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In today’s world, there is an abundance of sex toys for couples to choose from that will stimulate both you and your partner while having some fun under the blankets. Just like with regular adult toys, these sex toys for couples come in all shapes and sizes. Whereas some have been specifically designed for lesbian or gay couples, there also are plenty of couple toys to be found for straight couples.

In this article, Luvkis will introduce you to 5 of the best sex toys for couples. Although some of these toys can also be used by lesbian and gay couples, the main aim of this post is to introduce the top 5 best sex toys for straight couples. You can check out our later blog posts if you’re looking for more information on the best sex toys for lesbian couples or the best gay sex toys for men.


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Sex toys for couples bring extra excitement, fun, and exploration to your bedroom repertoire. Ranging from vibrators to cock rings, mastrubators, and light bondage gear – this article has something for everyone. Naturally, we understand that sexuality is highly unique and that every person enjoys something different. Because of this, we can not promise that all the 5 couple sex toys below will appeal to you. Nevertheless, we hope that this article can open your eyes to certain sex toys that you otherwise would have never had thought about using in your sex life.

The couple sex toys listed below are the ones our Luvkis team believes every couple in the world can benefit from. So keep on reading, and find out what are our top 5 best sex toys for couples.


1) Vibrating Cock Ring

The first item on our list of best sex toys for couples is the simple yet amazing vibrating cock ring. Regular cock rings are actually nothing more than a simple silicone band that your male partner puts around his penis. By applying pressure to the man’s penis, the cock ring restricts blood to flow out of his erected penis. Thanks to this, your partner will be able to keep his junk up for a longer period of time.

This on itself already is a great benefit for both the man and his partner. We all know that, with age, it becomes more and more difficult for men to maintain an erection. If this is the case for you, then a cock ring might just be the solution you’ve been looking for! By applying a cock ring, your penis will stay hard longer – allowing both you and your partner to enjoy each other for a longer period of time.


vibrating cock ring


Although the basic cock rings are already a great little adult toy as they prolong your nightly fun sessions, there also are more advanced models that add even more fun and excitement! Vibrating cock rings come with a small yet powerful bullet vibrator built-in. When switched on, the vibrations will help the man to maintain his erection even longer while simultaneously pleasing him sexually. At the same time, the female will also enjoy sexual stimulation thanks to the vibrating exterior of the cock ring.

Most vibrating cock rings for couples come with an extended top part that will touch the woman’s clitoris during sex. This will lead to extra stimulation which is great for women that have difficulties reaching an orgasm from only penetration. Some cock rings even come with APP support for some remote fun. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is YES – in 2018 there is an APP for everything! Vibrating cock rings are capable of pleasing both partners in a number of different ways. This truly makes them one of the best sex toys for couples. Naturally, guys can also use them alone for some solo-play. Making cock rings not just great for couples, but also one of the best sex toys for men.


2) Ben-Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls are great sex toys for couples and have been around for thousands of years. These sex toys originated from Japan before they spread to China, India, Vietnam and then into the rest of the world. But what are these funny little balls really doing and why are they so popular?

Ben Wa balls are nothing more than two hollow balls (sometimes separate, sometimes on a string) that are filled up with another, smaller but heavy, ball inside. To use the Ben Wa Balls, a woman has to insert them into her vagina. Once in place, they will fit naturally and after a while, the woman might even forget that they are there. However, when the woman starts to move around with the Ben Wa balls inside of her vagina, the little inner balls start moving around which will result in soft stimulating feeling.


ben wa balls


The Ben Wa balls themselves are not meant to give the woman an orgasm. The balls simply stimulate her and turn her on. Originally, Ben Wa balls were worn by Japanese ladies during the day (Yes, you can wear them throughout the day, even in public!) to stimulate them and turn them on for the moment their husbands came back from work.

Ben Wa balls are also great couple toys! This might not have come up in your mind before but you it is actually possible to have sex with your Ben Wa balls inserted. Many couples have sex with Ben Wa balls inserted because it gives a special and stimulating feeling to both the man and woman. Having sex with Ben Wa balls is 100% safe and don’t worry – there is no need to be afraid of the balls not coming out anymore!

But this is not all. The usage of Ben Wa balls actually brings along a number of health benefits as well! Women are able to use these sex toys to perform certain ”vagina weightlifting” exercises that will increase the health and strength of their Pelvic Floor Muscles. These are the muscles that control the tightness of your vagina and furthermore allow you to keep control over your urine. After birth (or with natural aging) it is normal that these muscles in the female body become looser. As a result, the woman might feel looser down there and also may experience uncontrolled urine loss. Luckily, you can train these muscles quite easily, no matter your age. Yes, you read it right. You can actually train your vagina and increase its tightness!

The exercise with Ben Wa balls is known as Kegel exercise. Although not all Ben Wa balls are suitable to perform Kegel exercise (we use Kegel Balls instead), it still is worth to have a look at our article ‘’What are Kegel balls’’. There you can find an in-depth analysis of how to use Kegel balls for exercise and the health benefits this brings along.


3) Vibrators

Vibrators and dildos are likely to be the most well-known sex toys available. These adult toys are most popular for solo-play but they are also great sex toys for couples. Especially vibrators bring along many possibilities for couple play. Whereas the regularly sized vibrators are great fun, for couples the mini (bullet) vibrators are the ones that really come in handy.


vibrator sex toy 


Every couple should consider having a bullet vibrator as a part of their sex toy arsenal. These fun little toys are simple to use for solo play and during sex. You can either use them for foreplay or slip it between you and your partner while having sex. The latter option gives the female partner a great way to stimulate her clitoris for some extra joy and pleasure.

The best thing about mini vibrators is the fact that they are very cheap. They come with a number of different vibration modes and speeds. This guarantees that, no matter your preference, they are sure to please you. And who said that vibrators are only for women?! Mini vibrators are great sex toys for stimulating a man as well. You can, for example, use them to massage his balls and slowly move up to the tip of the penis to get him in the mood. Or for those of you who are into anal play, vibrators offer plenty of possibilities to both men and women. If you’re looking for a high-quality vibrator you can head over to the Luvkis web-store. Here you’ll find a wide assortment of vibrators and other couple sex toys at affordable prices.


4) Wand Massager 

If you’re looking for a great (sexual) massager that does not only stimulates the private parts but can be used all over the body, a wand massager is perfect for you. Original wand massagers are actually not a true sex toy. This because they are built to massage any part of the body such as your shoulders, back, or neck. But, as we all know, people get creative when they are desperate for sex. Thanks to this, it did not take long for women to realize that a wand massager actually is the perfect sex toy.


wand vibrator luvkis

Just like vibrators, wand massagers are great sex toys for couples. The original larger models stimulate the outside of a woman’s vagina such as the clitoris. Wand massagers do, however, also come in smaller sizes that can be used and inserted as a regular vibrator. These models are recommended couple toys.

These massagers can deliver more than just sexual pleasure. They can also treat your partner to a relaxing massage treatment on his/her back, legs, or shoulders. This makes is a great multifunctional toy that can be used in both an every-day and sexual setting.


5) Kinky Stuff

Well, this last one might not really be a single sex toy for couples. Also, it might not be of the liking of all our readers. But still, we believe it deserves a place on our list of best sex toys for couples.

After seeing the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, more and more couples became curious about trying out some (soft) kinky stuff. Luckily, there are plenty of items available on today’s market that can satisfy our bondage and role-play needs. Whether you wish to go rough or keep it soft, there are many great bondage sex toys for couples out there that will help you get your sexual thrill.


role play


Ranging from plush handcuffs to whips and male chastity penis cages. In today’s world there is a toy to satisfy any of your needs and desires. Blocking your partner from her senses or abilities to resist your actions can to some be a thrilling experience. Just remember to take turns, be safe, and have fun.


Final words – Sex toys for couples

Bringing a new sex toy into your bedroom can add some new attraction and excitement into your relationship. Having a toy at your side that is able to please both you and your partner is certainly something that will spice up your sex life. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, not every item on this list may seem appealing to you. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt you to be a little bit curious. Sometimes, stretching your comfort zone together with your partner is all you need to bring the life back into your bedroom. With an open mind, some curiosity, and a supportive partner, anyone can introduce sex toys into their bedroom.

If you’re looking for the best sex toys for couples at affordable prices, please head out to our Luvkis shop. Here you’ll find a wide assortment of the latest and best adult toys for sale. Have you already introduced a toy into your and your partner’s sex life? If so, lets us know your thoughts and experiences on the topic in the comment section below.

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