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The thought of having sex in public is something that excites many men and women around the globe. Many of us are looking for fun and thrilling ways to add some more excitement to our sex lives. There are different ways to do so. You could, for instance, introduce some sex toys into your bedroom. Yet still, even these exciting little toys get ”normal” after a while. And whereas the toys might be exciting to use at first, the thrill of using them alone or with your partner in the privacy of your bedroom is quick to fade. Sex toys are great, don’t get me wrong. But are they really that exciting besides the fact that they make us feel good?

So, what is the answer? How can we add more excitement to our sex lives? For many people, the answer lies in the outdoors. To most of us, the thought of having public sex is extremely thrilling. There is a sense of secrecy in the act that you’re performing and, furthermore, there always is the risk (and thrill) of getting caught. Although for most of us having sex in public remains nothing more but a fantasy, some are brave enough to actually give it a try. And sure, once you are doing it you are likely to realize it was one of the most thrilling things you have done in your life. But one question always remains. Is it legal to have sex in public and, if not, what happens if you get caught?


Public sex – Is it legal?

The amswer to this question highly depends on where you are located geographically. Yet still, no matter where you are, it is 99.9% sure that the answer will be NO – sex in public is not legal. Therefore, when you are doing so, you are actually breaking the law. But hey, isn’t that the thrill of it all – doing something that’s not allowed? Nevertheless, we at Luvkis do advice you to be cautious when embarking on your sexual adventures outdoors. After all, you are likely breaking the law and it is never good to disturb others.


public couple cuddle


If, however, you still wish to try having sex in public, pick your location with great care. It is important that you pick a spot where it is highly unlikely that somebody will stumble upon you and your partner while you’re at it. Because; if two people are having sex in the woods and nobody sees it, did it really happen? Just as with any ”crime”, just make sure you don’t get caught. After all, having sex in public is quite an innocent form of misbehavior as long as you make sure you’re not disturbing others.


Is sex in public really against the law?

Well, no. It has not been written down in any way that the actual act of having sex in public is against the law and thus a crime. However, there are other laws in place that indirectly make public sex illegal as a misdemeanor crime. This simply means that the act of having sex in public is punishable by a fine or, in some cases, even a minor jail sentence. Yes, you read it right – you can end up in jail for having sex in public! So, again, the thought of public sex might be thrilling but please, please, think twice before doing so. Generally speaking, when you and your partner are getting it on in public, these are the infractions that you may be committing – assuming you’re in the USA at the time.


Lewd Conduct Acts:

The lewd acts are classified as sex acts that are committed in public. Their definition does, however, differ state by state. This makes it difficult to know whether a certain act is or is not allowed in the state where you’re living. Due to the general nature of the act, it functions as a sort of vague umbrella which makes it very difficult to defend against. No matter if you were fully dressed or naked at the time of the crime – these acts are not something you want to deal with. Talking about being naked in public brings us to the second law you might be breaking while having intercourse outside.


indecent exposure


Indecent Exposure:

As we can all imagine, and hopefully understand, it is against the law to show your genitals in public. Well, guess what. When having sex, no matter it’s indoors or outdoors, you are highly likely to have your junk exposed. As a result, indecent exposure goes hand-in-hand with having sex in public. Therefore, when you get busted while performing your act outdoors, you are likely to get charged with both lewd conduct and indecent exposure.


So, what is the punishment?

To you and your partner, having sex in public may be seen as an innocent yet thrilling act. In fact, most of us do not see it as a serious crime but rather as something embarrassing yet ”funny” when you get caught or spotted. But just so you know; the penalties you could face are no laughing matter.

Depending on the circumstances, a lewd act or indecent exposure misdemeanor can set you and your partner back for thousands of dollars. But this is not all! The crimes related to these categories are taken very seriously by local law enforcement. As a result, you may even end up in jail for up to a year!


What is considered as ”public”?

 Another fair question to ask yourself is; what does it really mean to have sex in ”public”. Well, in most cases you and your partner are smart enough to be the judge of this yourself. Everybody can imagine that having sex on the beach, in a busy park, or out on the sidewalk is not the smartest thing to do. But, luckily there are some grey areas and loopholes when it comes to the official meaning of ”public”.

As in most cases in the USA, the definition of ”public” differs per state. In most cases, all municipal spaces are considered to be public and thus off-limits for lovemaking. Such places include public bathrooms, dressing rooms, changing rooms, and parks. So yes, there are not many, if any, places left that allow you to have legal sex in public.


car sex


There is one little loophole, however, that applies to several states in the USA – sex in your car. Still, in most states, your car is considered a ”public space” when it comes to having sex inside of it in a busy area. Luckily, there are some exceptions depending on the state you live in. In some states, you are allowed to have sex in your own car as long as your act is not clearly visible to people who possibly pass your vehicle. This means that as long as it’s not a busy parking space, city center, lively neighborhood, or thoroughfare – you should be fine. Nevertheless, it is important to still be very cautious when getting busy in your car. Make sure you’re in a remote area and that your actions cannot be easily spotted by people passing by.


Where is public sex legal?

After reading all the text above, you might be wondering whether there are any exceptions to the rule and if there are some public places where you can legally enjoy sex and the outdoors at the same time. Well, in the USA, the short answer is likely no. Outside the USA, rules are a bit more liberal. There even are some public places where you are allowed to have sex.

In Europe, there are a couple of public parks that allow sex in them. The most liberal cities in this aspect are Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Perhaps the best known example of a public park where sex is legal is the Vondelpark which can be found in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


public sex park


The rules of this park clearly state that it is totally OK to have sex in the park as long as the act is performed in the evening or at night when there are no children around. Also, it is stated that couples who engage in public sex are obligated to clean up their mess. So remember not to leave any condoms behind. So, to all our outdoor sex lovers in the States that do not want to be charged a thousand Dollar fine plus face a jail sentence of a year, book yourself a holiday to the Netherlands and have some fun! And while you’re at it, enjoy some of the country’s rich history, culture, and beautiful architecture as it’s not just about sex and drugs!


How can we still have sex in public?

So, you live in America, want to do it outdoors, but you are not willing or able to fly halfway around the world to have legal outdoors sex in Copenhagen or Amsterdam? Well, then the only thing you can do is take the risk and try it in the States.

As it became clear above, having sex in public does not come without risks. But then again, the possibility of getting caught is half the thrill. When engaging in public sex, it is crucial to find a place where you are not likely to be caught. Also, always keep in mind not to disturb others. Although the thought of outdoor sex may be appealing to you, this does not mean that others are waiting to see your junk while enjoying an afternoon walk in the park.

One easy, safe, yet exciting way to have some outdoor fun would be to use a wireless remote controlled sex toy. These fun little vibrators can be placed in your partner’s panties. When in place, they can be controlled with the touch of a button. Although not actual intercourse, it still offers a fun and exciting way to play around in public. And the best part is,  there won’t be the risk of getting caught naked. At Luvkis, we offer a wide range of the best sex toys for sale. Take a minute to browse through our assortment. We’re sure that you’ll find a toy that suits your sexual needs.


wireless sex toy


What are your thoughts on having sex outdoors? Have you tried it before and, if so, were you ever busted? Please leave a comment below and share with us your thoughts and experiences.

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