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9 Ways for Men to Have Better Orgasms

by Monica Ma |

When it comes to sex or masturbation, experiencing a perfect orgasm is what we’re all dreaming off. Orgasms are always different and the one may feel better than the other. But what if there would be a way that allows us to train our orgasms? To make them stronger, better, and last longer! If there was, wouldn’t you like to know about it?!

The truth is, most men could use some help in the bedroom. Whether it’s about pleasing their partner or about having an orgasm, men still have a lot to learn. Sadly enough, sex, and especially orgasms, is not something we openly talk about a lot. Therefore, it is not likely that you’re going to get much advice from your friends or family on this matter! But Luckily, you have LUVKIS! We believe that everybody deserves to know how to please himself and experience the best possible orgasms. This is why we have listed down these 9 efficient tips that will help you to make your orgasm stronger.


Change your diet

Let’s start off with the basics. We know that we have mentioned this many times before but we have to say it just one more time: eating healthily is essential for good sex! Getting in shape helps you to increase not only your regular health but also your sexual health and sex life in general. And as we all know, eating healthily is an important part of getting in shape.


diet better sex


When you wish to increase your sexual health by means of eating healthily, the first thing you have to know is what foods to eat. The penis and your erections work through a positive blood pressure. Therefore, a smooth and strong blood flow to your genitals results in a better sexual performance. As of such, it is important to eat foods that have a positive effect on your blood flow, pressure, and vessels. Without going into too many details, we would like to refer you to our previous article on the best foods for better sex.


Boost your testosterone

Besides eating healthily, it also is important to stay fit and exercise in order to boost your sexual health and orgasm strengths. The reason behind this lies in the fact that the manly hormone that helps you orgasm is exactly the same one that your body produces when you workout or watch an action movie.


jogging better sex 


Studies have proven that men who have a higher level of testosterone in their body experience bigger and more powerful orgasms. This gives us yet another reason to workout and be healthy! Luckily, for the lazy guys among us, there also are other ways to boost your testosterone. Watch an action movie or enjoy a sports game with your favorite team, for example. There are plenty of ways that allow you to increase your T-levels.


Play your taint

Most guys have, most likely, never heard of their ‘’taint’’ before. Your taint, or perineum, is the strip of skin that is located between your balls and butt. Although we all know it’s there, many may not know that this pieces of skin offers plenty of possibilities when it comes to pleasing yourself. The fact is that this part of our body is packed with nerve endings. As a result, it is very sensitive for any type of touch.




Besides the area being sensitive on its own, guys can also stimulate their prostate by pressing it. It is even stated by some guys that, through applying pressure on their taint, they have experienced multiple orgasms. The next time you play yourself or your partner is giving your oral sex, ask her to put her finger there and apply some pressure until it feels just right. After that, it won’t be long until you experience an orgasm more powerful than you’ve ever felt before.


Find your P-Spot

Now that you know what your taint is, we have to tell you a little secret. A man has so many more sensitive areas. Some of which much more sensitive than the other. The most sensitive part of a guy’s body is called the P-Spot. This spot is equivalent to a woman’s G-Spot and is located near the prostate inside a man’s anus. You can stimulate your P-Spot either through pressing your taint or through a prostate massage.


prostate massager


To give yourself or your partner a prostate massage, you can use your own finger. This is, however, not advised. Instead, there are adult toys that have been specifically designed to massage your prostate. These little gadgets are called prostate massagers. With a prostate massager, you can easily move around inside of your anus to find the most sensitive spots. Once found, apply pressure and enjoy a blissful prostate massage. Having a prostate massage does not only feel good, it also is good for your health. Added to that, it allows you to experience a so-called anal orgasm, the most powerful of orgasms a man can experience.


Try Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise is mostly known among women who use Kegel balls to increase the tightness of their vagina and experience stronger orgasms. But did you know that Kegel exercise can also be useful for men? That’s right, men can do the same type of exercise to increase the strength of their penis and orgasms.


kegel balls


Essentially, Kegel exercise is nothing more than contracting your Pelvic Floor Muscles. When trained, these muscles let you experience greater control and intensity during sex. For men, Kegel exercise can be done without any weights. Simply contract your PFM and try to lift your penis up and down by using only your muscles. Once you get more advanced, you can even try to ‘’write’’ shapes or letters in the air by using your penis. Doing this type of exercise for just 5 to 10 minutes a day gives you greater control over your penis and allows you to experience stronger orgasms.


Delay your orgasm

Controlling yourself when you’re about to orgasm is difficult for most of us. Nevertheless, it’s well worth it if you wish to increase your sexual stamina and experience better orgasms. Recent studies have shown that the process of edging (purposefully holding back your orgasm) can significantly increase the intensity of your climaxing. Studies show that, if a man holds back and pauses when he is about 90% close to an orgasm and then resumed after slowing down a bit, his orgasm will feel much more powerful than normal.


delayed orgasm


Just like Kegel exercise, edging offers an easy way to build on your orgasms. The best thing is that you can practice it all by yourself while masturbating or when having sex with your partner. In the beginning, try to hold back your orgasm just once. After a while, you can try to hold back and slow down several times before having the actual orgasm to make it feel even better and more powerful.


Focus on your body

It happens to the best of us that, sometimes, during sex, our minds simply wander off to something else. Whether you’re thinking about the beauty of your partner or about what you had for dinner the night before, sometimes we just can’t focus our minds. This is completely normal, however, to experience better sex, it is advised to resist these thoughts and focus on the physical instead. Focus on your body and the sex that you are having, don’t think about something else or imagine a sexual fantasy in your head.


couple bed


Like with any type of exercise, when you are having sex it is essential to focus on yourself, your partner, and the intercourse you’re having. Only by doing so, you’ll get the best results and, eventually, the strongest orgasm.


Play your balls

Not every man might be into it, but playing with your sack can offer just that extra bit of sexual thrill to have a better orgasm. But there is more to it than just this. Just before you orgasm, your body automatically lifts up your testicles. This is done so that your body can give more power to the upcoming ejaculation. Studies have shown that, if you gently press your testicles upwards just before ejaculation, it is likely to feel very arousing for a man. The next time you play yourself, you can experiment with holding your balls just before you orgasm. If you are having sex with a partner, you can ask her to place the palm of her hand upward on your balls while slowly pressing closer to your body. By doing so, you will feel more aroused and the intensity of your orgasm will increase.


Relax and breath

While having sex, try to relax and concentrate on your breathing. When doing so, try to slow down your breath until it is in tune with your thrusts. Once you are coming close to your orgasm and you are just about to come, you’ll realize that your breathing naturally starts to increase. At this moment, try to keep it under control and continue to breathe slowly and relaxed. By doing so, you’ll increase the amount of oxygen and blood flow to your genitals which will make your orgasm feel even stronger.

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