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Throughout this article, Luvkis will introduce you to the best sex toys for women. This article is part of a 3-article series, each of which covers the best sex toys for another group of people. In our previously written articles, you can read all about the best sex toys for men as well as the best sex toys for couples. After reading through this article, you can go out sex toy shopping with confidence.


Best sex toys for women

Sex toys for women are likely to be the most popular category of adult toys on the market. In today’s world, sex toys, in general, are becoming more and more accepted and it seems that especially the women are benefiting from this. After all, it is a fact that the vast majority of adult toys on the market are for women. The reason behind this lies at the fact that women are more open to the use of sex toys and, in general, seem more interested in them. Whereas most women find them exciting to try, most men rather stay away from the male sex toys.

best sex toys for women


2018 is the perfect year for you to get a new sex toy no matter if it will be your first or just another asset to your already vast collection of adult toys. Technology is constantly improving and this is also noticeable in the sex toy industry. Better and more realistic adult toys are introduced to the market on a daily basis. The latest toys give you a more thrilling experience than ever before. Thanks to these technological advances, today’s toys are truly capable of taking your sexual experience to entirely new heights.

Below, we will introduce you to the 5 best sex toy categories for women. The list includes some classics as well as the latest fun gadgets. Are you ready to experience the joy of a new toy? Browse through our list of best sex toys for women and find out what is the best toy category for you.


1) Dildos & Vibrators

To start our list of best sex toys for women, let us begin with something basic; vibrators and dildos, who has not heard of them? Although not the first sex toys known to men, they certainly are the most common in today’s world. Dildos and vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whereas dildos simply function as a replica penis, vibrators give you the extra sensation of different vibrating patterns. These vibrations will increase your sexual pleasure and allow a woman to climax easier.

Basic dildos come in a wide range of different materials including rubber, silicone, glass, wood, steel, and more. Depending on your own preference, you can choose the material that turns you on most. It is important to keep in mind, however, that one material may not be as safe to use as another. In one of our previous posts, you can find a detailed overview of all you have to know about the most common sex toy materials.


vibrator sex toy


Besides material, dildos allow you to choose from plenty of different sizes, shapes, and textures. Some companies even offer dildos that are exact replicas of the junk from your favorite movie star or actor!

When it comes to vibrators, you may have fewer choice in material, size, and texture – yet they bring along just as much (if not more) fun! As their name suggests, vibrators are similar to dildos with the added vibration feature. The latter allows a woman (or men) to stimulate herself more effectively. Vibrators offer fewer choices than dildos in terms or size, design, and materials. Nevertheless, there still is plenty to choose from. Whether you’re into small or large, smooth or rough – today’s market is sure to have the right vibrator for you.


2) Clitoral Stimulator

The second toy on our category list of best sex toys for women has to be the clitoral stimulator. This little toy may be less known to most of us but don’t be mislead – it’s amazing. A clit stimulator is a very compact gadget that functions similarly as a regular vibrator. The difference is, however, that this little toy concentrates all its vibrations straight onto your clitoris which leads to a 75% increase in clitoral stimulation. Unlike large regular vibrators, a clit stimulator makes it very easy to locate and stimulate your clitoris for as long as you wish. This toy is will surely change your sex life, one orgasm at the time.


clit stimulator


Besides offering great solo-play, a clitoral stimulator also is the perfect couple toy. Thanks to the compact size, this toy lets you easily stimulate your clitoris during sex with your partner. It is not a secret that many women find it difficult to climax from sex alone. If you’re one of them, you’ll find this magnificent clit stimulator a perfect toy that will help you reach entirely new heights during your upcoming sexual adventures with your partner.


3) Ben Wa Balls

Most of us have seen or heard about Ben Wa balls before. Yet, at the same time, most of us do not actually know how to use them and why they are so popular. Ben Wa balls are among the best sex toys for women as well as for couples. They have been used for thousands of years and are generally accepted to be the oldest sex toy known to men. Originally, Ben Wa balls came from Japan from where their popularity gradually spread over Asia and into Europe.


ben wa balls


Although immensely popular, many of us do not really know what Ben Wa balls are. Simply put, Ben Wa balls are nothing more than two hollow balls that come other separately or together on a strong. These hollow balls come with a smaller but heavier little ball inside that moves around freely. To use your Ben Wa balls, simply insert them into your vagina. Once they are in place, they will fit naturally and you may even forget that they are there after wearing them for a while. When you start to move around with the Ben Wa balls inside, the small inner ball will start to move around inside the larger ball. This will create a certain type of vibration that will result in a gentle yet sexually stimulating feeling.

Ben Wa balls are great for solo-play as well as couple play. Please keep in mind, however, that these adult toys are not meant to give a woman an orgasm. Instead, they only stimulate her and turn her on. Originally, these toys were worn by Japanese ladies throughout the day. This was done to stimulate them so that, when their husbands would come back from work, the woman would be turned on and ready to have intercourse. And just so you know, you can have sex with your Ben Wa balls inside. In fact, it is said by many that having sex with Ben Wa balls inserted treats both the male and female partner to an extraordinary experience.

Besides sexual stimulation, certain types of Ben Wa balls (also known as Kegel Balls) can also be used for Kegel exercise for training your Pelvic Floor Muscles. For more information on Kegel exercise and all health benefits it brings along, please check out our article ‘’What are Kegel Balls’’.


4) Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties have not been around for that long compared to Ben Wa balls. Nevertheless, they certainly deserve a spot on our list of best sex toys for women. You can use them to tease, be teased, or simply for a great solo-experience. No matter your style, vibrating underwear is sure to deliver great fun. If you wish to try out something new and different, these vibrating panties are the way to go. There are more than a few options available online. Therefore it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that meets your expectations. Some of these vibrating thongs come with underwear included. There also are loose models that work with any underwear of your choosing. If you’re looking for a good and exciting gift, or simply for a fun little toy to play around with yourself, vibrating underwear certainly is worth your consideration.


vibrating panties


What’s great about vibrating underwear is that the vibrations can be controlled via the included remote control. In some cases it even comes with a dedicated mobile App. Yes, you read it right, nowadays there is an App for everything. But hey, we don’t mind! In fact, the newest models are so advanced that their remote comes with a built-in mic that reacts to sound. As a result, your panties will start to vibrate whenever a loud noise is picked up by the remote control. This will take your clubbing experience to an entirely new level. Just like regular vibrators, these vibrating thongs offer different levels of vibrations. Talking about wearing your vibrating thong outside – these toys offer you a fun, exciting, and discreet way to have some fun in public without anybody noticing.


5) Oral Sex Simulator

I know what you’re thinking; an oral sex simulator for women, there really is such a thing? Well, the answer is YES! On today’s adult toy market there are plenty of different great toys to choose from. One of these is the so-called oral sex simulators for women! Just like most regular vibrators, these oral simulators come with a bunch of different vibration modes. This allows you to use them as any other vibrator. What sets them apart, however, is the fact that they come with a number of unique features. Some of these features straight-up stimulate oral sex. Once you figure out how to properly use the toy, it is sure to blow your mind!


oral sex stimulator


Like any other sex toy, the experience you’ll get from your oral simulator fully depends on the setting you’re using. When using the close-to oral settings, these sex toys use a tongue-like feature that does some ‘’interesting’’ things down there. These toys offer a highly realistic oral sex experience that is so close to the real thing that you barely feel the difference. Most oral sex simulators come with different licking patterns so you can apply the one that turns you on most. If you are tired of your old-fashioned and boring sex toys, an oral sex simulator will be a great toy to give a try. Although a bit pricier than other sex toys, these fun little bedroom gadgets are sure to treat you to an experience never felt before.


Final Words

And there you have it; the 5 best sex toys for women. Whether you’re a first time user or experienced sex toy enthusiast, these 5 adult toy categories are sure to deliver a thrilling experience. In today’s market, you will find countless sex toys for women. Thanks to this, there will be plenty to choose from when picking up your next toy. Regardless of what your next sex toy may be, one thing is for sure. When you purchase your sex toys at Luvkis, you are guaranteed to receive the latest and best quality products on the market. Those of you who are not sure about what kind of toy to buy can always contact one of our colleagues. All Luvkis employees are professionals. We are happy to give advice and answer any of your questions related to sex toy products.

Have you ever tried any female sex toys before? If so, let us know your experience in the comment section below. And of course, don’t forget to share with us what is your favorite type of toy. And hey, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter if you liked what you just read. We will post new articles on a weekly basis.

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