How Future Sex Tech Will Change Our Life

How Future Sex Tech Will Change Our Life - Luvkis

In today’s high-tech world, technology is changing at a rapid speed. The technological changes to which we are introduced on a daily basis affect every aspect of our lives, including human sexuality. In fact, the latest advances in the sex industry that have taken place the past several years have pushed our sexuality into uncharted terrain. Sex toys and virtual adult games are becoming more and more realistic. As a result, we see major changes in the way humans express love and intimacy. Future sex tech brings along enormous potential for deeper physical and emotional connections. These benefits can be enjoyed by all adults around the world, especially those suffering from loneliness, distance, or a (sexual) disability.

The future changes in the sex industry can be broadly divided into five major categories. These five categories, including remote sex, robotic lovers, virtual sex, immersive entertainment, and human augmentation are likely to undergo the most drastic changes in terms of future sex. Changes in these fields will make us experience love and intimacy in a completely different way. These benefits can mostly be felt by people who are in a long distance relationship or who simply feel lonely. That being said, future sex toys simply will improve the quality of solo-masturbation and virtual sex in the future; something we all can enjoy and benefit from!

Throughout this article, a close look is given at the expected changes that are likely to occur in each of the five above mentioned categories. The aim is to create a better understanding of the possibilities and implications of future sex tech. In this way, we all can prepare ourselves better for the coming transformation of human sexuality that, likely, goes far beyond many of us have imagined before.  


Remote Sex

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for young people to live and work in a different city or country as their partner. As a result, we have seen a major increase in the number of long-distance relationships throughout the past years. And to be fair, in a romantic relationship, the distance can be a true killer. Luckily, the current technological advances bring along plenty of opportunities for remote intimacy that will help us fight our loneliness.

Current technology already brings along a wide range of possibilities when it comes to remote sex. Think for instance about the internet that allows us to be close and intimate with our partners via the webcam. Future sex tech, however, is expected to bring us much more than simple webcam sex and the changes can already be felt today.


Remote Control Sex Toy


Sex toy companies such as Luvkis are experimenting with remotely controllable sex toys as well as smart toys that can be connected to the internet. These smart sex toys allow partners to be intimate and tease each other when they are not physically close to one another. Remote controlled sex toys can either be operated via a remote control or via mobile and desktop applications.

Besides the basic sex toys such as vibrators and butt plugs, future sex tech also holds a number of less intimate toys to enjoy. There are, for instance, prototypes for long-distance virtual kissing devices, as well as other fun little devices that allow you to hear your partner’s heartbeat from a distance. Remote sex is considered to be one of the main fields for future sex tech and the inventions we see today are likely nothing compared to what the future will hold.


Robotic Lovers

Many of us may not realize it, but sex dolls have been around for centuries. In fact, their history goes back all the way till the 17th century when Dutch sailors used them during their long trips on the sea. Since that time, (luckily) a lot has changed and today’s sex dolls are more realistic than ever before.

Realistic sex dolls made from silicone have been around for a while now. These adult toys offer, by far, the most realistic sexual experience today. The problem is, however, that these toys are nothing more than a doll that is not able to move on its own. This is why, nowadays, companies around the globe are racing to create the first-ever fully functional sex robots. These fully automated robots are able to talk, move, and have sex with a human being.


Realistic Sex Doll


In the future, robot sex dolls are expected to play a major role in the sex industry. Not only will they be used for masturbation by folks who are attracted to artificial companions, but they are also likely to be used as therapeutic robots. In the case of the latter, these sex robots will be used to treat sexual dysfunction among people or to teach them how to become better lovers to their human partners.


Virtual Sex

Ever since the beginning of the internet, we have been confronted with virtual sex. That what started off with basic and relatively boring sex games has now turned into a true virtual sex industry. Nowadays, there already are plenty of adult virtual worlds that allow us to explore our sexual fantasies safely online. Certain games such as Red Light Center (NSFW) treat their users to hyper-realistic environments and customizable characters. These games allow you to create your own avatar and to turn it into your ideal sexual partner. You can meet real people, join virtual parties, and share your (virtual) sexual fantasies.


Virtual Sex World


Virtual sex is still something relatively new and uncommon. In fact, to most people, virtual sex and online adult games are considered to be something shameful and weird. The truth is, however, that virtual sex brings along a number of benefits that allow you to explore and improve your sexual health and well being. Nowadays, virtual sex games have even started to implement remote sex toys into their virtual reality. This allows the real world and virtual world to merge together, making your virtual sex experience even more realistic.


Immersive Entertainment

When talking about the future of sex, immersive entertainment goes one step further than regular virtual sex; combining both virtual reality and sex education. The sex tech of the future allows people to explore social issues in a safe and virtual environment. This offers people a highly unique, realistic, and safe virtual method to teach young adults about potential risks related to sex. Through virtual reality, it becomes possible to increase people’s awareness of gender equality and the dangers and impacts of sexual violence. These highly realistic and immersive experiences are meant to teach youngsters about safe sex, sexual health, and equality. It can furthermore be used in the fight against sexually transmitted infections as well as unwanted pregnancy.


Immersive Entertainment


Virtual reality is furthermore highly likely to be used in the future for sex therapy and in general sexual education on how to improve your sex life. Naturally, VR also brings along a vast amount of benefits in terms of regular entertainment by means of virtual sex. Virtual reality is a growing industry and it is likely to become a booming business in every aspect of life - including our sex lives.


Human Augmentation

The future of sex tech is not only about fun and masturbation. In fact, future sex tech brings along an abundance of possibilities in the medical field. The latest technologies allow doctors to reconsider the possibilities to cure sexual limitations that are caused by injury or other biological reasons.


Human Augmentation


In 2016, for example, advances in sex technology allowed medical professionals in the United States to perform the first-ever penile transplant. In 2017, we furthermore witnessed the first successful uterus transplant by an infertile woman in Sweden. Other aspects such as 3D bio-printing and tissue engineering furthermore bring along numerous possibilities in terms of sexual organ transplantation. During the coming decades, changes in medical technology are expected to shape the sex industry - allowing more and more people to overcome injury and sexual dysfunction. In the far future, it may even go as far as people being able to customize their entire bodies or to insert microchips into our body that are connected to the internet to turn ourselves into true sexual cyborgs.

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