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Accidental Orgasm - Is It Real?

by Monica Ma |

The ‘’accidental orgasm’’; we’ve all heard about it, but is it real? Whereas some claim to have experienced one before, others say it is nothing more than a sex myth. Keep on reading to find out all you have to know about this rare yet exciting sexual experience.

Having an orgasm is easier for one person than another. While some people are completely incapable of achieving an orgasm, others experience them all the time. And that is not only during sex but also during everyday life - uncontrollably. That’s right, for these people, having numerous orgasms is a regular part of everyday life! These people, who have multiple orgasms throughout the day, suffer from what’s called persistent genital stimulation.

Although people suffering from persistence genital stimulation find it much easier to climax, even for them it’s extremely rare to have an accidental orgasm. So, what is an accidental orgasm and are they actually real? Well, to get straight to the point; YES. Accidental orgasms are very real! As their name suggests, an accidental orgasm is an unintentional climax. In other words, it is an orgasm that is experienced as a result of non-sexual stimulation in a place or context that you’d not expect or want it to occur. Whether you like it or not, an accidental orgasm can, from time to time, happen to anybody at any place and any time.


Accidental Orgasm
Source: Thought Catalog


Who Can Experience an Accidental Orgasm?

The exciting thing about the accidental orgasm is that everybody can experience one at a moment we least expect it! Perhaps it has already happened to you that one time during the perfect set of circumstances. Or, more likely, you have never experienced an accidental orgasm before and are rather skeptical of whether it is even possible to have one, at all. The truth is, every person requires a different type and level of stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm; whether it’s planned or accidental. In order to have an orgasm, many physical, mental, and emotional factors play an important role. And, as you can imagine, it is extremely rare for these factors to be triggered at the same time unintentionally.

Because accidental orgasms are so rare, most people go their whole lives without ever experiencing one. Among those people who do experience one, most have an exceptionally higher sex drive than people who have never experienced one before. The reason behind this lies in the fact that people who often think about or participate in sex are more receptive and open to stimulation. As a result, even small actions that feel completely normal to others may already be enough to stimulate these people. Hereby you can, for instance, think about a shacking subway car or a bumpy bike ride. Although for most of us such a situation does not trigger anything, especially not something sexual, to others, it may be enough to experience an (accidental) orgasm.


How Does an Accidental Orgasm Occur?

What’s so exciting about an accidental orgasm is that they happen unconsciously. This means that they can occur literally anywhere and anytime. Perhaps you’re riding your bike or are sitting in the back of the bus. Or maybe you’re riding a horse or you’re sitting on top of the dryers at the Laundromat. In regular everyday situations like this, it is possible that you suddenly start to feel really, really good. Some people may know what lies ahead and they purposefully lean into it while, for others, it may come as a complete surprise; the accidental orgasm.

For other people, the accidental orgasm took them even more by surprise. Some have even experienced one while they were walking or running as a result of genitals rubbing on tight workout clothes. Even tiny and unexpected events like this are, in some situations, enough for a person to climax.


Accidental Orgasm Woman
Source: Framepool & RightSmith


Besides having an accidental orgasm during daily activities another, perhaps more common, type of unexpected climax is the wet dream. Besides that, there also are people who claim to be able to climax by using nothing more than their thoughts and imagination. Whether this is a real thing, however, we do not know! All-in-all, there are countless ways for a person to experience an accidental orgasm. As long as the environment is right, everything is possible!


How Can I Have an Accidental Orgasm

Well, the exciting thing about an accidental orgasm is that it happens without you expecting it. So, when you try to have one, it’s not really accidental - is it? The truth is that accidental orgasms are extremely rare. Therefore, if you have never experienced one before, there is no reason to feel worried or sad. In fact, most of us will never experience one during our entire lives.


Accidental Orgasm Motorbike
Source: Public Radio International


If, however, you’re really hoping to ever experience one in your life, perhaps it’s time to consider buying a motorbike. Other ways to enlarge your chances of having an accidental orgasm is by participating in activities that provide constant but light friction to your private areas. Think, for instance, about running during which your tight sports clothes may rub your genitals in just the right way. Another and one of the most common activities during which most people experience their first accidental orgasm is horse riding. Accidental orgasms can occur on any occasion and, most likely, will happen when you least expect it! So our advice is, don’t go looking for one. Just go on with your everyday life and, perhaps, you’ll one day witness this extremely rare sexual experience. Until then, get your orgasms through regular sex or by using some of our exciting adult toys.

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