Five Reasons to Visit a Sex Toy Shop with Your Partner

Five Reasons to Visit a Sex Toy Shop with Your Partner - Luvkis

In our previous article, we introduced you to the best sex toys for couples. By now, I am sure you are aware of the fact that there are thousands of exciting adult toys on the market that offer great fun to couples. The only question now is; where will you buy your future toy?


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The internet offers a great place to shop for the best sex toys from the comfort of your home and in total anonymity. However, wouldn’t it be more exciting to get out of your – and your partners – comfort zone for once and to do the shopping in an actual physical, old-school, sex toy shop? Sure, the idea of entering a sex toy shop, alone or with a partner, can be scary or, to some, even ”dirty”. Yet still, there are plenty of good reasons to go sex toy shopping as a couple. In this article, Luvkis will share with you 5 good reasons why you and your partner should make couple shopping in an actual sex toy shop the ultimate foreplay to your upcoming sexual adventures.


1) Get a look at your toys in real

Sure, the internet is filled with sex toys, all of which come with great photos and measurement information. All the information provided online gives you quite an accurate image of what the toy may look like in real life. Yet still, just as if you were buying clothes, nothing goes above actually holding the item you want to buy in your hands.


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When holding the sex toy in your hands, you’ll be able to test its texture, weight, and size. Like this, you can analyze in your mind whether this particular toy suits your sex life or not. Also, when visiting a sex toy shop, you can see for yourself how strong the vibrations of a certain sex toy really are. Simply switch on the toy, hold it to your own or your partner’s hand, and see whether it makes your hand buzz uncomfortable. Based on this feeling, you’ll be able to pick a toy that has the exact vibration strength to meet your liking. After seeing and holding the real thing, you can’t go wrong with your next purchase!


2) Have your questions answered by professionals

Everybody can sell sex toys on the internet. Although there are some professional sex toy distributors such as Luvkis online, there also are plenty of sex toy sellers who have no idea what they actually sell. When you go to a physical sex store, you can benefit from the wisdom and advice of the people who work there. And don’t worry, there is no reason to be shy. The people who work in sex shops have dealt with this kind of products for years. To them, talking about sex toys and answering customers questions related to their products is the most normal thing on earth. After all, it is their job.


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If you still feel a little bit awkward (which is understandable for the first time) just comfort yourself with the thought that the workers have most likely heard all your questions before. No matter how outrageous the question, even about the most scandalous of items in the store, these professional workers will give you a serious and well-informed answer. Having all your and your partner’s questions answered and doubts removed before using a sex toy is important. After all, you will be using it around your private area. So don’t be shy, just ask!


3) Discover new ways of having fun

The moment you set foot in a sex store for the first time, an entirely new world opens up in front of you. When you and your partner visit a sex toy shop, you will discover new ways to bring excitement into your bedroom. You’ll most likely be introduced to ideas on both solo and couple pleasure that you could never have imagined being possible.


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Ranging from vibrators and male mastrubators to BDSM accessories and sex dolls – in a sex toy shop you will discover that the possibilities of pleasure are endless. And again, if you’re not sure what to use or what toys suits you best – don’t be shy and ask! The shop assistants are professionals and will be happy to help you in any way possible.


4) Guess your partner’s sexual desires

One fun little game you and your partner can play in a sex store is to guess each others’ desires. What toy do you think your partner likes to have? Or what toy do you think he/she likes to try on you? Simply walk through the store, have a look around, and keep that one item in mind that you’re most curious about. Then, let your partner guess which one it is.


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Besides being fun and naughty, this little game will also indirectly reveal some of the secret sexual fantasies that you and your partner may have but did not dare to share with each other before. And who knows, you might find out that you actually had some fantasies in common all those years! Besides this fun little game, there are plenty of other small games to be played during your visit to the local sex toy shop. Hereby you can think about role-playing, for example. Just remember to be mindful when you are in public and not to disturb others with your light erotic play.


5) Dare to be indiscreet

Sometimes, it’s good to leave your comfort zone and be indiscreet for a change. Entering a real sex toy shop is not the same as having sex in public, of course. But still, there is a certain thrill in visiting one. After all, you might run into a friend, colleague, or even family member when you’re visiting the shop. Of course, this is not a big deal and, to be honest, nothing to be ashamed of. Yet still, this little thrill of accidentally walking into someone you know in such an erotic environment is exciting for some.


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So there you have it. Five reasons to visit a sex toy shop with your partner. Your visit to a sex toy shop is guaranteed to turn out to be a fun and unforgettable experience for the both of you. If you really are afraid of running into somebody you know, you can always visit a shop in one of your neighboring cities or while visiting a foreign country during your upcoming holiday abroad. If you still prefer to buy your sex toys online where you are fully anonymous, you can visit our Luvkis store where you will find a wide assortment of the latest high-quality sex toys on the market.

What is your favorite sex toy and where do you prefer to buy them? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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