most sensitive parts of your body. The toy is furthermore waterproof, which allows you to use it in the bed- and bathroom like. With its strong suction-cup base, the dildo allows for some exciting hands-free fun. Whether you use it alone or together with your partner, with this exciting sex toy at your side, you’re guaranteed to have some thrilling nights ahead. If you’re looking for a truly mind-blowing sexual experience in 2020, the triple-layer dildo is a perfect toy for you!


Remove Wearable Vibrator

If you’re looking for some naughty and exciting fun for the coming year, a remote wearable vibrator is a perfect toy for you! These lightweight mini vibrators feature a flat design that can be easily put inside of your panties without it being visible from the outside. Once in place, this exciting toy can be controlled with the included remote control. This brings along several exciting and sexy possibilities to have fun outdoors and in public. You can either control the toy by yourself and secretly enjoy an erotic massage outdoors, or you can give the remote to your partner and allow him to tease you in public. With its 10 different vibration modes, this toy is guaranteed to meet your sexual needs. No matter which way you choose to have fun, with this exciting remote wearable vibrator at your side, you’re guaranteed to have some fun-filled days ahead.


Luvkis Remote Wearable Vibrator


The toy itself is ultra-quiet so you won’t have to worry about others noticing what’s going on. It is furthermore waterproof, which makes the toy possible to be used in the pool or at the beach. No matter where you’ll be going next, this exciting sex toy will follow you anywhere you go. All materials used to craft this beautiful toy are FDA-approved and 100% medical-grade. As such, it can be safely used on your body without having to worry about any potential side effects. Please note, however, that this toy is only meant for external stimulation and should not be inserted into your vagina or anus. The remote wearable vibrator is the perfect sex toy for everybody who’s looking for some thrilling public fun.


Oral Sex Simulator

Sex toys are available in all sorts, shapes, and sizes. Most commonly, these toys focus on the private parts of the male and female body where they simulate the experience of having sexual intercourse. Rarer, however, are adult toys that simulate oral sex.


Oral Sex Simulator


In today’s sex toy market, sex toys that realistically simulate oral sex are rare. Luckily, for all oral sex lovers, Luvkis has a toy that will meet your oral sex needs just right. Our female oral sex simulator is the perfect sex toy for women who simply can’t get enough of oral sex. This exciting adult toy perfectly simulates the feeling of having oral sex and leaves you with a mind-blowing masturbating experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind.


This sex toy for women treats you to a hyper-realistic licking and sucking experience which makes you feel as if you’re experiencing the best oral sex session of your life. The toy is crafted out of soft and body-safe silicone. When in use, the soft silicone head perfectly fits around your clitoris for external stimulation. The toy treats you to 7 vibrating modes and is furthermore IPX7 waterproof. Thanks to this, you can safely use it in the bedroom and shower alike. For those of you who’re looking for a new and different sexual experience in 2020, the Luvkis oral sex simulator is a must-try toy for the new year.

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