5 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions For 2019

5 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions For 2019 - Luvkis

Now that 2019 is officially on its way, it’s time to consider our new year’s resolutions. But, instead of coming up with some standard resolutions such as ‘’going to the gym more often’’, why not focus on something sexier? At Luvkis, we put high importance on sexual health. Besides, we believe that we all deserve some more (sexual) joy in our lives the coming year! To make sure 2019 will be an exciting year filled with sexual pleasure and fun, we have listed down 5 sexy new year’s resolutions for you to check out! Not only do these resolutions for 2019 treat you to unlimited sexual fun, but they also help you keep track of your sexual health! Keep on reading and find out 5 amazing ways that allow you to combine pleasure and health!


Try mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation, chances are high that you have never heard about it before. But yes, it really is a thing! As its name suggests, mutual masturbation simply means that you masturbate together with or in front of your partner. Although this might, to some people, sound awkward at first, mutual masturbation does, in fact, bring along a whole bunch of benefits for you and your partner to enjoy!


mutual masturbation

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Masturbating in front of your partner enhances your self-confidence, trust in your partner, as well as your overall sexual health. Besides that, it furthermore is extremely exciting to masturbate in front of your partner while he or she is watching or teasing you. We admit, mutual masturbation sounds easy, however, it might be a bit awkward at first to some people. After all, masturbating is something we’ve done alone for our entire life. Especially because people tend to see masturbating as a taboo and believe it is something dirty, naughty, and private. However, as adults, we should know better than that! And to be fair, sometimes it’s just fun to break the rules and taboos, don’t you think?! So if you’re looking for an exciting and fun way to spice up your sexual health and relationship in 2019, why not try mutual masturbation! Believe us, you won’t be disappointed.


Take a sexy trip abroad

Having a romantic trip abroad is one of the best things you can do together with your partner. It gives you time to fully relax and focus on your relationship. But did you know that, besides experiencing new cultures and landscapes, couples also tend to experience a stronger desire for sex while traveling abroad? That’s right! Recent studies have shown that couples are up to 50% more likely to get intimate when they are traveling together. As of such, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up having some exciting fun under the blankets when traveling abroad with your lover.


Travel with sex toys

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If you’re planning to travel abroad in 2019 and are looking forward to an exciting time with your lover, there are some things you have to keep in mind. This is especially the case when you’re traveling with sex toys. When you bring your toys abroad, there naturally are the basic things to keep in mind such as draining your battery and keeping it discreet as not to grab the attention for customs or security staff in the airport. Also, if you wish to take lotions or oils, remember that you are only allowed to take 100ml in your hand luggage. These things might seem basic, but they are essential to remember. However, the most important thing to keep in mind has yet to come. Did you know that in some countries sex toys are illegal?! That’s right, there are countries where sex toys are illegal. When traveling to those places, you need to be extra careful when bringing along your adult toy. If you get caught trying to smuggle your sex toy into these countries, you either lose your toy or, in a worst case scenario, you might even end up in jail!


Have sex outdoors

Outdoor sex is one of the most thrilling and exciting things to do! And although most of us have fantasized about having sex in public before, the vast majority of people have never tried it. People are either shy, their partner might not be interested, or they might be afraid of the possible consequences of being caught. After all, in most places, having sex in public is not legal. But isn’t this the whole point of it all? The thrill of having sex in a public place and the possibility of being caught? At Luvkis, we believe that having sex outdoors is one of the most exciting things to experience when you’re in a relationship.


outdoor sex car

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Although most of us may believe that only men are curious about public sex, the statistics actually prove the difference. In fact, the vast majority of women find it exciting to have sex outdoors and many women have had sex in a public place before. By far the most popular place to have outdoor sex is a person’s own car, followed by a public park, in the office, and public transport. Although some girls may not like to admit it, the truth is that men and women are just as naughty when it comes to having sex outdoors.


Work on your sexual health

Sex is not all about excitement and fun. In fact, having sex is good for both our sexual health and general health. That’s right, by having sex, you actually improve your health both physically and mentally. One funny fact about sex, for instance, is that it makes you smarter. Added to that, it allows you to sleep better, it improves your mood, and it reduces your stress levels. Besides, sex simply keeps your relationship alive. As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to have sex besides the fact that it feels good.


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Focusing on sexual health can be done in different ways. Besides having sex or masturbating, you can pay attention to eating foods that are good for sex. Another great way to improve sexual health for men is by having a prostate massage. Not only does this feel great, but it also brings along a number of health benefits including a significantly reduced risk in obtaining prostate cancer. Many men may not have experienced with it before, but luckily it’s very easy to keep your prostate healthy.


Introduce sex toys into your relationship

Our last sexy new year’s resolution is a basic one that some of us might have experimented with a long time ago. But for those of you who have not, it certainly is worth giving a try! If you’re looking for a simple way to spice up your couple sex life, try to introduce a sex toy into your relationship. Not only are sex toys fun and exciting, but they also are guaranteed to spice things up between you and your partner.


 couple sex toy luvkis

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If you’re looking for the best couple sex toys, you can either choose to go couple sex toy shopping in the city or look around online. Luvkis offers a vast collection of the best sex toys for couples for sale. These exciting adult toys are guaranteed to take your sexual experience to entirely new heights!

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