Public Sex – Revealing Stats About Women

Public Sex – Revealing Stats About Women - Luvkis

In our search for ways to make our sex lives more exciting, many of us end up wondering about the thrills and excitement related to having public sex. Although having sex in public is not completely legal, many of us are still curious and daring enough to give it a try. In fact, you might be surprised by how many (women) are out there who had sex in public places before.

Recent studies have shown that women nowadays are exploring the possibilities of having sex in the outdoors more than ever before. Having public sex is fun and thrilling. It gets you out of your routine of boring bedroom sex and introduces some excitement into your love life. Below, Luvkis will share with you the details on how many percents of women had sex in public. We’ll furthermore treat you to some great advice on how to engage in your public sex act without getting caught.

Are you curious how many women had sex outdoors and what are the most popular places to do so? Keep on reading to find out.


73% of women had sex in a car

When talking about public sex, by far the most popular place to perform the act is somebody’s own car. Although having sex in your car is not completely ”outdoors”, it still is considered to be a public place.


car sex couple


If you want to try it for yourself, make sure to bring some coats to cover up the back windows of your car. Although your car is private property, it is still considered to be a public place. Because of this, it is, in fact, illegal to have sex in your car when it is parked anywhere but on your own land. It is therefore highly advisable to park your car in a remote area without bystanders as the tickets you can receive for having public sex are no laughing matter.


36% of women had sex in a public park

The second most popular place for women to have public sex is in the park. Although significantly fewer women tried this option compared to a private car, it is surprising to find out that more than 1/3 of the women interviewed had a sexual encounter in a public park before.

For those of you who wish to try public sex in a park, make sure to pick the location carefully. In this case, size does matter. The larger and more vegetated the park, the less chance you have of getting busted. You do, however, not have to solely rely on Mother Nature to cover you up while having public sex in a park. It is smart to bring your own blanket or towel. These will offer more comfort, keep you warm, and treat you to more privacy.


public park sex


Our tip would be to find an isolated area of a park where there are not many people. Once you find the perfect place, lie down in spooning position between your towels. When you get at it, do it softly without making any obvious movements. Even if you get spotted by people passing by at a distance, they are likely to think that the two of you are just innocently cuddling.


22% of women had sex at the office

You might think that public sex in the office only happens in movies but, in fact, nearly 1/5th of women have tried it in real life. Having sex in the office might be a bit more tricky and challenging than other public places. If you do not want to have a high chance of getting busted, it is essential to have your own private office.


office sex 


No matter where you work, it is not strange for a family member to stop by in the office to drop something off. If you have your own office, simply inform your colleagues that your husband or wife is stopping by for a second to bring you some items. For those of you who have an open office, it would be smart to wait until after closing time. You can simply tell your colleagues that you have to work late. Once everybody else is gone, let your partner come over and have at it. No matter the type of office you have, remember to keep in mind the schedule of the cleaning lady. You don’t want her, or anybody else, to walk into you while you’re busy with your partner.


11% of women had sex in public transport

Ever thought about having sex on your way to work or your way back home? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one! In fact, nearly 11% of all women admit to having sex on their daily commute. Everybody’s way to work is different. Some come to train or subway, others by bus. Each of these transportation ways offers their own difficulties and obstacles for having public sex. Nevertheless, it is never impossible to get the act done with your partner.


train sex public


The next time you’re on your way to work, look around for some hidden and tight spaces where you and your partner might be able to squeeze in together. Although it has to be a quicky, it will be an experience like no other. Having public sex on your way to work will treat you to a true adrenalin rush. This surely will make your daily morning coffee unnecessary.


3% of women had sex on a plane

Many of us have dreamt of joining the mile-high club. Although the thought of having sex on an airplane sounds exciting to most, it is not something that is easily achieved. The only possible way to pull this off without getting caught is to wait until after dinner on a long-haul intercontinental flight.


Plane sex couple


Once the lights are switched off and passengers are preparing to sleep, you and your partner can sneak one by one to the bathroom in the back of the plane. Once you’re both inside, make sure to make it quick and soundless. Just in case, bring yourself an air sickness bag. This bag may come in handy in case somebody starts knocking the door wondering what’s going on inside. Just pretend that one of you has gotten sick and the other is just taking care of his/her partner.



Having public sex is more alive than ever among women across the globe. More and more partners are seeking for that extra thrill by engaging in public sex and the most popular places to do so are by far the car and public park.

What about you? Have you ever thought about having public sex? And if so, what would be your ideal place? Let us know in the comment section below!

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