6 Reasons Why Having Sex Makes You Smarter

6 Reasons Why Having Sex Makes You Smarter - Luvkis

Recent studies show that sex makes you smarter. That’s right! Not only does sex feel great, but it’s also good for your health and for your brain. Keep on reading to find out the 6 ways in which having frequent sex makes you smarter.


Sex feels great, we all know that. But the truth is, there is so much more to sex than just pure pleasure! Those of you who have read our previous articles know that it is no secret that having sex and masturbating is good for your health.While you’re intimate with a partner, or when you touch yourself, your brain releases certain chemicals that improve both your regular and sexual health. But did you also know that, besides being good for your health, sex also has positive effects on your brain? That’s right; sex makes you smarter!


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The fact that sex makes you smarter is yet again another great reason to have some fun in the bedroom with your partner. According to recent studies conducted by the University of Oxford and the University of Coventry, an active sex life is linked to improved brain function. This is especially the case for the elderly among us. Therefore, not having sex does not only mean that you’re missing out on a lot of fun, but it can also affect your mental state! Below, Luvkis has listed down six scientific reasons why having sex makes you smarter.


Increase the number of brain cells

It may come as a surprise, but studies have shown that having frequent sex actually grows the number of neurons in the brain. When you have sex on a frequent basis, your body will generate more brain cells in the area of the hippocampus. This region in your brain is associated with information retention. It has to be kept in mind, however, that this increase in brain cells and improved cognitive functions only stays present when you have sex frequently. Whenever you slow down, the added benefits are lost despite the presence of more new neurons. So, remember, if you want to stay smart - have sex frequently!


Boost your memory

If you can’t remember the last time you had sex, chances are high the reason is that you don’t have sex enough! Seriously though, everybody should have sex just because it feels great, but this is not what we are trying to say here. Having frequent sex is directly linked to your memory. Scientists specialized on brain studies have found that mice (which have a similar mammalian physiology compared to human) who have frequent sex have a better memory and learning capability compared to mice who have had no sex. Another study of 1700 people between the age of 50 and 100 furthermore shows that elderly who have sex frequently have a better memory than those who don’t.


Reduce your stress levels

In today’s busy world, many people experience stress related to work, study, or personal life. Stress can have major negative effects on our mental, physical, and sexual health. In the long run, it may even affect your brain and ability to function in daily life. Luckily for us, there are different ways to reduce stress including exercising and doing yoga. But did you know that perhaps the best and most efficient way to reduce stress is by having sex? That’s right! Both sex and masturbation release a number of chemicals in the brain that help you relax and reduce stress levels. Not only does it make you feel better, but it also increases your ability to concentrate at work and it reduces your blood pressure which lowers your chances to get heart diseases and diabetes.


Improve your critical thinking skills

In some cases, only the thought of sex can already make you smarter! Most of us will agree when we say that thinking about sex can be rather distracting. But did you know that thinking about sex actually enhances your critical thinking skills? People who are in love typically focus on a long-term perspective, however, those who only think about sexual encounters focus on the present and on concrete details. As of such, critical thinking is required. Thoroughly planning and thinking about your upcoming sexual encounters may thus increase your critical thinking skills.


Increase your self-esteem

This one might be pretty obvious but it is still worth mentioning: sex increases your self-esteem. After a person had sex, he will feel better and more confident about himself. This is why we highly advise everybody to start off their day with some exciting morning sex. On the other hand, not having enough sex has direct influences in the brain as well. People who do not have sex often suffer from a lower self-esteem and more often experience self-doubt and other negative feelings towards oneself.


Relief mental and physical pain

Besides stress, both mental and physical pain can withhold you from performing at your best during your daily life. When you have sex, your brain releases beta-endorphins which, in turn, reduce pain and pressure. As a result, a person will feel better both mentally and physically. Another indirect effect that can be enjoyed is that this chemical allows you to think more clearly.


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