Useful Tips for Strengthening Your Penis

Useful Tips for Strengthening Your Penis - Luvkis

As a guy, you have most likely noticed that the strength of your penis and erection is not always the same. Whereas one day it may be firm and strong, the other you may only be able to get it up halfway. It is a good thing to know that this is completely normal and, occasionally, happens to the best of us. When it starts happening on more frequent base, however, it may be something you want to have a look at.

There are many reasons why a guy can suffer from erectile dysfunction. These reasons can either be mental such as stress or anxiety or physical such as a lack of exercise or too much alcohol. Besides erectile dysfunction, there are other causes that can make you perform less during sex. Think for example about premature ejaculation. Whether you can’t get it up or you orgasm too fast, both issues surely can ruin the nice night you had planned with your partner.


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Luckily, there always are ways in which men can strengthen their penis. By living a healthy lifestyle and performing the right type of exercise, you can fight erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Below, Luvkis has listed down some tips and tricks for you to follow while working on the strength of your penis. Not only do these tips help you to get a stronger erection, they will also improve your sex life in general.


Things you should stop doing

Like any type of exercise, strengthening your penis is not only about doing the right things but also about staying away from the bad things. With these simple shifts in your lifestyle, you can have a significant influence on the strength of your penis.


Remove stress-factors from your life:

In today’s world, stress affects the lives of millions of people around the globe. But did you know that stress does not only make you feel tired mentally but that it can also have an effect on the strength of your penis? That’s right, people who are stressed are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. When a person is stressed, the cortisol levels in his body increase. This will make your sex drive drop significantly. So remember, the first thing to do when working on the strength of your penis is to be more relaxed and less stressed. Be social, have fun, and relax.


No more porn:

Watching porn might seem harmless at first sight, however, studies have shown that people who watch porn frequently may experience trouble in getting aroused with people in real life. Therefore, we advise you to watch less porn or stop watching it altogether. If you watch porn on a frequent basis, simply stop doing so for a month. Slowly but steadily you’ll notice an increase in erection strength.


Stop giving yourself quickies:

Every now and then, everybody loves a quicky. If, however, your prime method of masturbation is based solely on quickies, you might want to make a change. The fact is that, with a short masturbation session, you are missing out on a lot of prime penis strengthening time. Engaging in longer masturbation sessions does not only increase the strength of your penis, it also allows you to fight premature ejaculation. So the next time you masturbate, try to keep at it for at least 5 to 10 minutes before reaching that blissful orgasm. You’ll find out that this simple step will be one of the fastest and easiest methods to train your penis strength and to improve your sexual performance.


Things you should start doing

After covering the things you should not do, it’s now time to have a look at the things you should do. If you’re looking for a way to avoid erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, there are certain things you can do to get quicker results. By doing the things below, you can efficiently work towards a better sexual health and stamina and increased penis strength.


Eat healthily:

We all know that keeping track of what you eat is important for an overall healthy lifestyle. But did you also know that the food you eat has a direct influence on the size and strength of your erection as well as on the health of your sperm? By choosing the right foods, you do not only live healthier but also make your penis stronger. Curious? Have a look at these 15 foods for a stronger penis.


Try penis Kegel exercise:

Kegel exercise is known especially among women who wish to strengthen their PFM and increase the tightness of their vagina through the use of Kegel exercise balls. But did you know that also guys can perform Kegel exercise? That’ right, by flexing and holding the muscles in your penis that are used to stop the flow of urine, you strengthen your PFM and overall strength of your penis. To perform this simple exercise you don’t need any equipment. Simply sit back, and use your body to flex and relax the muscles in your penis. By just performing some short sessions a day, you’ll already notice a significant increase in erection control and strength.


Change your masturbation techniques:

Above, we already mentioned that you should stay away from porn and stop giving yourself quickies. So, if this is the case, how should you masturbate? Well, to start off with, masturbate without porn. Doing so is a great way to reconnect with your penis as watching porn takes your mind off the physical sensations of masturbating. When you don’t use porn, you’re furthermore forced to use your imagination which will help you to understand your mind and body in a better way.

When you masturbate, don’t make it a quicky. Try to prolong your masturbation sessions up to 20 minutes. This may sound like a lot at first, but believe me, it’s possible. By far the best technique to improve penis strength and sexual stamina is to masturbate until you almost reach your orgasm, then slow down, and speed things up again. Repeat this technique several times without reaching an actual orgasm and you’ll train your penis to stay hard and erected for a longer period of time.

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