Top 5 Naughty Christmas Gifts for Him

Top 5 Naughty Christmas Gifts for Him - Luvkis

Surprise your boyfriend or husband with one of these 5 sexy Christmas gifts. These thrilling gifts are exciting to use and, most importantly, they will take your sex life to entirely new heights.

Now that the days are getting shorter, colder, and darker, we have to find a way to keep ourselves entertained and warm. And with the Christmas season just around the corner, you have the perfect opportunity to try out something new. If you are a guy, or if you have a boyfriend or husband, and you’re still looking for an exciting Christmas gift for yourself or your lover, why not try one of our exciting sex toys for men? These adult gadgets are fun to use, make you feel good, and, most importantly, will spice up your sex life like never before!


Sex Toys Christmas Sales


Below, Luvkis has listed down 5 naughty Christmas gifts every man loves. Ranging from cock rings to prostate massagers and life-sized sex dolls - in our webstore, you find it all. Have a quick look at our top 5 sexy Christmas gifts for men and we’re guaranteed you’ll find a toy that will rock your lover’s world. With Luvkis, Christmas has never been more exciting! For more sexy products and holiday discounts, please check out our Luvkis Sex Toy Christmas Sales page.



Vibrating Cock Ring (US$ 8.99)

One of the best male sex toys has got to be the vibrating cock ring. This little sex gadget does not only stimulate the man’s penis, but it also offers external stimulation for the woman. As a result, both you and she will be able to undergo breathtaking sex as you have never experienced before.


Vibrating Cock Ring


A vibrating cock ring is a great male sex toy. When slipped around your erected penis, the tight silicone ring prevents the blood to flow back out. As a result, a man will be able to upkeep a much larger and stronger erection for a longer period of time. Besides your erection being larger and harder, it will also be more sensitive. This results in the fact that both you and your girl will experience better sex than ever before. Cock rings are especially beneficial to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction when used in combination with a penis pump. However, the truth is that these exciting male sex toys can be enjoyed by men of any age. With the added vibrations of a vibrating cock ring, you will both be stimulated even further. This exciting male sex toy lets you enjoy better and longer sex night after night.



Dual-Headed Pocket Pussy (US$ 22.99)

When we’re talking about sex toys for men, one of the most popular toys has got to be the pocket pussy. In simple words, a pocket pussy, also referred too as a masturbator cup, is a hyper-realistic silicone vagina. This toy has been crafted out of life-like TPE silicone that looks and feels just like real skin. As of such, you can undergo a masturbating experience like no other. Pocket pussies come in all sorts and sizes and they are perfect for solo masturbation and exciting couple play alike.


Dual-Headed Pocket Pussy


Our dual-headed pocket pussy separates itself from others in the way that it comes with not one, but two holes! At one side, it comes with a mouth whereas the other side comes with a pussy. This allows you to enjoy both pussy and oral sex whenever you please. Our dual-headed pocket pussy features a unique 3D interior that offers ultimate stimulation. It has been crafted out of medical-grade silicone that is 100% waterproof. As of such, you can safely use it in the bed, shower, and pool. If you wish to treat yourself to the ultimate masturbating experience, this dual-headed pocket pussy is the perfect toy for you!



Vibrating Prostate Massager Cock Ring (US$ 13.00)

This vibrating prostate massager with cock ring combines the best of two amazing male sex toys. It treats you to all the benefits of a penis ring while, at the same time, delivering a thrilling prostate massage. Together, these two sexual thrills allow your man to enjoy sex like never before. After all, the man’s prostate is not called his G-spot without a reason!


Vibrating Prostate Massager


The prostate is considered to be the most sexually sensitive part of the male body. When stimulated, it will result in an orgasm much more powerful and sensitive than any penile orgasm could ever be. Added to that, it also offers a more powerful ejaculation. Not only does this feel absolutely mind-blowing, but it is also good for your health as it cleanses the prostate. Recent studies have shown that if you cleanse your prostate on a regular base, your chances of getting prostate chancer drop by a stunning 33%! As of such, having a prostate massage combines both health and pleasure in a unique and exciting way. Besides making your man feel good, this toy also has benefits for the ladies. The cock ring allows your partner to have larger, stronger, and longer erections. Naturally, this results in better and longer sex for both of you to enjoy.



Electric Penis Pump (US$ 23.99)

Yet another exciting sex toy for men whose benefits can be enjoyed by both the man and his partner. With an electric penis pump at your side, it has never been easier to increase the size of your penis. These little sexual health gadgets are perfect for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, or for younger guys who simply like to increase the size of their cock in a safe and comfortable way.


Electric Penis Pump


The use of a penis pump does not only increase the size of your penis, but it also makes your erections more sensitive. As a result, you can enjoy better sex and much more powerful orgasms. It goes without saying that the effects of a penis pump also benefits the woman in a relationship. Especially if she is into large cocks. With our electric penis pump at your side, it has never been easier to impress your partner with the size of your dick.



Life-Sized Realistic Love Doll (US$ 1,359.00)

Saving the best for last. Sure, this hyper-realistic love doll is more expensive, but if you’re looking for the ultimate naughty Christmas gift, this is it! Our TPE silicone love dolls feature an ultra-realistic design which makes them look and feel like an actual human. They come with a heavy internal skeleton with movable joints that allows you to place it in any position of your liking. Whether you like her to lie down, sit on up, or bend over for some anal fun, our silicone love dolls will meet all your sexual needs.


Realistic Love Doll


These premium love dolls come with a usable mouth, vagina, and anus. Added to that, you can also enjoy some exciting titty sex between her massive breasts. Her cute and innocent looking face along with skinny body make her the girl of the dreams for many men across the globe. Although she might look innocent from the outside, this beauty truly is a beast in bed. She does everything to please your needs and desires, making all your sexual fantasies come to life. This realistic love doll is perfect for solo masturbation or for couple fun. Introduce this beauty into your life today, and get ready to take your sex life to entirely new heights.

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