Sex During Pregnancy - All You Have To Know

Sex During Pregnancy - All You Have To Know - Luvkis

Last week, we had a closer look at having sex after pregnancy. But what about during your pregnancy itself? Is it safe to have sex when you are pregnant and, if so, are there any things you need to keep in mind? Keep on reading to find out all you have to know about having sex during pregnancy.

Every woman has its own opinion on sex during pregnancy. For some, it may be the furthest thing from their mind while, for others, it’s something they can’t be without! After all, we all know that pregnant women are like snowflakes in the way that each of us reacts to pregnancy in their own way. Nevertheless, although some of us may think more about sex during pregnancy than others, there is one thing all women can agree on; nobody wants to be for 9 months without having some exciting action under the blanket!


Sex During Pregnancy
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Sex during pregnancy brings along a number of questions all women (and men) ask themselves. The main question we ask ourselves is whether sex during pregnancy is safe. The simple answer to this is YES. As long as you keep it slow, there is nothing wrong with having sex while you’re pregnant. In fact, it can be very satisfying for both you and your partner. Nevertheless, there are a couple of things that we should keep in mind and what are worth remembering before you have sex during your pregnancy. Throughout this article, Luvkis will have a closer look at all those questions.


Sex during early pregnancy - when am I ready?

Now that you know that sex during pregnancy is safe, the next thing you might wonder is; when am I ready? The truth is that this fully depends on yourself and how you are feeling. If you do not feel like having sex during early pregnancy, this is completely normal. In fact, many women do not feel like making love during the first 3 months. The reason behind this lies in different reasons including fatigue, nausea, and a changing body in general. Nevertheless, some women continue to have sex throughout this period and there is nothing wrong with that. Again, it all depends on your personal feelings.

Once the first 3 months have passed, the hormonal changes begin to level out. During this time, most women return to feeling like they used to do before pregnancy. However, although you might feel normal again during everyday life, there certainly are some things about your body that have changed. One of these things is that, during pregnancy, there will be increased blood flow to your intimate areas. As a result, your intimate areas will be more sensitive, leading to experiencing more intense and pleasurable orgasms! Therefore, sex during pregnancy may, in fact, feel much better than regular sex.

For the reasons mentioned above, the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy are often referred too as the ‘’Honeymoon Period’’. During this period, you start to feel like your old self again and, remarkably enough, having sex will feel better than ever before.


Should I consult a doctor?

Consulting a doctor before having sex during pregnancy is not really necessary. After all, when done in a gentle way, it is completely safe. Nevertheless, if you want to see a doctor or physician beforehand, it won’t do any harm. After all, you’re going to meet these people every second week anyway while you’re pregnant. As of such, it wouldn’t be difficult (or bad) to consult with them before heading under the blankets with your partner. And remember, there’s no need to feel awkward about asking these questions. After all, they are professionals and, since you’re already pregnant, everybody knows you’ve done it at least once before!


So, now what?

Now that you know that sex during pregnancy is safe and feels great, why not head under the blankets and try it for yourself? Besides having actual sex, we should mention that the use of sex toys for women during pregnancy also brings along a sensational thrill. Both internal and external stimulation is safe and guaranteed to blow your mind. However, no matter what sex toy or sex position you’ll choose, there are some general tips to keep in mind.


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The first advice we’d like to give is to lessen pressure on your midsection. Added to that, contact with your sensitive nipples is best to be avoided during pregnancy. As a result, the best sex position for pregnant women is likely going to be doggy style. When doing so, however, remember to keep your knees and ankles on the bed horizontally. By doing so, you allow your belly to rest on your thighs which makes it all a whole lot more comfortable. Besides doggy style, another comfortable sex position for pregnant women is the traditional spooning position in which you both lay on your side. This position allows you to lay down comfortably while resting your belly on the bed. Just remember to stay comfortable, take it easy, and don’t strain yourself. Only you can feel your own body and only you know whether or not you’re ready for having sex during pregnancy.

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