Top 3 Most Exciting Christmas Gifts for Her

Top 3 Most Exciting Christmas Gifts for Her - Luvkis

These three naughty Christmas gifts for her are guaranteed to keep the two of you warm during the upcoming winter months. If you’re looking for a thrilling and exciting way to surprise your girlfriend, these adult toys are a perfect gift for her.

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all looking for that perfect gift for the one we love. This Christmas, why not try something new and give your girlfriend something fun and exciting? After all, what girl wouldn’t get warm if she’d find one of our exciting sex toys for women wrapped under the Christmas tree? These adult toys truly are thrilling and are guaranteed to spark up the flame in your relationship. If you’re looking for an exciting way to spice up the sex life of you and your partner, giving her a Luvkis sex toy is the best way to go.



Listed below, you can find the top 3 most exciting Christmas gifts for her selected by Luvkis. Whether you wish to surprise your love with a vibrator, wand massager, or some other exciting sex gadget; Luvkis has them all. Have a quick scroll through our top 3 sexy Christmas gifts for girls, and we’re guaranteed you’ll find a toy that will rock your world. With a Luvkis Christmas present under your tree, the holidays have never been more exciting. For more sexy products and discounts, please check out our Luvkis Sex Toy Christmas Sales page.


Rotating Bunny Vibrator (US$ 33.99)

When it comes to sex toys for women, the vibrator is an all-time classic. With this popular female sex toy, you simply can’t go wrong by the ladies. But, if you wish to surprise your lover with a vibrator this Christmas, why not pick one that’s a little special? Instead of giving a regular vibrating vibrator, Luvkis advises you to give her this exciting and unique rotating vibrator instead.  


Rotating Vibrator Luvkis


With its unique rotating and vibrating design, this rabbit vibrator treats your girl to a mind-blowing masturbation experience like no other. The vibrator features two motors that can each be controlled separately. Whereas the small bunny hears come with a vibrating motor, the thick shaft of the vibrator has a rotating engine. By controlling the speed of your rotations and vibrations separately, you can fully adjust your masturbation experience according to your own sexual needs. In total, our rotating vibrator features 3 rotation speeds and 5 different vibration modes. It furthermore comes with a waterproof and 100% body-safe design as well as a powerful 800mAh battery. If you’re looking for a way to take your girl’s excitement to entirely new heights, this rotating vibrator is the perfect gift for her!


Magic Wand Massager (US$ 28.99)

Although the wand vibrator was not originally intended to be a device for sexual pleasure, it did not take long for women to realize that this massager delivers an unforgettable masturbating experience. Therefore, wand vibrators are the perfect gadget to combine health and pleasure. You can literally use them to ‘’massage’’ any part of your body. Wand vibrators are similar to regular vibrators in the way that they stimulate a woman by means of powerful vibrations, however, there are some significant differences.


Wand Vibrator Luvkis


Wand vibrators are larger in size, making them not suitable for penetration or internal stimulation. Instead, a wand vibrator is solely used for external (clitoral) stimulation. What sets them apart from regular vibrators, however, is the fact that wand vibrators are way more powerful. By delivering up to 9000 vibrations per minute; this sex toys for women is sure to blow your mind. Our wand vibrator is 100% waterproof and has been crafted out of medical-grade materials. It comes with 12 unique vibrating modes that allow you to experience a different type of orgasm every day of the week. No matter her sexual needs, this powerful magic wand massager from Luvkis is guaranteed to make her cum.


Kegel Balls Set (US$ 43.59)

Although Kegel Balls are more a health gadget rather than a sex toy, they do bring along some exciting benefits. These adorable bird-shaped Kegel balls offer a simple and effective way for women to train their pelvic floor muscles. By doing so, they offer a number of benefits including a reduced risk of accidental urine loss as well as an increase in vaginal tightness. Kegel balls are mostly used by young ladies after giving birth or elderly women who wish to increase the tightness of their vagina. Nevertheless, Kegel balls are a great sex gadget for adult women of any age. Not only because of their health benefits but also because they improve your sex life!


Kegel Balls Luvkis


It goes without saying that, through training your pelvic floor muscles and increasing your vaginal tightness, sex becomes more enjoyable for both you and your partner. Not only does Kegel Exercise make your vagina tighter, but it also helps you in achieving more powerful and sensitive orgasms. As a result, both you and your husband will be able to enjoy better sex. Kegel exercise reduces the risk of accidental urine loss, increases vaginal tightness, and improves a woman’s overall self-esteem. Our Kegel ball set comes with 5 different Kegels that range from 30g up to 150g in weight. They are made from 100% FDA-approved and medical-grade silicone for safe user experience. If you’re looking for a sex gadget that will make your girl feel more comfortable and improves the quality of your sex, this Kegel ball set is the perfect naughty Christmas gift for 2019!

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