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In our previous article, we mentioned that ejaculation disorder is the most common sexual problems in men. In fact, it is so common that up to 75% of all men are, or have been, suffering from problems related to ejaculation. By far most men suffer from premature ejaculation, in other words; ejaculating too fast. Then, there is a small group of men, approximately 8%, who suffer from delayed ejaculation. For this group, it is hard or, in some cases, even impossible to ejaculate. When a man suffers from ejaculation disorder, this does not only affect himself but also his partner and their overall sexual relationship.


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Although ejaculation disorder is the most common and well-known of all sexual problems in men, most men do not know how it is caused, let alone treated. Ejaculation problems can have many causes, both physical and psychological. Depending on the nature of the cause, each treatment will be different. Finding the cause and proper treatment is essential. This because ejaculation disorder does not only make both partners in a relationship feel uncomfortable and disappointed, but it may also have larger consequences such as being unable to make your partner pregnant.

Throughout this article, Luvkis will introduce you to the main ejaculation disorder causes along with their treatment method. Keep on reading if you wish to find out how to fix premature ejaculation problems.



Premature Ejaculation Disorder Causes and Treatment

There are many reasons that may cause a man to ejaculate early. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems in men with around 75% of all guys around the world suffering from it. Simply put, premature ejaculation means that you ejaculate too early. This is, in most cases, during foreplay or directly after inserting the penis into the vagina when having sex.

According to recent studies, premature ejaculation is mostly caused by simply being inexperienced. When a young guy did not have many sexual encounters before, it is hard for him to control his body. As of such, it is completely normal for him to ejaculate early. Therefore, it is not a surprise that premature ejaculation is most commonly found among young men.

Psychologists and sex therapists agree that ejaculation control can be mastered through masturbation. As of such, most men who masturbated frequently during their teenage years and early adulthood are less likely to suffer from premature ejaculation. The reason behind this lies in the fact that, when masturbating, a man learns various techniques that allow him to control and maintain a high level of arousal without actually ejaculating. As a result, when this young man becomes sexually active with his partner, it will be easier for him to control his body and this not ejaculate too early.

Besides masturbation and early sexual experiences, there are other environmental aspects that may cause premature ejaculation. Some examples of these include family attitude towards sex, as well as cultural and religious beliefs. After all, when a young boy is taught by his family or religion that it is bad or shameful to masturbate, he may feel bad about playing himself. This may seem innocent to some, however, the consequences can be very serious. Teenagers and young adults who are not able to experiment with their own body and sexuality are likely to suffer from sexual problems in the future including issues related to sexual desire, erections, and ejaculation. In some cases, it may even cause conflicts in terms of trust and intimate relationships.

Although premature ejaculation disorder causes are mostly traceable to early adult development, there are also cases in which they appear later in life. In some rare cases, men can suddenly start to suffer from premature ejaculation, even after years of sanctifying sexual experiences. In some cases, these problems may occur after finding a new partner while other times there is no clear cause to be found at all. In the case of the latter, the causes are likely to be psychological, making them essential to address.

So, now that we know what causes premature ejaculation, how can we treat it? Well, in the case of the earlier stated problems related to sexual inexperience, the treatment is simple. All you need is time and more experience. Whether this experience is with a partner in bed, or with yourself while masturbating, early adulthood premature ejaculation usually treats itself over time. When premature ejaculation occurs later in life, however, treatment may be more complicated. In this case, the cause usually is psychological and can thus only be traced and treated by a health care professional and psychologists. If you’re an adult man who suddenly finds himself in the unpleasant world of premature ejaculation after years of satisfactory sex, the best thing to do is to consult professional help.


Delayed Ejaculation Disorder Causes and Treatment

Delayed ejaculation disorder is far less common than premature ejaculation, however, with approximately 8% of adult men suffering from it, it still is a serious problem. Simply put, delayed ejaculation means that a man finds it difficult or, in some cases, impossible to ejaculate. For some men, it may only be impossible to ejaculate during masturbation whereas, for others, they can’t ejaculate at all. Others again may find it difficult to ejaculate when having sex with people from a certain gender or with a specific person. In fact, there can be many things that cause a man to be unable to ejaculate at a certain moment. Please note. However, that, officially, men are only considered to be suffering from delayed ejaculation when they can not ejaculate at all, regardless of the situation.

Unlike premature ejaculation, problems related to delayed ejaculation are often rare and thus less understood by psychologists, therapists, and health care professionals. This directly makes delayed ejaculation a whole lot more difficult to cure. In fact, most medical professionals have so little knowledge about premature ejaculation that they often minimize the dysfunction of even dismiss it, thus leaving it uncured. This has resulted in the fact that, for many men, finding the right professional to help them is, in fact, the main obstacle in curing their delayed ejaculation problems.

Many men feel embarrassed to admit they suffer from premature ejaculation. As of such, they often wait for a long time before finding help. The problem is, however, that delayed ejaculation does not cure itself over time like premature ejaculation. As of such, the longer you wait, the bigger the problem gets. Therefore, it is highly advised to seek for help sooner rather than later if you suffer from delayed ejaculation yourself.  

Due to the lack of information on the subject, it is difficult to pinpoint the true causes of delayed ejaculation. Although some causes can be related to health issues such as diabetes and low blood pressure, most causes are psychological. Because the majority of causes are psychological, they often are different from person to person. This is exactly why it is so important to get personalized help as soon as possible. Besides medicine and psychological causes, overall lifestyle also plays an important role. Things such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and even stress can affect a man’s ability to ejaculate.

Because the causes of delayed ejaculation are different per person, the treatment is as well. Therefore, it is hard to mention some solid treatment methods. Instead, if you suffer from delayed ejaculation, it is highly advised to consult a medical professional, psychologists, or sex therapist right away. If you first like to take matters in your own hands and experiment around a bit, you could try some male sex toys to see whether those can increase your arousal and make you ejaculate. Do, however, not wait for too long. Remember, these people are professionals and there is no reason to feel embarrassed. If you suffer from delayed ejaculation, the best thing to do is look for help right away.

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