Mutual Masturbation - Why You Should Masturbate in Front of Your Partner

Mutual Masturbation - Why You Should Masturbate in Front of Your Partner - Luvkis

The most important aspect of any healthy relationship is trust and feeling comfortable. This is especially the case for sexual relationships with your husband or wife. Trusting each other and feeling comfortable in the bedroom is essential for a good sexual health and enjoyable sex. Luckily, feeling comfortable around your partner and trusting him comes naturally in any healthy relationship. However, not everybody feels comfortable about their own body. Luckily, there are some easy (and fun) ways to build self-confidence when it is about your body and sex life; one of which is mutual masturbation.

Mutual masturbation? That’s right! Masturbating in front of your partner enhances your self-confidence, trust in your partner, as well as your overall sexual health. So, instead of spending an evening alone watching erotic videos online with a vibrator and some tissues, try to share this intimate moment with your partner sometime. Mutual masturbation brings along a number of benefits for yourself and your relationship. Below, Luvkis has listed down the what, how, when, and why of masturbating in front of your partner.


What is mutual masturbation

As the name suggests, mutual masturbation is when you masturbate together with your partner in front of each other. Although normally both partners masturbate together, it also is possible that just one of you is playing yourself while the other is watching or teasing.


mutual masturbation


Although it sounds simple, trying out mutual masturbation is not easy for everybody. After all, masturbation is something that we have done alone for our entire lives. As of such, it might feel a little uncomfortable or awkward when there suddenly is somebody looking at us. Especially because we have been made to believe that masturbation is something naughty and bad for us. But as adults, we should know better. And hey, even if it were a taboo, sometimes breaking them is half of the fun!


Why you should try mutual masturbation

Many people, when they hear about mutual masturbation for the first time, ask themselves; WHY? At Luvkis, we try to explain to them that it’s fun and super hot, however, this does not always seem to be reason enough to change the minds of everybody. Below, we have listed down some more reasons why you should try to masturbate in front of your partner.


  1. Mutual masturbation adds something new to your relationship and sex life. It can be used as both foreplay and after play just as regular fingering or blow jobs can. Trying something new in front of your partner is always exciting and is guaranteed to set the right mood.
  1. By masturbating in front of your partner, you can get familiar with exhibitionism and role play as you can use it to set up a show for your partner. Many people believe that seeing themselves masturbate is not a sexy picture but believe us, if your partner is into you, he or she will love it. Playing yourself in front of your partner is hot. This makes it a great foreplay and a perfect way to tease your partner before or after sex.
  1. Mutual masturbation gives your partner the chance to observe how you touch yourself. This allows him to find out how you like to be touched. He can learn something from you and later apply it himself while playing you. As a result, you can enjoy better masturbation by your partner in the future.
  1. Masturbating in front of your partner makes you feel more comfortable around your partner. It also makes you feel more comfortable with self-stimulation during other sexual partner acts or solo acts. It furthermore makes it easier to play yourself in front of your partner during those nights that he or she simply is not in the mood. If you are planning on living together, chances are high that there will be a time that one of you simply is not in the mood for sex. At such times, you can masturbate next to your partner without having to feel uncomfortable.
  1. Did we already mention mutual masturbation is super hot? Oh, we did? Well, once again. Believe us when we say that playing yourself in front of your partner is extremely exciting. You can either use your hands or use one of the latest sex toys for women to add in some extra excitement.  


How to introduce mutual masturbation into the bedroom

Trying something new can be exciting but introducing the idea to your partner can be scary. This is especially the case if you do not know your partner too well and are not quite sure how he or she will react. If you are shy and don’t want to suggest it in person, the easiest way to introduce the idea to your partner is through sharing an article with them such as this one. By doing so, your partner gets introduced to the possibility of masturbating in front of each other. If, however, you wish to be more kinky and exciting, there are way more fun ways to introduce mutual masturbation into the bedroom.

You could, for instance, start teasing your partner and playing around with his body after which you teasingly ask him to take it over from there. Or, ask your partner to show you how he likes to be touched so that you can learn a thing or two about pleasing your lover. If you’re really in a kinky mood, you can tell your partner how you thought about him the last time you played yourself while demonstrating it by masturbating in front of him.


Can I still play myself in private?

Now that you have masturbated in front of your partner and enjoyed some exciting mutual masturbation, does that mean that you can’t have any me-time anymore and play yourself in private? No - of course not!


solo masturbation


Solo-masturbation is important to your sexual health and to stay in tune with your own sexuality. It furthermore brings along a whole set of benefits such as stress relieve, better sleep, and relaxation. So don’t worry, simply because you masturbated in front of your partner does not mean you can not have your own private time anymore! Simply see mutual masturbation as yet another sexy dish to add to the menu when the two of you are in the mood for having some fun.

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