Funny Alternative Non-Sex Uses for Condoms

Funny Alternative Non-Sex Uses for Condoms - Luvkis

Condoms are amazing. They allow us to have safe sex by protecting us from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. In fact, when you use a condom in the right way, they are considered to be one of the safest contraceptives. But did you know that condoms are one of the most versatile items we have lying around in our home? That’s right! Condoms truly are a multifunctional item that can be used for a number of useful and sometimes funny purposes.

Below, Luvkis has listed down some of the most convenient and funny alternative uses for condoms. These amazing condom hacks are guaranteed to make your everyday life a whole lot easier. Keep on reading to find out for what alternative purposes you can use these little latex friends.


Keep your fruits fresh


condom banana

Source: Aoni Condoms


Wrapping a condom around a banana may sound and look like a silly practical joke. The truth is, however, that condoms are a great gadget for keeping your fruits fresh longer. The tight condom will keep out external air and moist, thus prolonging the life of your fruit. It will furthermore offer protection from slight impacts. Simply wrap it around your banana or any other type of fruit, put a knot in it, and you’re ready to go. You just might want to be careful when taking your fruit out of your lunch box in front of your co-workers as this condom-wrapped banana might cause a giggle or two in the office.



Store water


Water Storage Condom

Source: VideoBlocks


Condoms are compact, super-stretchy, and watertight. Because of this, they truly are a survivalist’s dream. You can easily carry them around in your pocket and, when needed, fill them up with water. This allows you to gather some additional drinking water from a lake or river, or to collect some water from the rain. When used correctly, each condom can hold up to 2 liters of water. This means that a single water-filled condom offers enough liquid to get you through a day or two in the wilderness.


Waterproof protection


Waterproof protection condom

Source: TheBlackSheepOnline


Another great alternative condom use for survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts is to use it for waterproof storage. You can use condoms to wrap up and protect literally anything. You can use them to protect your smartphone during a day at the beach or to make a digital camera waterproof to snap some pictures underwater. The condom will offer full waterproof protection and you’ll still be able to use the touchscreen of your electronics. Using a condom as waterproof protection might sound silly, but the truth is that this convenient life-hack goes back as far as the 1940’s. During this time, soldiers who fought in the second world war used condoms to protect their weapons and sensitive gear from dust and water.


Start a fire


Start Fire Condom

Source: Primative Ways


This is yet another great outdoor use for condoms that makes you understand why these little latex friends are the ultimate gadget for survivalists. Did you know that condoms can be used to start a fire in numerous ways? You can, for instance, fill it up with water and use it as a magnifying glass in order to start a fire by using the sun. Additionally, you can turn them into thumb loops that can be used while rubbing two sticks together while trying to start a fire. This will significantly speed up the process. Last but not least, it is a little-known fact that condoms are extremely flammable. When put on fire, they will burn extremely hot for several minutes. As of such, they are a perfect kindling to start a fire.


Use them as an ice pack


Condom Ice Pack

Source: TheBlackSheepOnline


Because condoms are waterproof, they can function as a perfect ice pack. Simply fill them up with some water, tie the end up like a balloon, put them in the freezer, and wait for several hours. Once completely frozen, you’ll have your very own conveniently sized and shaped ice pack. These ice packs are great for healing muscle strains and other types of pains in the body. Alternatively, you can use these frozen condoms as a sexy way to spice up your sex-life with ice.


Open up that $!@#$!# pickle jar


Condom open jar

Source: BrightSide


The following condom hack is something that is useful for everybody! We all have been in this situation that, no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t open up that annoying jar. When this is the case, try not to lose your cool by throwing the jar away in anger, but try to open it up with a condom instead. That’s right, a non-lubricated condom is a great jar opener! All you have to do is stretch the condom over the top of the jar. When in place, it should give you enough traction to twist it right open!


Make your own rubber bands


condom rubber bands

Source: MentalFloss


No more worries when you’ve run out of rubber bands! Simply get yourself a condom and a pair of scissors. Put the condom flat on the table and cut straight vertical lines. If you do it carefully enough, you can get around 20 stretchy rubber bands out of a single condom. These bands will be extremely strong and stretchy. Once they have been cut up, nobody will be able to tell where they originally came from. This makes them a perfect alternative to regular rubber bands.

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