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Knowing how to anal douche the proper way is a must-have skill for those of you who enjoy anal sex. Having an anal douche is the most common, efficient, and hygienic way to cleanse your rectum. If you don’t want to be bothered by a nasty brown surprise during anal sex, using an Enema cleaning kit such as an anal douche is the right way to go. This tool flushes out your rectum with water in a thorough and painless way. Although you might not have heard of it before, anal douching (or rectal douching) is in fact extremely common among men and women alike. Below, Luvkis will cover the ins-and-outs about how to anal douche.


Why take an anal douche?

The one-and-only reason why the vast majority of us takes an anal douche is pretty obvious and straightforward: to cleanse the anus. Having an Enema helps you to flush out your rectum by removing leftover bits of poo. Under normal circumstance most of us won’t care about the cleanliness of the inside of our anus, however, this is different for people who enjoy anal sex. After all, nobody likes to be surprised by bits of poo or a bad smell while enjoying some anal play. And this is where having an anal douche comes in handy.


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By giving yourself an anal douche, you flush the inside of your rectum with lukewarm water. By doing this several times, your anus will be thoroughly cleaned of any bits of poo and nasty smells. Unfortunately though, having an Enema or anal douche is not 100% safe. Besides removing your poo, it also takes away healthy intestinal flora. As a result, the inside of your anus becomes more sensitive. If this leads to the mucous membrane lining of your intestines getting small scrapes or tears, the chance of contracting HIV or any other STI greatly increases when you have unprotected anal sex. Therefore, it is always advised to use a condom correctly when having anal sex; especially after giving yourself an anal douche.


How to prepare for a rectum douche?

Taking an anal douche is a relatively easy process for which you do not need many tools or equipment. To get the job done, all you need is a shower, Enema kit, or anal douche and, of course, warm water. But more about this later. Because there is another way that allows you to properly prepare for your anal cleansing session.

Did you know that eating the right foods and having a healthy diet is a great way to make sure your anus and rectum stay fit for pleasure? We have earlier introduced you to the best food for better sperm. When it comes to anal sex, however, there is a whole list of other foods that help you stay ready. By eating the right food, you won’t only feel better, but you’ll also make sure that your backside stays in a healthy condition as it prevents you from building up or losing poop that can make the area sore. Some types of food that are recommended to be eaten regularly for a healthy anus include beans, almonds, bread, oats, pasta, and popcorn.


Best anal douche tools to clean your rectum

As mentioned above, you don’t need many tools or equipment to give yourself an anal douche. In fact, the easiest and by far the most popular way to cleanse your anus is by simply using the shower hose. You can either remove the shower head or adjust it so that the water pressure is high enough to enter your anus. Remember to clean the shower hose thoroughly before using it. The best and most hygienic solution would be to screw on an additional end piece (douche nozzle) to your hose. In this way, you can be assured that the dirty hose itself won’t come in contact with your anus.


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Using the shower is fast and efficient, however, not really hygienic. So, how to anal douche properly? If you want to do it the right way, it is highly advisable that you use an anal douche kit. These tools, often referred too as an ‘’Enema Bulb’’ allow you to cleanse your rectum in an easy, clean, and hygienic way. Simply fill up the bulb with warm water, insert the nozzle into your anus, and squeeze out the water to cleanse your rectum. An anal douche offers the most efficient and safest way to give yourself an Enema. And the best thing about it all is that these little health gadgets barely cost a thing!


How to anal douche?

If it is your first time, you might wonder ‘’how to anal douche’’. The truth is, however, that taking an anal douche is extremely simple and straightforward. Simply take your shower head or Enema bulb, fill it up with warm water, and you’re ready to go.

After you have filled up the bulb with warm water, gently insert the tube into your anus. When you do so, remember that you only need to clean a few inches, not your entire butt. The truth is that the anal canal is only about 4-6 Inches deep. Therefore, only a minimal amount of preparation is needed to cleanse your rectum. Once the tube has been inserted, gently squeeze the bulb and let the water flow into your anus. Avoid the temptation to squeeze the bulb hard and empty all the water at once. In order to cleanse your anus, only a minimum amount of water is needed. And remember, what goes in, comes right back out. Keep it gentle, wait for the water to stream back out, and you’re all set. To thoroughly cleanse your rectum, it is advised to repeat this process 2 to 3 times.

Once you are done, remember to clean your anal douche. Clean it well with soap and hot water to prevent any bacteria to build up. The best way to clean your shower douche is to boil the equipment for 3 to 5 minutes in a pot after you have used it. If you share your douche with somebody else, make sure you clean it thoroughly both before and after use. This will significantly reduce the chance of spreading STIs. Just as with any other adult toy, however, we would simply recommend you not to share it. An Enema bulb is cheap. If you really think your partner may need one, why not simply buy an extra set?


Tips & tricks for anal douching:

  • Always go to the bathroom and try to take a poo before starting your anal douche
  • Before use, wash your hands with hot water and soap
  • Use lukewarm water to fill up the Enema bulb - this makes the experience more pleasant
  • Don’t use a too high water pressure as this may damage your rectum
  • Do not use any laxatives or soap
  • For comfortable usage, you may apply lube to insert the tube
  • Stay relaxed and insert gently - don’t go too deep
  • Softly squeeze the Enema bulb and let the water carefully fill up your rectum
  • Sit down on the toilet, relax, and let the (dirty) water flow back out
  • Repeat 2 or 3 times to thoroughly cleanse your rectum
  • Clean your equipment after usage
  • Don’t douche afterward, especially if somebody had an orgasm in your anus. This will only push in the sperm deeper, thus increasing your chances of getting an infection


Is anal douching safe?

Generally speaking, anal douching offers a relatively safe way to cleanse your rectum. However, just as with most things in this world, over-doing it does bring along some dangers. The truth is, if you over-douche by going too deep or use too much force and water, it can cause some problems including irritation, chronic constipation, or anal infections.

Even if you do it gently, taking an anal shower is not completely risk-free. Like any part of your body, your anus contains good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria in your anus assist in digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and keeping bad bacteria in check. When you wash your anus, it is obvious that the water flushes away not only the bad bacteria but also the good ones. This leaves your anus vulnerable to infections and (bad) bacteria grow-up.

Finally, it has to be kept in mind that the inside of your rectum is sensitive. It is therefore easy to get damaged by a too high water pressure or simply by scratching it with the tube of your equipment. When you accidentally scratch the inside of your anus, the chance of getting an STI of HIV while having unprotected anal sex increase significantly. Therefore, once again, remember to be gentle and don’t use too much water.


Conclusion and advice

If it is your first time to take an anal douche, the best advice we can give you is to simply listen to your body. Your body knows of itself what it can and can’t handle. Insert the tube gently and use some lube to make it more comfortable. Remember to carefully press the bulb and don’t use any force. Also, remember to eat well and maintain a good overall hygiene.


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If you have never engaged in any type of anal play before, it might be a smart idea to first experiment around a bit by using a butt plug or prostate massager. And finally, remember that anal play is exciting and completely normal for both women and men (straight and gay). Even if your anal douche did not succeed perfectly and things got a little messy during anal sex, don’t panic. It is normal and this has happened to the best of us! The most important thing is to stay safe and enjoy your anal play. 

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