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Sex Wars: Let The Final Sex Battle Begin

by Monica Ma |


Last month, Sci-Fi fans around the world went crazy for the release of the latest Star Wars movie. At Luvkis, we all appreciate a good movie, especially when this can be combined with some naughty fun and fantasies. When it comes to sexy Star Wars fantasies, who has not dreamt about having a glowing lightsaber for yourself to experiment with. Although a real lightsaber might not be the best gadget to fool around with at your private parts, Luvkis has some toys that come pretty close. Our latest glow in the dark dildos set the right mood for all naughty Sci-Fi fans. With these naughty lightsabers at your side, you’re ready for the ultimate sex wars. Get your hands on one of our exciting glow in the dark dildos today, and let the final sex battle begin!


Glow In The Dark Dildos

Our latest glow in the dark dildos come in two different sizes. We have a small 7.5’’ dildo that glows in beautiful blue color in the dark and a larger 8.5’’ dildo that lights up in a bright pink color after dark. These glow in the dark dildos offer plenty of exciting fun after dark. Simply expose the dildos to natural light during the day and at night, your toys will give off a colorful glow after dark. Having a glow in the dark sex toy in your room is guaranteed to spice things up, adding a whole new, exciting, and Sci-Fi-like touch to your love life.


FDA-Approved and Body-Safe

The Luvkis glow in the dark dildos are crafted out of FDA-approved materials. The medical-grade silicone used to craft these dildos is 100% body-safe and can thus be safely used in and around the most intimate parts of your body. Whether you’re looking for some exciting vaginal penetration, anal fun, or oral stimulation, these glow in the dark dildos are guaranteed to blow your mind. Naturally, these exciting sex toys are suitable for both men and women alike. With their realistic texture and firm design, these exciting toys are guaranteed to rock your world no matter your sexual needs.

glow in the dark sex toys 

Hyper-Realistic Penis Design

With a length of 7.5’’ and 8.5’’, these glow in the dark dildos feature a realistic penis size to enjoy for any type of sexual fun. Besides their realistic and comfortable length, the dildos furthermore feature an outstanding thickness for ultimate stimulation. Added to that, the hyper-realistic veining design and shape of the dildo itself represents the touch and feel of an actual penis. Thanks to this, these glow in the dark sex toys will give you the impression as if you’re having sex with an actual human being. This makes the toys perfect for both solo-masturbation or couple of fun.

The flexible design along with the length of the dildo makes the toy capable of reaching your G-spot perfectly. Additionally, it can also be used to massage the prostate for some exciting anal fun. Thanks to the suction cup base, you’ll be able to attach the dildo to your wall or floor for some exciting hands-free fun. Get ready to tease yourself or your partner with these exciting glow in the dark dildos from Luvkis. Simply lube them up, and you’ll be all set to insert these beauties into your vagina or anus. No matter your sexual needs, with these glow in the dark dildos at your side, you’re guaranteed to experience a night that you’ll never forget.


100% Waterproof

The waterproof design of these glow in the dark dildos allows you to use them wherever you want. These exciting glowing sex toys are crafted out of 100% waterproof materials. As such, you can safely use them in the bedroom, bathroom, or even outdoors in a pool. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to enjoy some exciting night-time adventures to come, no matter where you are. Whether you’re simply looking for some fun in the bedroom, some exciting shower play, or some outdoor fun at the pool or beach; these glow in the dark sex toys will follow you anywhere you go.

With their strong suction cup base, the toys furthermore offer great possibilities for exciting hands-free play. Simply attach the toy to your chair, wall, or floor, and you’ll be ready to go. This suction-cup base can be conveniently attached to any smooth surface. Once attached, it stays in place firmly, allowing you to ride this glow in the dark toy with full passion to truly let yourself go. Thanks to its realistic design and suction-cup base that allows you to have hands-free fun, these glow in the dark dildos will treat you to a sexual experience like no other sex toy on the market. Besides, its exciting glowing design furthermore separates them from other toys available, making them truly stand out from the crowd.


Perfect Toy For Sci-Fi Fans

If you’re looking for a unique sex toy that is guaranteed to spice up your sex life, these glowing dildos from Luvkis are a perfect choice for you. Whether you use them in bed or the shower, for vaginal fun or anal play, these beauties are guaranteed to meet your sexual needs. Along with their glow in the dark design, they furthermore add a unique and outlandish touch to your sex play, making them perfect for all the Sci-Fi fans among us. With a price tag below US$ 20.00, they are furthermore affordable in price, thus giving you an option to fully enjoy yourself without breaking your bank.

Get your hands on these exciting glow in the dark dildo sex toys today, and get ready for the final sex battle to begin. Who needs a lightsaber if you can have an exciting glowing dildo instead. With these glowing sex toys at your side, all your naughtiest Star Wars fantasies are about to come to life. For these exciting adult toys as well as a wide selection of other sex toys for men and women, check out the Luvkis Store online. Ranging from dildos to vibrators, pocket pussies, and more – here you’ll find it all!

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