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How to make your penis larger is a question silently asked by many guys out there. Although we do not openly talk about it, many of us are not satisfied with what they are seeing when they pull down their pants. In today’s world, there are countless rumors and myths circulating about penile enlargement. In fact, it is highly likely that ”how to get a larger penis” is the most talked about sex-related topic.

Unfortunately, penis enlargement also is a topic that is surrounded by misinformation and all sorts of myths and lies. Mainly thanks to an overflow of spam emails and dubious pharmaceutic websites, the general public has a completely twisted view about ways on how to make your penis larger. Therefore, the truth is that we simply do not really know for sure whether it is or is not possible to make your penis larger.

At Luvkis, we believe that size is not all that important. Much more important is choosing the right sex position while having fun with your partner. Nevertheless, we can not ignore the question on ”how to make your penis larger” which has been asked by thousands of guys out there. Therefore, although difficult, we have written this article in which we try to dispel some myths and present to you some clear and trustworthy information on penis enlargement.

Below, will present to you the most common penis enlargement techniques and have a closer look at whether they actually work or not.


1) Using a Penis Pump

Penis pumps are likely to be the most commonly used adult toy for enlarging the penis. As the name suggests, a penis pump is nothing more than a specially designed tube for your penis. Once your penis is inserted into the tube, you can use the pump to remove the air and create a vacuum. This vacuum creates a suction that causes blood to flow into your penis. As a result, your penis will grow significantly beyond the size of a regular erection.


penis pump enlargement


So, do penis pumps actually work? Well…. yes. They do work but the results are only temporary. When your penis is inserted into the pump, your tool will significantly increase the length and width of your penis. However, as soon as you break the vacuum and take your penis out of the pump, its size will reduce back to normal. Therefore, there is no evidence at all about any long-term benefits of the usage of penis pumps.

Although penis pumps do not offer any long-term benefits in growing your penis, they do bring along some other benefits. Especially for people who have difficulties getting an erection by themselves, penis pumps are highly effective tools to spice up your sex life. A male can use the pump to enlarge his penis and, when removing the vacuum, quickly slide on a cock ring to prevent the blood from flowing out again. This technique has proven itself to be highly effective for short-term fun with your partner. Keep in mind, however, that excessively using a pump and ring for extended periods of time can have negative effects on your private parts.


2) Enlargement Pills

Who hasn’t received a spam email before promising natural pills and other kinds of medicine that will help you to increase the size of your penis? Although we have all heard from them before, the question is – do they actually work?


Penis enlargement pills



Penis enhancement pills are generally speaking a blend of natural herbs that supposedly stimulate the blood flow to the penis. The problem is, however, that the market for these type of pills is unregulated. Because of this, we can never be sure what really is inside of them. And often, penis enlargement pills come with a blend of all sorts of chemicals. These pills may have a short-term effect such as Viagra, but certainly no long-term benefits. In fact, these pills bring along more risks and negative sides than benefits. Because of this, it’s better to stay away from them all together!


3) Jelqing

Unless you have looked into ways on how to make your penis larger before, you have most likely not heard about Jelqing. So what is Jelqing? Jelqing is one of the oldest penis enlargements techniques that involve weights or your own hands to slowly stretch the penis. By applying pressure and stretching your penis on a daily basis, it is believed that it will slowly, over time, grow longer. This happens because you stretch the tip away from its base which supposedly causes muscle fibers inside your penis to split into two. This is similar to what happens to any other muscle after an intensive workout. Once the muscle fibers split and recover, the size of the muscle increases – hence making your penis (or any other muscle) larger.


penis jelqing


So does it actually work? Well, opinions differ on this matter. However, even though we’d love for it to work, it is widely believed that it does not. I mean, think about it. If a penis would actually grow bigger by pulling it, most guys would walk around with a massive cock before they turn 20! No, but really – all jokes aside. The theory of Jelqing simply makes no biological sense. Why you might ask? Well… the penis is not a muscle and there also are no muscles located inside of it.


4) Penis Enlargement Surgery

There are several penis enlargement methods available that can be achieved through surgery. Each of these surgeries is based on a different principle and different desired outcome. There is one type of surgery where fatty tissue from other parts of your body is transplanted into your penis. As a result, it will increase in both thickness and length. This surgery can be successful, however, the results were often described as ”strange looking”. Besides that, the results will disappear within 12 months. This happens because the fat gets metabolized by your body. Other surgery techniques include the disconnection of several supporting ligaments inside the penis. As a result, the penis is able to grow up to an inch more in size when having an erection. The problem is, however, that the erection will point downwards after this surgery instead of upwards.


penis enlargement surgery


The evidence on whether penis enlargement surgery actually works is conflicting. There are doctor reports out there that suggest they work. However, most reports suggest the surgery only caused permanent damage to the male’s penis. The fact is, however, that even though it might increase your size temporary, there is no medical proof that your size will stay permanently enlarged. Because of this, and all the risks that come along with these surgeries, the vast majority of men decides not to go ahead with penis enlargement surgery.


So, how to get a larger penis in a safe way?

At the moment, there are no known penis enlargement methods that will permanently enhance the size. Not only are most of the methods available today only temporary, most of them are also dangerous! Pills are bad for your health, surgery causes damage, and Jelqing is just nonsense.

Nevertheless, there is one method that, although not permanently, does increase the size of your penis temporary. And that’s not all. This method is also safe as long as you do not overdo it! Using a penis pump in combination with a high-end cock ring allows you to temporarily increase the size of your penis and maintain a larger erection for a longer period of time. Penis pumps and cock rings certainly are among the best sex toys for couples. Combining these two adult toys is guaranteed to spice up the sex life of you and your partner. So if you’re simply looking for a larger cock to please the other while in bed, this option is the safest and most efficient one to choose.

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