Can You Increase the Size of Your Penis

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Can You Increase the Size of Your Penis?

There are plenty of topics to talk about when it comes to sex but the one surrounded by most myth has to be penis enlargement. If you’re a guy, you’ve likely received SPAM emails before from companies who promise to have found a new and effective way to increase the size of your penis. Whether it’s pills, creams, or even surgery, there are plenty of (dubious) methods offered online to increase your penis’s size. Our advice is not to trust those people or methods as simply put, most of them are likely not to work and can even be dangerous for your body. 

Below, Luvkis will introduce you to 3 of the most commonly talked about methods to increase the size of your penis. We’ll have a closer look at each of them, covering how they work and whether they are effective or not. In the end, we do give you some simple and safe advice that does help to make your penis (look) larger.

1.The penis pump

We start with the most basic and well-known method known to increase the size of your penis, the penis pump. Penis pumping is the act of inserting your manhood into a specially-designed pump that, by using a vacuum, applies pressure to your penis to stretch it. This happens because the vacuum around the penis is causing the blood vessels and associated muscles inside of the penis to expand and blood is drawn into the vacuum.

So, is penis pumping effective? Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no. When you use a penis pump, the size of your penis does grow, and not just a little! However, once you release the vacuum and take your penis out of the pump, the penis goes right back to its original size. There is no evidence that the use of a penis pump has lasting effects on the size of your penis, making them only temporary useful for penis enlargement. They do, however, offer a helping hand to people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.


Chances are high that you’ve never heard of Jelqing before and there’s nobody who’d blame you for this. Jelqing is an ancient tradition that, by using weights, aims to increase the size of your penis. Simply put, Jelqing tries to stretch your penis slowly using weights or, in some cases, simply your hands. By slowly stretching the tip of the penis away from the base, over time the muscle fibers inside the shaft will split into two. The idea is that, just as with regular muscles, after the muscle fibers recover, the size of the penis will increase.

At Luvkis, we highly recommend you stay away from this method as there is no evidence that this method works, at all. I mean, think about it. If our penises get bigger by simply pulling them, most guys would be hung like a horse by the age of 18! Jelqing will cause damage to the penis and, most importantly, there are no muscles in your penis. As of such, this technique certainly is a no go when it comes to penis enlargement!

3.Pills and supplements

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, most guys out there have been confronted with SPAM mail promising to have found a way to increase the size of your penis. Nine times out of ten, these emails try to sell you some sort of pills, cream, or other types of supplements.

The idea behind these supplements is that they help to drive the blood into the penis, thus making it grow. In reality, however, there is no scientific evidence that they work and you simply do not know what’s inside of the supplements you apply around your dick. Therefore, if you want to stay clear of any nasty possible side-effects, you better stay away from any type of pills, creams, and other supplements that promise to increase the size of your penis.


So, what can you do to increase your penis size?

We hate to bring it to you, but there simply is no way to increase the size of your penis. Sure, you can try surgery, however, we advise you to stay away from this as far as possible since it’s simply not safe! That being said, there are some ways in which you can make your penis appear bigger without actually increasing its size.

You can, for instance, shave or trim your pubes. That’s right, by simply shaving your hair down there the trunk of your tree may suddenly look a whole lot longer. Sure, it won’t increase the size of it, but it does make it appear larger in the eyes of others!

Besides shaving your pubes, we can advise you to use a penis pump in combination with a cock ring. After you remove the pump, quickly slide on the ring to prevent the blood to flow out of the erected penis again. Like this, you’ll be able to enjoy a large penis for a long enough time to enjoy some exciting sex with your partner. The effects won’t be lasting, but it sure does add some extra thrill to the moment.

Last but not least, we advise you to keep your penis in shape through regular masturbation. Masturbation is good for your health and it furthermore helps to keep your penis in shape. If you touch your self often enough, you can be assured that everything down there keeps on running smoothly, decreasing your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction at a later age. For those of you who sometimes get bored of using their hands, we have a wide selection of the latest sex toys for men that will certainly blow your mind the next time you play yourself!

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