Orgasms: The Best Medicine Against Aches and Pain

Orgasms: The Best Medicine Against Aches and Pain - Luvkis

Masturbating, sex, and orgasms - it’s no secret that they are amazing. Aside from the obvious reason that they feel amazing, having an orgasm also brings along a number of health benefits. In fact, recent studies show that, by having approximately 200 orgasms every year, you can significantly increase your health! Added to that, did you know that having an orgasm can, in fact, work as pain relief as well? That’s right, reaching your sexual climax lessens some of life’s more common pains and discomforts including general pains, cramps, and hiccups.


Headache Orgasm Pain Relief
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Below, Luvkis has listed down some common discomforts in which having an orgasm can offer some pain relief.



Struggling with sleeping problems? Have an orgasm! Directly after you have experienced an orgasm, your brain gets literally flooded with oxytonic. This hormone does not only make you feel good, but it also helps you sleep. This is why most people feel like snoozing away directly after sex. Not only does this hormone help you fall asleep easier, but it also allows you to experience deeper and better sleep. This, in turn, improves your health and mood the following day.



Having a headache no longer is an excuse not to have sex! In fact, having an orgasm causes an influx of natural, pain-relieving, endorphins to float through your body. As a result, common pains such as headaches caused by a migraine will be lowered significantly. The best part of it all is that no matter if you’re experiencing an orgasm through sex or solo-masturbation, your body always creates the same amount of endorphins. As of such, you can always use this little trick to lower your pain whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable.


Menstrual cramps

As mentioned above, having an orgasm will cause an influx of natural and pain-relieving endorphins to float through your body. Not only do these endorphins lower common pains such as headaches, but they also help women to reduce the pain experienced by menstrual cramps. The reason behind this being lies in the fact that having an orgasm goes hand-in-hand with contractions in your uterine muscles. These muscles are the same muscle tissue that experiences cramps during your period. So, the next time you’re experiencing menstrual cramps, lie down, grab your vibrator and have some fun.



Nothing is worse than having a case of hiccups that just doesn’t go away. There are many myths about how to quit such a never-ending wave of hiccups, however, most of them simply do not work. If you’ve been struggling to fight never-ending hiccups but just couldn’t find a solution, then this is your lucky day. According to Doctor Francis Resmire, having an orgasm stimulates your vagus nerve. Stimulating this nerve, that runs from your brain down to your stomach, causes hiccups to stop. The best way to stimulate this nerve is, however, not through masturbation but through actual sex. For women, vaginal sex offers the best solution whereas for men anal sex offers the best results.


Orgasm Happy
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And there you have it, four ways in which having an orgasm helps you to relieve pain and common aches. The next time you experience pain, forget about medicine and simply have sex or masturbate. It feels great, it’s healthy, and, most importantly, it reduces your pain.

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