5 Must-Know Facts About Orgasms

5 Must-Know Facts About Orgasms - Luvkis

I believe that we can all agree that having an orgasm is one of the best feelings both men and women can experience. In fact, just trying to put down this experience in words would strip this wondrous feeling of its true essence. The joy, excitement, and pleasure we experience when having an orgasm truly are impossible to put in words.


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However, although the feeling itself is impossible to express in words, there are some other facts about orgasms that only words can answer. For example, how can I experience the best orgasm? Or, why can’t I experience an orgasm at all? In order to answer these questions, Luvkis brings you this guide of the top 5 most commonly asked questions about orgasms. Keep on reading to find out all you have to know about this truly mind-blowing experience and, perhaps, you’ll learn a thing or two that helps you to enjoy it even better!


Why Can’t I Get An Orgasm?

If you are experiencing difficulties in having an orgasm, you’re not the only one! In fact, for both men and women, it is one of the most common sexual problems. Although, it is a fact that this sexual problem is more common among women than men. In fact, one-third of women around the globe experience difficulties in reaching an orgasm during sex. Added to that, 80% of women find it difficult to nearly impossible to obtain an orgasm solely through vaginal intercourse. The truth is that every person has his or her own sweet spots that you, most likely, have not discovered yet. Therefore, it may take a while to realize what truly turns you on and what actions (or thoughts) help you in achieving that orgasm of your dreams!


Am I Just Thinking Too Much?

Having an orgasm is not all about your body and private parts. In fact, your mind plays an essential role in your capability to climax! Self-esteem, mental wellbeing, and feeling comfortable and at ease all play a part in your ability to fully enjoy sex and to have an orgasm. Whereas some people may worry too much about having an orgasm itself, others may experience stress from other daily activities such as work. All these worries have a direct effect on your ability to climax. Therefore, it’s good to relax and feel at ease. Enjoy the moment, forget about the troubles of everyday life, and don’t feel embarrassed. Remember, having an orgasm is natural, feels great, and is, in fact, good for your health!


Does Aging Lessen My Chances To Have An Orgasm?

One of the most commonly asked questions among women related to orgasms is whether their chances of climaxing lower once they grow older. The truth is that aging does not lessen your chances to have an orgasm, at all. In fact, the contrary is true! Recent studies from the Indiana University show that women actually experience better and quicker orgasms when they grow older. According to this study, 61% of women between the age of 18 to 24 report to have had an orgasm the last time they had sex. Whereas 65% of women in their 30s, and 70% of women in their 40s and 50s reported the same.


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The main reason behind this lies in the fact that, once a couple has spent more time together, their mutual trust, comfort, and intimacy improves their sexual confidence. Added to that, previous sexual experience has helped you to understand your body in a better way, resulting in the fact that you know what does truly turn you on. This leads to easier and more enjoyable sex and orgasms. As of such, there is nothing to worry about growing older. In fact, sex seems to become more enjoyable and orgasms more frequent!


How Can I Improve My Chances of Having An Orgasm?

Since there are many women out there who experience difficulties in having an orgasm, many of us are curious about what we can do to increase our chances to climax. To do so, the first thing you have to do is look back at the way you have had sex in the past. Think for instance about the positions you used and the foreplay methods applied etc. After that, remember that women who often climax stand open for this and are willing to experiment around with different positions, techniques, and the use of sex toys. Especially the latter, the use of adult toys, can help you to get to know your body and climax easier. Once you stand open for it, explore your body by yourself and try to find out what turns you on most. The next time you have sex, use your experience and guide your partner by telling him how to please you.

Besides using different techniques and adult toys such as, for example, a dildo, it is essential to keep the psychological aspects in mind. In order to fully enjoy sex and increase your chances to have an orgasm, try to relax, don’t worry, and forget about your everyday stresses. Only by feeling perfectly at ease and comfortable both physically and mentally will you be able to experience that orgasm of your dreams!


Talking About Orgasms: What About The G-Spot?

When we talk about sex and orgasms, we can’t skip the G-spot. The G-spot, known to be the most sexually sensitive part of the female body, is located along the suburethral surfaces of the anterior vaginal wall. It is a bean-shaped pleasure point that is located about two inches up the front of the vagina wall between the opening of your vagina and the urethra.


G-Spot Vibrator


Due to its difficult location, most women have not been able to stimulate their G-spot before. In fact, some don’t even believe it actually exists. Luckily, we know better! Although difficult to stimulate, it truly is there. However, it is nearly impossible for the G-spot to be stimulated through sexual intercourse alone. Instead, you’ll bee a g-spot vibrator - a unique adult toy that has done the trick for millions of women around the globe.

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